As tragic as it is, and as ill-served as we are by human forgetfulness, it is hard not to laugh when the UW underworld threatens to kill someone from Pittsburgh to continue their program of whodunit entertainment in a gamble of nerves because, despite the fact that some of them really are queers at UW and some of them really do care about the victims of AIDS, they insist on taking actions in concert with the murderers and attackers as though ignorance is bliss and nothing is real.  The resulting political campaign of school massacres being committed by those who claim to detest and protest school massacres, is frighteningly hilarious. We all know the complex origins are that King Crimson swore our planet on the claim that my being able to breathe proves rape, after all they frowned with great gravity, maybe I breathed...too hard during consensual sex. With nothing else to say or offer we therefore must accept domination by those who released AIDS, and Seattle’s queers have offered to kill the people who tried to help them most in retaliation for?   Laughing? They get freedom of speech, you get political correctness.

      The entire case is about witness protection.  The British, defending those who released AIDS on Mt. Desert Island, a notorious hothouse of Navi activity in America, gave me scabies with the words, “we pour it on you steaming and hope it’s enough.”   It wasn’t. They growled, if you wash, we’ll be offended, and offered a sordid litany of Alice Walker stuff to permit school massacre hostage-taking degradation after offering up a virgin for war game on campus undercover masquerading as my fiance for the Crown’s Two Virgins Rolling Stones tourney.  In other words you can either protest school massacres OR support your local rock stars, and the SSQ of Seattle’s Queers having, been so advised, decided to do both anyways. Don’t laugh.

      There isn’t just evidence of black involvement in the AIDS attack, there is absolute proof of it.  This is America, they want to get ahead, many of them mocked Martin Luther King when he was alive and saw his death as proof of their views.   Leading them, in the name of the Sanitation Code that killed him is Rick Santorum who mocked the victims of campus shootings to learn CPR because you better believe, and thanks to him, there’s more coming, buds.  Oh, and by the way, this Christian violence is, don’t breathe too hard, top sacredly in the interest of the Queers because Ringo Starr says so.

        So. That’s what they said and that’s what they meant.

        Looking at UW’s organized feedback loop, and they did, by the way, illustrate the principle of refugees fleeing those who attack them running to false promises of safety by those who attacked them by the way these monsters attacked me, a deaf person, in Pittsburgh, offering me the fake outstretched hand of sanctuary and then calling me a fugitive.   On behalf of, get this, on behalf of a Rolling Stones clowniac who while probably armed brutally attacked me as a frail deaf child weighing under a hundred pounds blindside trying to walk to school. This is what they call idealism in Seattle. It gets worse. Maybe you’ve heard stories like the one about an old French man during the starvation of the post war France scene who broke a child’s arm for an apple?   That is the sort of justification that the NAACP gives for supporting murdering klansman who mutilated a deaf child further. In these times? In America? Yup. The NAACP was too busy, far too busy, sacrificing a white hate object for thrills to care about: timely warning, protecting our schools, historic truth. Indexing what happened? Forget about it.