Due to The Clinton White House, we, the People of the United States of America, are living out, without protest, and largely under the cultural interrogation of digital disconnect, an Axis Power jest on the mentality of our social progress and ideas of judicial reform.  The author of this crime in progress made no secret of it, laughing openly that America would far, far rather adopt the X-termination program of AIDS than in any way admit that such a program exists and took hold of our history and civil imagination without complaint. The poison criminals laughed openly about it at Carnegie Mellon, while several embarrassed police agencies sought to destroy all trace of the evidence.  It was a script, written by associates of Lee Harvey Oswald, planted on my house in Pittsburgh, that constitutes the Texas Schoolbook of the Kennedy Assassination, and much to the mirth of the criminals was shouted out of existence and public warning in a timely way by those who wrote it claiming it was worth money that would fall into the wrong hands if vivisection, murder, torture and rape were not allowed as Hollywood entertainment by the sorcerer’s put on to amuse the Queer sidelines, grasping at their share of genius and riddles.   Public warning was trumped by the notion of John Lennon’s fabled idea fixxe on the concept of mind games. The Texas Schoolbook was promoted as Lennon’s will.

       Even though all this is proven it is completely denied by a public administration and Congress who refuse to earn their paychecks.   The doctrine of the war game, if you can stand mass murder being called a game, which it is by the eccentrics responsible, very notoriously Lewis Lapham of New York’s intelligencia, is the revenge of privilege.   

       In Dallas that day, General Edwin Walker was available to fume that Lee Harvey Oswald had fired at and conveniently missed him, a pretzel of absurdity in the midst of conflicting evidence when not openly destroyed.  Walker had led the white race riots at University of Mississippi when JFK sent in Federal Troops. He is also promoted on the cover of a book about Oswald Mosley called, “The Fascists of Britain.” Walker’s inside joke was to promote a triumphant black extremist, from the Ayn Rand visionary sect of Britain’s Royal Class, financed by David Geffen, an associate of Gail Burstyn, over the collectivist line of fair play in access to public works like schools and housing.   Like Lennon, Walker couldn’t wait to destroy the dreams of schools. Walker was a Pink Floyd man.

        In Pittsburgh, surrounding the script and the crime team who faked discovery, serially molesting me, and then ripper murdering a bystander screaming they have the right to demand my death by torture, let no one dare intervene, was a partnership behind white racists and the Pittsburgh NAACP about whom the racists laughed to me privately when I protested Apartheid, “if you try to help blacks they will only turn on you.”  Working together, the NAACP announcing that I had interfered by my editorials, they teamed up on a war game from the NEVA Pornographic Corporation in partnership with Society for Human Ecology on Mt. Desert Island. The NAACP set on me as a symbolic white in what they jeered was an exception to prove the rule that no man is so targeted and victimized when the issue is platform of bray concerning historic grievance, which they leered is so strong that AIDS means nothing, and their Confederacy in the program no less than the summary proof of the content of the defective character being removed.   

       Outcome in fact allows you to see inside the role of Black planners involved in creation of the military atrocity.  The content of character ledger was evoked brutally by Geffen’s favorites Barack Obama and Youssou N’dour to create a pussyball ledger with Midori Goto spelling out why the British Royal Class rejected me despite piecemeal vivisection hate crimes obvious and administered in cold blood.    The White House pimps playing their mind games were spoken of openly by Joe Biden as a secretive pecking order.

      The triumph of privilege has been gratified by our societies backing off any sort of evaluation of Civil Rights, a privilege of America, and human rights, a potential feature of global justice.   Once the notion of scarcity became sufficiently restrictive to allow hoarding, we then turned on our own in convenience.

       The mastermind of AIDS shot Kennedy.