Sooner or later even the most peculiar folds of this piece will be found true, but in the meantime I expect the usual slanders and censorship are inevitable so I won’t expect gratitude or apology but simply attempt to convince researchers that sooner is better because of its importance, slick though the cover up has been.   In the Oxford English Dictionary or O.E.D. there is an original explanation for a word now in vogue among academic teachers in colleges, here in 2018.  The word is aporia.  According to the fashion of language this means a mild confusion in approaching a difficult subject, which is useful as a word.  It’s older meaning is much more useful, being a feeling of being at sea concerning where to begin when diving in to a difficult subject which offers a number of possible beginnings, all of which have to navigate a complicated presentation.   This definition, while more useful, is not what is usually meant, but what I mean when I say that you will find in this small opus not gibberish or word salad as those who refuse to read may declare, but a sense of ongoing aporia, as though every step is a new beginning in a difficult task, putting into work for a concerned public what the confederate assassin Gregory Karl describes as “a bewildering myriad of surface details to arrive at the fundamental themes,” (Structuralist Approach to Musical and Fable Analysis).   

      Those who read for titillation will find a narrative here that scandalizes them for the money’s worth.  It isn’t everyday you learn that there is convicting evidence that Barack Obama was birthed into the beneficiary status of the Kennedy assassins by persons planning for him, by one report his grandmother was even in Dallas at the time, working for the CIA.   Birthing a black son into favored position not only negates the birth certificate issue (the CIA can mint those with ease) but also demonstrates the machinery of the government in manufacturing the images of society like a handful of clay being puddied by a master.   I will explain why no one cares and why the NAACP would never dream of dealing with the matter in good faith, but my purpose isn’t scandal, however terrible the cruel and despicable, unusual and deranged mistreatment of my person by the criminal jester Obama has been.   My goal is to make it possible for the public to know something worth knowing.

        One of the bridges to cross comes from the initialism for the O.E.D. itself.  This abbreviation is settled upon, all libraries recognize it, but if we lived in a world where books were illegal and you mentioned the O.E.D. police would say there is no such thing and call you a paranoid schizophrenic.   If you persisted insisting that O.E.D. stands for Oxford, the O does, not in Obama, in O.E.D., they would arrest you and laugh, come along little green martian.   So we are crossing a brutal energy field in the onset asking that you admit what any librarian would being that there is such a place as Oxford, it is both British and very elite, and what is more they take the meaning of words very, very seriously, to the point where they consider themselves masters of the art.  No doubt that scares you and you consider reaching for the phone about me.

       I promise you, this letter is going to get both very serious and interesting very fast.   Maybe when you are done you will think of something more constructive to do than formulate a shopping list for World War Three.   

       We are dealing with an infamous enemy, the relics and dregs of loyalty to Adolf Hitler, right now, in the 21st century, here in America.   For them war is an ideal state, more ideal than victory, their guru Nietzsche even said, “their spirit is perfected by war but destroyed by victory.”  That was why Hitler called his manifesto:  My Struggle.   He believed that those who did not engage in a fight to the finish were the lowest creatures, unfit to live, and Kennedy’s assassins are teaching this story, they wrote it all up in what they dubbed:  A Texas Schoolbook.   I have studied their lessons and bewildering myriad of surface details, and understand not only the fundamental themes but the syphilitic evasions they popularize to get away with it.  The support they derive from their popularity is far, far greater than the division sown by those who understand and disapprove. Some of the lessons are smudged disclosures, others unnecessary to describe, because once you get the hang of it, you can find the Easter eggs, too.  Since what we have here is an apocalyptic illusion machine, you might want to take it on like a fun park ride and just watch yourself distort in the mirrors.  Reagan had a lot of nerds at Oxford, loyal to Duke Edward who believed himself King by rights, and took revenge on Winston Churchill by the church illness of AIDS pen named from Israel:  Gail Carolyn Burstyn, a homophone, who got away by selling the idea of Lennon’s death as being sacred secret property of loyalist Hollywood, not a very clever ruse, but it worked with a very clever, even infamous people:  Black Americans.  Kennedy after all was very rich and asking a good many sacrifices.  Why shouldn’t he be sacrificed instead?

        It is very significant that Civil Rights Movement social history has insisted that Johnson was a better friend, that Johnson got the Civil Rights Act passed, and yet he wanted payback by loyalty in Vietnam.  They don’t mention usually that JFK authored the Civil Rights Act, that he proposed it, that his death got it passed more than Johnson, that wouldn’t do.  He was the white liberal hypocrite.   Blacks indeed proved their loyalty.  They were furious at King for denouncing the war, and while he still lived his star waned, and yet who was their loyalty to?  Dare we ask?  They were loyal to the Vichy French we were backing up at Dien Bien Phu.  They were loyal to the Japanese allies of the Vichy French in Vietnam during WW2.  Vichy was set up by Adolf Hitler.  They were proving their loyalty to Adolf Hitler and set about dissembling in the matter because the American assassination plan promised them Obama, he was already being planned for and birthed by one of the mothers of his invention, his grandmother who, like mine, knew.

         Go ahead and look away, who wouldn’t want to?

         They were also loyal to another interesting partner of Hitler and Reagan:  Penis Gabriel of Genesis who spoke for them all when he sang proudly and viciously, as an eternal statement of his true British nature in the flaming hooliganism of the warpo world he represents, crowing, “I don’t care who I hurt, I don’t care who I do wrong, this is your mess I’m stuck in.”   This is the content of their character they presented full bray as superior before the nature of reality than the idealism of peace.   They called this platform Amnesty International and announced that all misdeeds, slasher murder, rape, torture, child mutilation and poison crimes unending were honorary non-violence because they mercifully withheld the Isis needle injection of AIDS that Gabriel’s slithering African sidekick Youssou N’dour held ready at the audition with Will Zell Broome, their friend, a white Nazi, on Mt. Desert Island.   Blacks in America couldn’t beat the Confederacy, so they joined them, and then said they beat them by joining them and that anyone seeing through the Emperor’s new clothes must die.

