Since Summer of 2014, for over two years, I have been a straight A student at the Community College of Allegheny County, and managed to win the Honors Department Poetry Contest, easily the highest honor I have been paid since 1978 when I attended the Poetry School of the Pennsylvania Governors School for the Arts (PGSA) where I studied with Peter Balakian, recently awarded the Pulitzer Prize in literature for his poetry book:  The Ozone Journal.  Despite my achievement, at age 56, I am in such poor health that I look like a holocaust survivor, and a number of people have wondered what happened to make me such a living tombstone of absolute and horrific tragedy.  I went back to school and worked hard, deaf, having had to first learn sign language, so that I could tell this story.  I can't hope to do it well, because my heart isn't in it, but everything else that I am, and what you might call what is left of my heart, is.  So this is what you might call a brave man's last gasp.
       There are seven billion of us.  I am clearly and reasonably afraid that my life doesn't matter, and that soon someone who is stalking me bitterly, as I will show, who have killed and raped, will make this my last momento.  Perhaps you do not think we have Death Squads in America.  There you would be bitterly wrong.  I came back to Pittsburgh after a long ordeal of homelessness in large measure because Seattle Central Community College would not allow me to go to college.  Although I am a deaf man, my performance at CCAC is one in which I trust you can recognize the evidence for my compatibility with the Community College environment.  SCCC used to offer Native American.  I was a Chinatown resident with Minority Studies background.  Al Souma, Director of Special Services at SCCC, despite my Pell Grant eligibility, threw himself into the goal of having me barred from SCCC.  His grounds were my political views.  SCCC ignored my appeals concerning torture, targetting and rape committed by a gang about whom many of them knew, and this gang was emboldened so that yet another innocent person, Shannon Harps, was slashered to death outside the clubhouse where I took refuge.  Spectactors involved watched and doubled back to gloat.  Souma's super-eccentric view, that my nerve injuries and attempts to get help for others were proof of my villainy, won out somehow.  As a result, after a grueling miscarriage, in which I was again severely injured, after abused deaf advocates lured me to Seattle with false promises of support and aid, I was denied entrance to SCCC, a school of false promise.
         On the day this was written, Dec. 20, 2016, it was reported that State of Washington cast three electors to Colin Powell, and this was a great favor to me.    It is after all the Secret Service at work in these ripper attacks, rapes and grave, sinister dismemberment crimes.  Establishing the facts in this paper is meant not to forestall what they are planning for me, but to make clear to you what the actual plot they are defining by these means has been.  I credit your courage for even being able to read what I am writing.  I, like you, am not looking for drama.  I'm an old man with heart problems.
        Most of what I have to say is not in dispute.  The University of Pittsburgh is well aware that there is no course of action that can cover the smoking guns and smoldering tracks of their dizzying false witness campaign and atrocity of torture.  What they hope to do, having failed to destroy all of the evidence, despite a huge paper shredding assembly, is to continue to foment rumors, author blindside attacks, cultivate trauma, and smother the truth in a campaign of race rage stirred up for a cover story, lie after lie.  They have scared all of us, all who know and care.  The rape of a child, deaf Jeannie, by their cruel mayhem gang, was instructive in ways none of us will ever forget.  It created the silence by which they plan to live atrocity down.  Some of what they did is not exactly sinister in the twisted way that I will get to in this letter of protest.  It was instead pathetically juvenile.  Chancellor Mark Nordenberg had me invited to the Law School and then arrested me for trespassing.  Pitt had me blacklisted and they both did this and knew that they could do it because I am deaf.  They violated my civil rights nine ways from Sunday and this very feeding frenzy is why they did it, not just knowing that they could, but because they wanted it known that they could, they wanted the people of Pittsburgh to vote for them knowing what they have done.  They wanted to pardon child mutilationism and punish the victim.  They called it:  the nature of reality.
        The very simple truth is that if you construe the election of President Barrack Obama as the hallmark achievement of the Civil Rights Movement, what you arrive at is the idea that torture became normalized under the rise of African American administration, that no one cared less for Civil Rights, much less human ones, than the Civil Rights Movement, and this inescapable fact is doubly loud by their explanation:  that I am a white victim so nothing matters less. 
