Okay, Papi

Mac Crary

Dec. 18, 2017


      My father was a charming, congenial man.  I strongly doubt it came easily for him to use the word betrayal, a word I also dislike, but towards the end of his life he spoke openly of such feelings, and having been attacked at PITT, too, I more than sympathize and may in fact understand more than he did.  He sent out a distress signal, based on puns, about the riddle of the Sphinx about the time that the sinister lobby at CMU introduced themselves to me as players of a composition named:  Syrinx.   There are indicators that a swarm of flies circled dad in the end, and I don’t think having a gifted son with so-called paranoid schizophrenia amounts to a hill of beans if he won’t speak up about what scares him in the organized criminography.


      List of Factors:


  1. June Bandemer

  2. The bat in his bed

  3. The put to sleep dude

  4. Colucci

  5. Shiono and Hammer

  6. The Green Germany Parochial Injection Obituary

  7. The Red Witch Show Trial

  8. Mt. Beatty

  9. The V.A. Grudge

  10. Kuharic/Chertok/Ferchak and Lux

  11. The Fate of His Cashmere Coat (Yuri the dog)

  12. M/er-Ehrlen

  13. The Nutrition Center

  14. Mi Yung Joo


  1. June Bandemer:  A very vivacious strange young woman from a remote neighborhood of Pittsburgh, speaking to me of her desire to have an Olympic champion for a husband, and looking like she deserved it, mysterious took me aside at the Funeral and said her name was June Bandemer.  Years later, Mer at the Medical Library where pap turned up sick after the Heinz Foundation grant for a Nutrition Center was turned down (he had a loss of appetite) told me June Bandemer had said hello to me when I saw her in passing.   When I was able to find Ms. Bandemer it was a very old lady working at the Library.


      2.   A bat was in my father’s bed before it happened.  This may seem not so unusual for that area of West. Virginia, but father was also arranged to visit Paris with his company bride and said he realized he was dying when he walked down a famous avenue for prostitutes and only a black boy propositioned him.  How cunning they were.


       3.   The Put to Sleep Dude.   On a visit to Bethany College a superior asked me to help paint murals and then said let’s get some rest.  The Maintenance Department came and screamed at him that we were being paid by the hour.  He was a Jewish kid of the lobby who have caused no end of trouble.


       4.   Colucci, a friend of Gellomini, said of the Burstyn letters, “they did that to rub it in.”  He was part of an organized syndicate of child pornographers who called me to read a poem called, “Never fully understood.”


       5.   Shiono and Hammer:  Both were friends of the Meierens who knew Leslie Katz and Sean Strub.


       6.  The reverse side of my father’s obituary is patently suspicious.


       7.   The Post Gazette conspired with the British to put his ideology on trial in public in a series of questions put to me in the set up for Mt. Desert Island.


       I can’t continue right now.  There’s too much here and it’s too upsetting.