        Meanwhile the Beatles, who took their name from the Volkswagen Beetle, created by Hitler, adding Silver Beatles at first, so no one would mistake their loyalty to the Silver Shirts of KKK Kansas, loyal in Liverpool which is where the Confederacy itself had their Secret Service Headquarters during the Civil War; were busy, the Pitmans attacked me, while the Silver Beatles were once the Quarrymen, Pitman rode high on his savagery, and the Beatles weren’t working hard to play second fiddle to JFK either.   They had a game in mind advocating for the 47 Ronin of Hiroshima, Japan, a legend of playing possum with infinite patience.   The Beatles were at work with Pentagon-Disney to say that the cursed Kennedy loyalists had stolen their story so they could steal ours.   The English Army of the rightful and due King Edward after all won the war, while America demonstrated their immaturity grousing about playing second fiddle among the judges of Nuremberg, picking on Edward’s true friends.  Lend-Lease had nothing to do with it.  At best it was riding their coattails. They jabbered into my head, swollen with piteous beatings, laughed at by the Proctors, as though talking to a plant, half-vegetable, in the pot smoke of truly terrible, sacrificial tears, weeping and bleeding on the top shelf of our towel closet, don’t say like Anne Frank, under the gaze of a painting of three Hitler nuns, just like the three old dames that eyed me from their adjacent house among holocaust survivors on the day the wind blew black after Kennedy died.

         When I mentioned Big Sister, Mariam Duff asked, “Now why didn’t I think of that?” Because Lennon did, just as he thought of the extrusions they impacted into the yaki carrot tape of Jaime Carbonell’s work for the Mellon Institute, while he smudged the decoder with vodka spirits and Casper, the friendly ghost of Hitler, come back as the ghost of a chance to escape the injection needle.  They laughed at me in crawling trauma sneering, now you get to laugh at the Rohingya.

         In 1966, out back of my yard, the garage was spray-painted:  I Love Sira Siran.   Such evidence the British staged a police riot in Pittsburgh in 1994 trying to destroy.   Loyal to who?  They brutally raped a deaf Korean girl.  Loyal to who?  Gail Burstyn got away.  Loyal to who?  In the name of John Lennon Seattle Queers not only supported the knife attack by the AIDS cult enforcement division, including the Black Postal Union and Black Panthers, on Shannon Harps, they supported the Nazis who smuggled Hitler himself to Argentina in their war game on Mt. Desert Island.  Why was this so brilliant?  Because Obama saw Allah in the eugenics over a fraudulent entrapment by an Indian woman of a white suck.  Black logic don’t play around.  They get Midori Goto, and you get to serve JFK in tears beyond tears, little white suck martyr.

        Every detail offered by Penis Gabriel smacks of the incident at Kelly School.  The Proctors were so overjoyed with humiliating me, so filled with derision for a white liberal being in charge of Philosophy of Education, as my father was (a Peace Corps leader) so wowed by the diseased humiliations that white Nazis in the KKK subjected me to for them to slap five in the desolation, that they simply averted their eyes in a reckless driving incident that could have killed black school children, an incident I did my level best to report and track down, only to be wrongfully blamed as the driver.  It never adds up when you have a scapegoat.

       Take a minute just to reflect that I was already deaf and brain damaged with severely impacted neurological injuries, but they wouldn’t even give me a fighting chance.  The assassins poisoned my heart and my stomach, the Clinton Army did, and I ended up in so much misery that I live in bubbles of torment orbiting one another, alone for my entire life, subject to extortion by domestic terror of every penny, cruelly paying the people who subjected me to dismemberment and mutilation.   Now, you can stop all that hard work of conscience.  They didn’t give us AIDS yet, after all, I can still see better than some, and for what it’s worth, that makes Ringo Starr just churn.  Don’t get hyper, now, this is just a letter.  I’m in school, I’m okay.

        There is no better revenge on a white liberal than making off with his wife and disrespecting his home.  Randy Tantliger of the squad who made off with my fiance Rosa sent in to help the Proctors cover for Zell and Mt. Desert Island, called me, “Carrie.”  Wm. Wattenmaker who gave me the nerve agent to die from would play a game of tapping a bottle lightly on the curb until it mysteriously erupted in smithereens.   The joy this gave the British was no end, watching their prey convulse from buried neurotrauma.   The Federal Government in fact slasher rippered Shannon Harps outside the clubhouse to make clear that they take such things very, very seriously.  You can never be too safe.  It underscored what they feared and why Seattle Queers were just and proper to defend those who started AIDS in their war game on Mt. Desert Island, why, there might have been an implied threat buried somewhere.

        Reagan’s nerds, men like Cecil B. DeMille and Stanley Kubrick we now know were working with IBM on monitoring manhood standards, and I failed the test by believing that it would have been rape to force myself on Leslie Katz despite her vaginal abuse of my tongue night after night.  She was still a virgin, so they castrated me, in conformance with company expectations.  They also raped Jeannie to show how it is done.    Make a note of it.   DeMille’s morpheme in DeMohrenschildt is hard work for the ciphers looking at the moron child of War/ DMoore through the Kenyon College looking glass of lookalikes of Klansman from Kenya who know when to forgive the Marxist enforcers working for Mellon Bank to put a stop to these people who would rather have charity than a win-lose society.  It was win-win for Bush and Obama.

     As Gail Burstyn would say:  figure that one out.