The only thing that Lennon’s name is good for is murdering innocent people.   Police have occasionally arrested me and tried to create a case that would stick.  When I came home from the Governor’s School they arrested me for armed robbery; when I reported the evidence of organized crime in the letters of Gail Burstyn, they arrested me for defiant trespass, but usually they are content to let the gangs do it for them.   They keep doing this because I am an honest reporter, and their existentialist network want the narrative of their frollicks on public record.   It’s a good time for the Bush farm in Pennsylvania. 

      I can easily omoja another attempt to arrest me, although the pretext mongering going on favors street violence, some hireling strung along by the bounty offered in the offices of New York Times taking a bribe to feign a fit of temper.   The problem with making a case against freedom of speech being abused the way I have been is illustrated by the way I was educated by the assassins about the role they planned to use me for.  Bob Johnson of Duquesne University’s philosophy department (1717) made sure I knew of the case issues surrounding Antonio Negri, whose academic writing on the subject of Spinoza was quite interesting reading, but obviously handed down to me by kill-for-a-penny maniac Pener Sinfield, the leer and smut addled parochial of King Crimson, due to Spinoza’s avoidance of papal doctrine through poverty lens-grinding, and his sad condition as a forcibly converted Jew under Isabella, or something, all of which speaks to Sinfield’s penchant for profound intellectual sadism and religious violence.  But the point about Negri is that he was put in an Italian jail for being used by the Red Brigades for their cause.   Mellon Bank wishes it was so simple with me, but unfortunately the evidence that WQED, MisterRogers, Bush and Sinfield were behind the way I was used is hard to dress up as the Red Brigades.  There is no question that my testimony is being met with terrorism.  No question.  I have been signaled repeatedly by arsonists and murderers.  Police could, in theory, arrest me for announcing their own refusal to take that fact seriously.  I could be accused of free speech, in other words, that violates National Security doctrine or something.  Meanwhile, Yoko Ono’s troops, announcing that America committed a war crime in Hiroshima, and the eternal good news that Lennon is dead but Reagan didn’t know, are content to set fire to California hearts with bonfires of the vanities, another perfect storm for Oswald the  Rabbit.

       Lennon’s name is only good for murdering innocent people without trial, but his art is still around to utilize for the unprincipled ends of syphilitic abstraction in the name of the celebrity superstate.  This makes arrest on grounds of schizophrenia a therapy of resort that  proceeds in the Gurdjiev vernacular, “as though on greased wheels”.   One cannot both understand the mind of Sinfield and remain apparently rational.   He’s playing a foreign high wheelers game of pin the tale on the schizoid man.

        Looking over the future by study of the past (Study the Past" reads the illustration on a book:  Foundations of Modern Education written by my father with Lou Petrone.  "This is a very old letter," reads the "I am the Walrus," envelope of Gail Burstyn's Texas Skoolbook)  we are enabled to arrive at how the assassins of the war game planted name signifier persons of interest like Desmond Tutu for Nov. 22, and Two Virgins pussyball, in a long-planned parochial world game involving the release of AIDS.  We also find Bernie Slobodniak and Vendetta Sanders in Pittsburgh, one white, one black, both as unaware of what they were being born to by name signifiers.  When I was evacuated as a child, I was taken to Sanderson High School.  Bernie Sanders of Vermont, united with Sinfield through association at Goddard hippy college, has a vendetta in which I was wasted as a child by Seattle gamers not unlike Aaron Dixon and Rosa Clemente of the Green Party, in a man from Dixon war game of Oliver North for the Old South called Two Virgins Pussyball over Midori Goto, who managed to summon Texas Queers in her defense by 911 of those who released the AIDS attack, will wonders never cease, another sign of what Lennon is good for.   Sanders used Mercy Hospital with Sinfield’s partner Fripp and their sexually violent ties to Gurdjiev cult experimentation to depict me as a slob maniac, getting Black Lives Matter all worked up for the kill, word is bond, and Operation Rescue nazis pimping for an abortion kill to finish up Roe (Rules of Engagement) vs. Wade (Henry Wade/Wade Beebe) of the Oswald Oswald menagerie.   The Jewish Community has some war brides with black husbands to prove their loyalty to common cause.

         You wonder how the moron diner can chew his way outta dat Houdini dinner but you don’t understand yet that law isn’t really the issue.  This is Hollywood on a spree.  For example, a rational and educated person will see at once that such drama club activities are outside the usual allowance of a school.   Further, they will notice not only that I was obviously and openly used for all this long before I had the slightest idea what was going on (the assassins admit that, they say I cudda unnerstood, but admit that I didn’t).  The fact that I didn’t know what they were using me for as a child had a few cruel twists that Lennon was good for.  For one, unlike the allegation the Mercy crowd level, I in fact didn’t protest in trauma and terrible fear largely because I thought I was the only victim.  That silence helps them, even while they call me selfish.   It was only after I learned that other people were injured that I freaked out.   This isn’t so much masochism, as following the text of my mother Nancy, who said that it would be bigger of me to let bygones be bygones.  So I pulled myself up and moved on.

      The problem illustrates not only the cunning of someone like Vaclav Havel, the playwright ally of Reagan and Frank Zappa who was happy to use Lennon for these kills, but why I do not in fact belong in politics.  You can recite the various truths that prove me instinctively anti-racist but they have no appeal.  There’s a lot of them.  Some of them even make wonderful reading, but put to the service of the modern and current NAACP they only pander and cater to their cover operation by remedying with Obama over the deal he cut about AIDS.  That goes against my grain, and while it can be construed as a pretext for getting me embroiled in politics, Black people won’t listen to a white.  More importantly, I have already been targeted as a Utility Function, to put it in the language of James Child from Bowling Green.   This means that back when I didn’t know what was going on, and the NAACP was helping the klan nearly kill black children while trying to claim I was the driver, rather than a furious passenger, and similar dark web activities of the Honors Society Death Row, back when I was being called the man who cudda saved John Lennon while investigating AIDS vice entrapments by child sarin poisoners in Bernie’s Jewish tribe, I was made a Utility Function by a variety of groups on the make for a killing.  As a result I am forced to argue with a shadow self that Hollywood constructed for me, instead of the real issues, while pile on haters, posing as lovers of the poor, indemnify me to their cause by saying they had a right to do it.  The Civil Rights Movement is not about human rights and not even about Civil Rights.  The public had the right to know, they had a right to warning.  The politics of Obama in AIDS isn’t just failure to warn, but the construction of an indemnity system, food fight politics leveraged for self-sacrifice, which has barred the right of appeal against mutilation torture on the grounds that Sinfield needs a voodoo doll to sell Lennon records with.

        Nobody ever went broke leering at a parochial hate object.   Although the schizophrenia humiliation is perfectly clear and present and available to all whether to initiate hostilities or cover for them, the fact remains that Greg Karl, a Peter Sinfield love bird from Pittsburgh Central Catholic (always engaging for the Pittsburgh NAACP) wrote a text about how I was used called:  Structuralist Approach to Musical Analysis (incorporating World of Ash) and his gang described “forcing the persona into a gaseous paint chamber” in a “lifelong project” subject to “brutal fortissimo pounding,” while publicly laughing at the evidence that their dogs at school attacked me in a deviously implanted neuroplasm.  The idea that Jesse Jackson would have tolerated this if I were black is laughable, yet he hasn’t even spoken out about my being forced to live under a Black Lives Matter Death Row.