From the time of Thos. Malthus, the British have concluded there isn't enough to go around.  So they devised the idea of an ARK with resolution methods as they thinned the tribe and leveled the playing field.  Acceptance of the AIDS attack for the insider blacks was the way to go.  It cut off breeding, and lessened the burden to good people, both black and white, in dealing with the underprivileged, allowing them to get ahead in a new fair British capitalist system.  This was uploaded directly on the heels of Love Field.  Love itself was identified long ago as the principle propaganda tactic in pacification.  Making Lennon out to be the man of the people while he went about setting this up for the Tojo Ronin (47) and Yoko Ono, as an ambassador of the AIDS Cult allowed them to have their cake and eat it, too.  He was the victim, they said, the victims owed him loyalty.  Jim Child and Peter Gabriel came to the FEMA Medical station where I worked with nuclear ultimatums saying that NON-VIOLENCE REQUIRED SYMBOLIC ACTS.  So they burned down the Jackson Labs, bombed the USS Iowa, scribbled in my book of Timothy the month before Oklahoma Federal, pulled 911 and the Art Council in London, run by Peter Gabriel, called this Illuminati smoke signals from the African Warriors that God hears the cries of the bereaved.  Have faith.


        You understand that there was always muttering and cunning about Aleister Crowley on Sgt. Peppers and you know about the Knights of the Golden Shield, but you haven't put together that the name the Beetles came from Adolf Hitler, it was the name of the VW bug he invented.  You don't see that the Love Field/Love Bug symbolism is scripted because for whatever reason you shut down the processing of semiotics.