The night that Catholic Workers covering for what they knew were violent pedophiles and Dennis Brutus of South Africa made the carrot tape, which was, whatever this may say about my relatiionship with Saul Brecher, soundtrack ingrained by NEVA Corporation on the psyche of a hostage child in trauma and deadly emergency, I was just returning from being a pallbearer at a Jewish man's funeral from the holocaust survivor community and this was personally very traumatic for me.  If you have ever seen the laughing faces of the German soldiers in the Kzetnik picture about to blow the brains out of a Jewish man in a shawl, laughing their heads off, you get some idea of what sort of person Mr. Belew really has turned out to be.

      These child rapists, who thought nothing of betraying deaf Jeannie, after I hitchhiked over a thousand miles just to hear one of them play a solo free show, could not cognate in the slightest what it would have been like to have been a shy child taken into heavyweight underworld, forcibly overdosed and then kept in dungeons constantly shrieking the music of King Crimson over the loudspeakers, how shattering the mental defilement of this hostage to brutal pedophiles, and they created a utopian syndicate authoring school massacres demanding forgiveness to the murderers who tortured me in compensation to the NEVA corporation who held me in neurotraumatic bondage because their pedophiles used me for sex and King Crimson said that means I owe and the rape of deaf Jeannie collection services.

       Further they did this to a deaf Korean orphan AFTER claiming to be from Amnesty International.  You will find the proof and corroborating evidence for this allegation in this website.