The URN (unidentified registered nurse) who poisoned me has complicated the prospect of a lucid dissertation, and the company slogan of his elect: “Die Trying” means to prevent conveying difficult material of merit, the sort of scorn for the First Amendment you would expect from God’s favorites.  How is it that the switchboards of public opinion came to represent hostile forces behind the AIDS attack, notably the White House favorites in Israel?   How did the pissantes in King Crimson brilliantly accomplish a sale of the Texas Schoolbook, effectively rubbing Britain’s role in the murder of JFK in our cultural faces?    What is the certifiable evidence that all of this has happened?   

       Tacoma has a particularly chilling nightmare I pass each day on the way to school.  There is a series of symbolic clusters put together by Rockefeller, Morgan, Israel and Mellon Bank.   It is graphic as sin and undeniable.  1122 barks from the landscape of an apartment complex at a place called Highland, near Woodlawn symbolism at Pearl.   Why is this a cluster?   11/22 is the day Kennedy died.  Highland Park (probably an encryption of Parkland where Kennedy died) is where the Texas Schoolbook was planted on me by Israelis working with Donald Gruber (which is a bi-sect of Schlicklgruber, Adolf Hitler’s real name).   Woodlawn is a street associated with Gail Burstyn the homophonic penhand of the letters and Pearl Harbor is the anniversary on all of Oswald’s secret agent identity cards are dated for, and lastly because a cluster is linguistically anthropological, meaning a hustler’s denial is all it takes.   There is another cluster waiting where the bus stops:  Caspar is situated at teriyaki, an allusion to the Terri yak yak yak carrot tape of Neva child pornography corporation, alongside other symbolically relevant cues to the organized structure of the schoolbook playwrighting.  Meanwhile the hustler denial was on exhibit at school where an Israeli agent secured a professor willing to ask the class if anyone had been sectioned with hallucinogens, which was followed by fanfare of caricature for the victims as having fun, the usual tactic of degrading by normalizing and creating a self-assertive flock of victims, of the sort who became the anticipated pyres of protest art mindlessly acting out what the assassins asked of them while they were laughed at secretly by hostile foreign powers who proceeded to consign them behind the Trump wall where they were victim flocks, but not of shitholes, no, you ain’t allowed to see what they are really doing, no.  Go make like pisschrists and advocate for vomitbag garage rock instead.

      The money manipulated into a wrangle between Warner Brothers, George Romero, Oliver Stone and other filmmakers bidding for the rights to misrepresent secret history in the name of John Lennon and the Beatles,the hoodwinkers of the play action, whose museum mafia created a terrifying culture of piracy who announced their power and agency by bloodcurdling lies like the Kelly School incident put together by Ming Na Wen, justifying failure to warn, and who manipulated the fact that they wrote the Texas Schoolbook brazenly by pretending they didn’t in order to stage a phony discovery, getting the victims to proudly boast that they believed their own killers, while making up stories they openly laughed “impinged” on the guinea pig earmarked as an object in their solidarity ordeal.  The money was said to be designated to improve America.   It shows you the manner in which Al Gore comes from the school of Lee Harvey Oswald.   Oswald was morpheme-designated for British fascist Oswald Mosley. He wore the mask of Marxism.  The assassins infiltrated the privileged class of union Marxists in America to grip our society by trickle down solidarity.  The laughable way no one would listen to me, and how they destroyed the evidence, until I proved myself at school, is so dark a satire of union criminality one wants to stop attending.  King Crimson had this symbol “Palmer-James” that implied the Palmer Raids, one of the largest mass arrests in history.  James would have to arrest everybody, they leered.  The assassins also use phonemes which is what Mark Chapman (marksman), King Crimson’s agent, meant by calling Lennon a phony.  He meant that Lennon was a brilliant CIA agent in the encryption of phonemes.   They were not phoneys they were Fougnies.   This art is central to the Palace puzzle complex we think of as the matrix.  It’s hard to get the hang of it because it is linguistic, but you can see it everywhere, they encrypted buildings, like the Space Needle, Bidwell Church at 1025 Liverpool Avenue (the birthday of the Two Virgins starlet), Community College of Allegheny County (decapitated peace signs), Dravo and gave us the leader of the damned (Diamonda Galas) superstar from Pentagon-Disney.  Premeditation is easy to prove.  An agent named Dia called me to announce the vanishing act (supposedly death) of the Double Fantasy wizard.   It’s ridiculous to say it wasn’t all planned.  They had the stupid queers immolating watchfully with black panthers the only person trying to investigate and warn.  How successful is that?

        The problem is very serious.  All of America is being led by a fascist who absolutely hates us, and this problem unmasked the stupid idea that Obama, and his appeasement of HitlerReagan, really a black lackey and enforcer, was any sort of progress.  We have now officially lived through the entirety of Hitler’s revenge and here is our reward:  Donald Schlickgruber.   It’s absolutely pointless to call it schizophrenia.  A dozen people have seen the evidence that Pittsburgh denies exists by now.  The question, how could the AIDS attackers openly and brazenly confess to it and this never become a problem of organized resistance is at the root of understanding how the pseudo-resistance was mapped out in advance and generated by the military of London and their vipers in British prog rock.   There’s nothing masterful about getting all the world to lie for them.  It’s evil incarnate.  Voices going, “Richard Starkey laughed himself sick,” hardly prove their case that pulpified truth is pulp fiction.