The global politics of the Left in Seattle isolated and betrayed the AIDS generation.  Despite this, the perpetrators are still going strong and rule the sentiments of the affected class.   Crimes like the murder of Mollie Tibbetts in Iowa are an indecency but that is the medicine ship from the warlords responsible for management at work.  They’ve done this sort of thing before. Tony Cervi who lived in a deep pit up high above Coal Hollow Road in Pittsburgh used to talk about being caught between a rock and a hard place.   The Governments of Jay Inslee in Washington and Governor Wolf in Pennsylvania aren’t capable of addressing the problem. They keep tossing me back and forth while standing for or engaging in acts of indecency towards me.   It’s a play with performance value to the constituent horde they are catering for. The root of the problem is grounded in a table talk from the Kennedy assassins, the idea that they simply demonstrated and proven a greater grasp of reality than those who defend Our Constitution.   Their proof is providing the evidence that no one bothers to read and forbidding its communication by the few who may understand and disagree with them. Instead of a Bill of Rights, they have argued and secured adoption of a Bill of Relativities.

       The primary argument of the Union spectacles engaged in ideological combat on behalf, for example, of Black Lives Matters, in Pittsburgh and Seattle, is the idea that the Left and those who support community groups, much of it militancy, on the margins and by open mic bullies, have a better sense of justice and willingness, power to respond to injustice.   Not that incidents like the death of Mollie Tibbetts inspires much confidence, with its offer to bury the hatchet if the buck stops at white slaughter. The problem is that it directs its effort at remedy to more of the same, the destruction of civil protection for the innocent. Their argument is that such talk is simply special pleading for leniency towards whites in a white-based power structure.  As a diversion in the AIDS attack it was quite effective.

        The NAACP ruined their credibility by playing a game of transparency while dealing from the bottom of the deck.   They have no intention of matching up their program of advertisement with the facts about what really happened. Midori Goto, as an agent of the Neva Corporation whose primary star is the martyrdom, staged, of John Lennon, preciously strided forwards to announce that I was morally unworthy of recognition.  To arrange this masterpiece of evil, she used the cosmic consciousness of Seattle Left in an attack on the very thing they claimed to represent being sexual liberty in advocacy for the brutality of a Black man’s grudge and envy. They set up the sociological sex entrapment by Alpana with Abira Ali for the control tower at WQED where Matt Marcus was burning white girls gangrenous, and a mysterious little black girl said something prefaced with the phrase, “One upon a time.”   The script itself, which mentions Kyra Schon, was lorded over by her Tupac Shakur tee-shirt wearing buddy Mike Seate, a Black man with a swastika tattoo, talk about cultural relativism.

        Meanwhile, while grinding the axe against a one night stand that was stage managed and timed to promote the AIDS attack in the name of self-righteous Black Power vigilantes, the NAACP (confident of a deal cut with Reagan) was spreading sex stories about a mutilated child hostage, succumbing to torture by an Israeli nerve agent experiment, in order to justify jeering the dream of having a wife, job and children, in a cover up for Mt. Desert Island, where they continued to make sex films through Warhol for Neva Corporation that they began making when kidnapping and all but putting me to sleep as a child.  What difference there may be between using a traumatized white child that way and necrophilia isn’t obviously or inherently proven by character studies of these monsters, night of the living dead might in fact have been born in the mind of Romero feeling up corpses somewheres.

        The fact that Seattle lured me back, playing all friendly again, and then subjected me to another indecency, the poison in my mouth, is legendary now, and part of the hustler’s extremely vicious insult from the study of race categories that a person as viciously bitten by moral imposters as me should have no choice but obligatory services to charity.   Charity services is understood as taking hostages by guerilla methods in other words. Curiously, the men who were present and breaking in my home when my stomach was poisoned, Randy Tantliger and James Greene, one white, one black, are also the ones who announced by two packs and gunsmoke in my mailbox what happened to Tupac Shakur. How interesting then that the very Black agents running the errands for the AIDS attack lobby behind the script were also both promoting themselves as fans of Tupac and involved in getting him killed.   Nightmares will never end on that subject because gangbangers were sent in to our school by Seattle in order to sabotage my work on the anti-Apartheid campaign and detonate the head injury by the attack prostitution of Rosa, the woman I took for my fiance, and the State of Washington confiscated as back pay on their pussyball program.

         The symbols in the case all belong to the criminals on high, you have the la di da of the forbidden fruit, the symbol of the apple that provides cosmic credential for acid rock pimps working with Neva, promoting HAIR to entrap victims into sex slavery, while calling dibs in acts of war on the symbols of virginity at large from which friction the syzygyologists secured their most effervescent catcalls.   You have the very people who were exterminated saying “so what” about a C in a Star of David that symbolizes their own mirth about the abuse of a white child by nerve agent. Blacks aren’t competent in these matters. How can anyone trust them when they can’t even see how extraordinarily vicious and unique such monstrous cruelty is?   They allowed themselves to be taken in by the idea that using a white in a Hollywood sacrifice making a Vegas killing for a few of them would craftily announce their control takeover with no one gets outta here alive, accepting atrocity because they think a white crucifixion from a remake of Deliverance is their masterpiece of horror.

         Gangbangers aren’t going to help Rohingya, nor Yemen, nor anybody else.   This isn’t Africa. The African Secret Service have no business cutting a deal with Yoko Ono where the safety of our schools from Penis Gabriel’s sociological bloodbath is a consideration subject to caprice.  His promotion of Youssou N’dour was in the plan written in the name Gail Burstyn all along. The reason little, little Barack Obama struts that Donald Trump is only a symptom is because he doesn’t dare admit that there was a cause.