The truth is excellent camouflage for the assassins of JFK. 

     The search for readers, and judgment regarding poor reading habits, requires talent in addressing the pretzel dimension of psychology, after all there are other things to do, including other things to read, so it might offer to be rewarding of the time, yes?   Popular fixations burn out their fashion, but often endure.  Many people thought O.J. Simpson’s guilt was written all over his face, just as there are those who emotionally equate defense of Lee Harvey Oswald with defense of O.J. Simpson, which is to say, even if you don’t draw such a parallel, I think you will recognize that we often relegate such issues to a search for psychological terms that remove them from articulation of frustrating facts and transfer them to the more useful area of construction upon which we build our optimistic or pessimistic basic outlook, from which we make our rulings, chiding the opposition as either shady and distrustful or credulous and naïve.   This means over-eagerly adjusting from specific material and evidence to broad ideas that resemble decisions more than they resemble conclusions, so this may come over as backwards, but I propose to render a paragraph working the other direction, in other words stating the broad decision and ideas reached by a narrative concerning our times in order to tune in on the specifics.

     Many people do not realize that Henry Wade in the famous Supreme Court abortion decision called Roe Vs. Wade, was the Sheriff responsible for the arrest, frame up and death of Oswald.   They do however have an opinion about abortion, or at least familiarity with the passions surrounding the affair.  There is a bumper sticker saying Hitler would be proud and another line of dissertation stating that Hitler was first to outlaw the ordeal.   Whatever you think or care, you will recognize that something involving the death and cessation of an embryo can be used as a metaphor for murder.  In other words, those who use it as a literary text to form a metaphor for murder quite obviously, from the text they have left us, enjoy hearing our denials about the tawdry assassination of a child, a real child, walking to school, as a secondary act of assassination on which the murder of JFK was being built.  We know this because of discovery in Pittsburgh of the Texas Schoolbook.

       Ridicule exists because you are not supposed to be allowed to understand.  If you take to the point of pride and honor involved in higher learning, you might bother to understand but then simply disagree and this would invalidate both prior concerns:  one, that you didn’t see fit to spend the time, the second that you succumbed to ridicule.  If on your own you digest the facts and differ of opinion, the case could rest on your sincere character.  It is not unknown that persons understand the issue and agree with the killers entirely.  More commonly, people understand and are willing to let them get away with it by saying that they don’t, which creates the pulse of the moronic that causes us to be very shy of engagement.  After all the winners have built what we now have riding.

       When I told Martha Gellhorn, who had seen the liberation of Dachau, that I turned up a mean-spirited war game on Mt. Desert Island where Caspar Weinberger lived, in 1988, planned before the AIDS virus emerged, which attempted to create a mandatory testing challenge.   She told me, “you cannot mean that.”  It’s easily proven. Since then I have seen thousands of people turn their backs on this information, saying it was just something I brought on myself by having been involved in too many affairs.   The attending scam, found in the Texas Schoolbook, blaming me for the murder of John Lennon (which it is now reasonable to doubt was a double fantasy) and accusing me, because I knew nothing about it, of trying to profiteer as a secondary villain in the play by defending myself from the allegation, a destructive and slanderous temper tantrum by Ringo Starr, who I knew indirectly from my stage as a rock journalist, ensued that led to the double scam of blacking out information and timely warning that AIDS was an attack, occurring when I was a Medical Library Clerk in 1984 (the first four letters of my Social Security number) employed by the Administration who wrote the Federal Emergency Management Agency program for Reagan.  Fundamentalist religious figures weighed in as a shadow of Lennon’s purported loyalty to Yoko Ono that the path to unity was marriage and loyalty to cause, while libertinage was deadly and led to multiplicity, a dangerous arrangement of abandonment on a planet where many are under-nourished, so, the general thinkers continued, we should be grateful to the genius that saved us from Kennedy’s gross naivety and frivolous shenanigans as a playboy.

        Midori Goto was cast as the beneficiary of the script.  The script challenges the right of passage that Kennedy referred to in his speech about passing the torch to a new generation of Americans.  It states that we fought in World War Two because of a strategic error by the Axis in attacking us, not because of a difference in values.  It targeted me as a weakling of indifferent character unfit for inheritance of victory and in Prof. Goto’s study in Pittsburgh in defense of the war game on Mt. Desert Island is this script dangerously built on justification for blindside execution of a 12 year old child on his way to elementary school.   Peter Gabriel, I learned (from his violence and terrorism in support of Ms. Goto), is a disgusting and rabid Roman.  The women of Peter Gabriel, who surround him, were encouraged by his hypocrisy and solipsism to engage in any depravity towards me that crossed their minds, exactly like the Harpies of myth, and since he was married to the daughter, Jill, of Queen Elizabeth’s Lord Secretary, he’s close to a rich magnate, called Royal, who knights those around her capable of bringing in riches and popularity.

       If you don’t study the history my father Ryland brought from World War Two as former Lieutenant then Chair of Philosophy of Education at University of Pittsburgh, you also will not recognize the refrains of Nuremberg, or know that King Edward VIII of England, a friend of Adolf Hitler, was being called upon as a witness by the Nazi General Staff on trial.  Accordingly, you may also not know that there was a political skirmish between the United States Judiciary and Britain’s Lords of Whitehall, over who would preside at the highest level at the trial.  It was ruled in favor of Britain.  This is interesting not only because mockery of the second fiddle is a character of those in the ranks, but also because the destructive temper tantrum of Ringo Starr is the sort of attitude towards hard-working Americans who gave their lives in common cause that comes out when Lennon sang ingenerously, “The English Army had just won the war.”  From the timing of their arrival from Liverpool (a base of Oswald Mosley, leader of the British Union of Fascists and their quarrymen gangs known as the Teddy Boys), the Beatles tromped over JFK’s memory and started something new, without so much as a courtesy card about Lend-Lease.  Queen Elizabeth was so generous as to bequeath our society’s AIDS victims the spirit of Lennon as master of ceremonies in their terrible suffering, and when I showed it for a con, they brutally tortured me demanding how dare I upstage those who hated me when I didn’t have AIDS myself?

        It got pretty weird, especially in their advocacy for those they claim I am to blame for not being able to stop them.