        As the Honors Department at my school knows and is perfectly aware, PITT had help both from Carnegie Mellon University and Peter Gabriel, a high lord of cunning in England who played like he was Amnesty International.  Under his grisly, ripper hatter hand, the media itself became a bullwhip for a surreal, deviant doublecross, a cover operation to cloak the true nature of the AIDS war game they ran on Mt. Desert Island.  Look at it this way.  Pitt proved by their invasion of my marriage bed with an attack prostitute (Rosa Monteleone, partner of Evangelia Karmas, a Skull and Bones name) that they knew about the nerve agent given to me by their neurobehavioral researcher William Wattenmaker, as documented in letters by his partner Gail Burstyn, which Pitt tried and failed to have impounded and destroyed.  They also knew that I didn't know it was there.  Peter Gabriel covered for them by saying this nerve injury had made me neuro-compulsive towards Leslie Katz and that the klan taught me a civilized lesson for what he called hasslin'.  In absolute violation of all the school's bylaws they failed to even offer me psychiatric counseling while I worked at Falk Medical Library, nor recommended it.  Leslie's mother Rosyln continued to give me rides home five years after the letter they used to justify themselves had been sent and long forgotten.  Since they had no evidence of any sort of neuro-compulsive abridgement behavior, despite a year of dating, and no evidence or indication of any desire to harm Leslie, they should have concentrated on advising me of the nerve injury they knew was there, and researched instead what purpose Leslie and Wattenmaker had by their ferocious and licentious behavior.  They had no such desire to protect me.  Their entire system of explanation is warped, criminal, diabolical, cruel and madcap.  So that sets the stage, from this we see into the dizzying madness of this travesty and malpractice, as well as get some light on the horrible acts of murder by which they have advanced this deranged sadism, but we are nowhere near into the depths of their depravity.  Nowhere near.  Even knowing that this poison crime indicates that AIDS is manmade and that they did it, do we not get to the essential pattern of what happened here under Reagan in the 1980's, nor how they planned, and have largely succeeded, in getting away with it.
       Do not forget that Wesley Posvar, who was then senior to Nordenberg, authored the Federal Emergency Management plan (Operation:  Medicine Man) in which I was dismembered as a voodoo doll for Reagan.
       We have to go further to see through the counter-interrogation system and web of psychotic gangland activities by Pitt, CMU and Peter Gabriel, to find the foul heart of the disturbed poacher behind this seance of evil.
        I am calamitized and frightened by the evidence for Black power involvement in the AIDS attack, but it is extremely vicious, clear and present.  Apparently what happened is that during the divestment campaign against South Africa, the old apartheid government knowing that the future was morphing towards majority rule, made a compromise with the sort of blacks who vie for the good life.  They would get advances they craved, in return for accomplice in the AIDS attack.  In Pittsburgh this meant following script.  In my famous article protesting apartheid, Her Majesty's government planted a misprint:  Mt. Beattie for Mr. Beattie, while their attorneys Colin Powell and Amanda Harcourt held me in a public interrogation for witchcraft over abortion, after which I got a call to Mt. Desert Island.  Youssou N'dour who crowed the tune of Christian sorcery for Peter Gabriel and the war game was an agent of SWAPO, operating in house with the Graham Foundation at PITT setting up a pussyball war whip by having Alpana seduce me as dibs between the Black Panthers and Yoko Ono over Midori Goto, who was in Pittsburgh teaching to watch the action when Rosa set upon me, just as her team watched the ripper attack on Shannon Harps.
        This was all found out when Amanda Harcourt played her trump:  Shawn Brooks.  We don't have proper research in our society.  One of the most dubious and shifty characters in our national record Stanley Levison manipulated Martin Luther King and there is not a word.  There is no explanation for the huge campaign to force King into a Presidential ticket with Dr. Benjamin Spock, and there is no word at all about Martha Sheppard, secretary of First English Church across from the USS Steel Building downtown, but these people, these agents, are central to events that are so shockingly serious that history is broken by the deficit.  Brooks and Sheppard worked together with Peter Gabriel on the project scripted by Gail Burstyn.  Trump is one of those who wants his money's worth subjecting the patsy to dismemberment mayhem.
        I was used in a war game that gave the Japanese leadership buddy with SWAPO who can be shown by Pittsburgh records inciting Black radicals who gladly took weapons and directions from SWAPO inciting their rage against the United States of America, our historic injustice, you know, as a smokescreen for the AIDS attack, allowing them to masquerade as victims demanding compensation which they called compensatory coding, which meant that any white devil convenient should be used for their ends, since innocence for innocence was the hostage-taking objective.  The more innocent the white, the more succulent the gloat. 
      Diamonda Galas is a leader of this monstrosity.  Her namesake Dia, an agent of Swid Powell, or Suid Powell, called me on the day they claim John Lennon died.  Her agent Sean Strub, a partner of Gail Burstyn and Dolly Meieren, both of my area, was outside the Dakota.  Skull and Bones have left many name signifiers of the abomination, like Santorum, for sanitation quorum.   AIDS was notorious for a weapon because plotted in statecraft as soulcraft.   The evil genie Peter Gabriel executed neurological interrogation of alexytemia and brutalized his prey calling child mutilation trauma evidence of self-incrimination.  The English had it worked out with banks and owners of Kruggerands to advance the million dollar black achievers with Midori Goto in return for cooperation in extermination of people they don't think are special.