The letters of Gail Burstyn are still not being discussed because the clowniacs in our newspaper establishment long ago sided with the Christian right wing behind Iran-Contra in declaring against the public’s right to know and timely warning. A jam-packed circuit of information is online if you research my testimonials, but it is time consuming and wearying. The situation was hotwired by common criminals from on high to sell character assassination as simplified digest. Pittsburgh goes berserk whenever someone from the margins being earmarked and used by the underworld of Mercy thinks they have the right of autonomy and self-definition. This was enough to squelch the truth about the AIDS attack, but that’s old news. The storyline includes another rub-out on its way.


Gail Burstyn was an aggressive symbolist, so is her culture which come from such groups as Monsanto and Hillary Clinton, organized around the attack on my name by Leslie Katz and WQED back in the days when I met her at the Governor’s School. The letters of Gail Burstyn read, “Only two people would know.” In saying only two people would know, what she means is only a very secretive federation and one person willing to talk. In other words me, and those behind the script, which included the other of the two: John Lennon (who only two people would know staged his own murder), in a war game of the Walrus. Throwing plates at me was a message that Mercy Karl penned as “successive degradations of the X-motive” and Burstyn called X-amples. Gail Burstyn repeatedly and violently attacked me. She mobilized a gang who mauled me in childhood, and she hurled dozens of heavy duty dinner plates at me, flying saucers leaving significant bruises, very suddenly descending upon me from everywhere. She also took me to the film: Kiss of the Spider Woman with its teary-eyed lectures on helping the poor in Ethiopia, a must see from the Green Party, told by a follower of Adolf Hitler, and the final scene of a woman committing a drive by rub out shooting. It was a scene right out of Beat Kitano’s Brother, the purest film of the Obama era.


It’s impressive the degree to which foreign nations have been scavengers towards the misfortunes of virtue in the United States. The vultures in England, Australia, Africa and Israel are shocking for the malice of their tomb dis-spoiling.


So what happened under the AIDS attack is that the predators in power, led by Obama, laughed and snickered, so what are the victims going to do? Hold a riot? Change our value code with their sarcasm? Go torment little Jimmy. People like to depict schizophrenia as a heart-breaking story, but what is really heartbreaking is that Peter Gabriel and NASA advertised their experiment in brainwave sonar (one of the powers of Pentagon-Disney that is the smoking gun of what Lennon pulled off) set to the tune of gross recovery sabotage, lethal attacks on freedom of speech, ripper murder of bystander, online predators, a laughable sale of hate and prescribed control measures by the NAACP and Black veteran psychologists, while authoring horrible abuse of freedom in the press. Curiously, they banged on indignantly against stigma, preaching that they had the welfare of the victims in mind by letting it spread so it would be normalized for their snake oil pulpit, vowing that nobody gets outta here alive, all while treacherously authoring truly vile parochial character assassination.


The bait and switch method was used in the wolfpack manipulation of the privacy of adult images, claiming that the trauma induced in a hostage victim of sexual trafficking required therapy, which meant more trafficking, and then control crackdown after subjecting the victim to the deranged home invasion that detonated a nerve injury. The sadism had a depraved Vietnamese flare to it, yet Joan Baez, apparently a partner of Gail Burstyn, strutted behind the scenes with Hillary that it was all justified. By means of stigma and character assassination, they unleashed the depraved minds that they claimed to be targeting in AIDS on the image of my distinguished midwestern grandparents, and it worked. Seattle Queers joined up with the symbol of the war game in death vow and blood oath.  George Takei, Ensign Sulu, laughingly reported back to Nancy Reagan: It worked Your Ultrahighness.


All of the semiotic evidence shows thatI am write.  TheWarrenReport was from Hollywood.