The politics of silencing dissent in America have a very significant African American component.   I like my black peers.   Even though the military component of compensatory coding is criminally insane, I think Neely Fuller has a lot to offer, but everybody knows that the CIA created ISIS and the Taliban and that Blacks are in the CIA high command so stop fooling yourself with the idea that you are fooling me about the puppet master approach to black cruelty practiced by music moguls.  It is perfectly obvious that Penis Gabriel gibbered in hatred that I didn’t lick ideological boot in his campaign to deceive about the AIDS attack that if I didn’t like him he would find someone even more irrational and difficult to deal with to vy.   There is some truth to the sidewalk man in his resenter stance abusing my two-year diploma as just a piece of paper, but his underlying message was you can’t reason with syphilitics.  Hitler was the same way and claiming it isn’t black nazism is just a farce when it comes to murder and mayhem.   Underdogs have rights, and they are too often abused, but human sacrificialism is the puppet dance of the great white warlord and the black mentalists are courting the word stupid with their gibber defending it.  They slay, taint nothing stupid there, white suck, it’s dog punish.

      What is really powerful hard on the nostrils about Temple University’s insane and brutal super-culture is the idea that they have geopolitical super insight and that their manipulation of and by media perverts like the New York Times and Cameron Brown, sickeningly white racist  in their bank investment plans, should evoke respect, as a prison gang ultimatum, rather than pure hatred for them.   Arab Spring was a nightmare, but at least the martyrs of the attempt to free up the Middle East for ordinary people managed to address the issue of civil rights in a world being stormtroopered by statecraft intended to depersonalize the dignity of the common man.   If black arts are nothing but the temper tantrums of the emotionally disturbed then it will just feed into the backlash against our safety in schools and the commonwealth.  Blacks on the streets owe us the gesture of civility because it is our best chance in society as a whole against the criminally insane white racists who go on 2nd Amendment shooting sprees, but no, no, they want a piece of the action.  They slay, too, now dogeyes.

         The ugliest, jivest, most thieving, ferocious, mean-spirited and homicidal ku klux klansmen spearheaded by richos from the parochial right wing used to say constantly, “don’t get mad, get even.”  It’s a universal fallacy that played right into the way South African government manipulated Pennsylvania higher education through the black community in the 1980’s.   Fact.   British Labor, posing as diplomats offering to salve the affair in return for surrender, shot white then shot black, hit Jew then hit back, in Eugenic Yojimbo, oh, Tupac got killed, let’s make a deal my friend, that means n’you GIT to kill a white girl and a Chinaman!   Wow, race settlings.   Now we’re back in business!  This was all compensatory coded to cover up the black weasel alliance with the KKK on Mt. Desert Island proving AIDS an attack, a fact that Clinton will never allow aired, over Yoko Ono’s dead body!

        The problem with black consciousness is that it has no black conscience.  Neely Fuller has plenty to say and all of it very interesting, some of it practical and reasonable to consider, but he overlooks something particularly harmful to dismiss and that is the simple truth that truth itself is not always culturally competent.  That is why academic professionals don’t join hands with Donald Trump in banning the word diversity.   Not everybody can rise to the level of benevolent super-genius that Neely Fuller parades, but they still have their own truth, a fact that you find defended by the best of the black intelligensia.   The media perverts at the New York Times have perfected the art of punishing civil rights journalism in much the way that Neely Fuller’s crowd have, arriving like the bludgeon used by the vindictive Midwestern old man I used to see beating his dog, and the more he beat the dog the more it howled and the more it howled the more he beat it.

        My school put up the ultimate collusion, insinuating into my faith and trust when they were not really my friends.  Whatever you think of the music industry that I completely despise, it is asinine to claim that the syphilitics of abusive pseudo-psychology is the appropriate response to traumatic brain injury, or that setting off bombs to titillate and amuse other people being betrayed as a government play station, is legitimate campus politics.   Getting blacks to target me was a major Reagan insurance policy.   Contrary however to his wicked belief system, sympathies for black nazis is not really the politics of white liberal weakness.   Donald Trump can go suck an egg.

        The black intelligensia dismiss the idea that there are black Nazis.  With no whites for hundreds of miles around Black soldiers in Africa raped a black adolescent in a slave pit for months.   The white did it!    That means Temple University GITS to castrate the white who refused to date rape the Jewess.   This arises out of the twisted of mockery cultivated openly by Greg Karl and Central Catholic, in whose Tupac respecting strut stands swastika tattoo’d Michael Seate of Pittsburgh Tribune Review.   Black schaedenfreude was the frightening rabid engine of Hustler Magazine’s Stalinism and contribution to King Syphilis Peter Gabriel, ally of HitlerReagan in the AIDS attack.   Sexual gurgling, they grimaced with gloat, that’s the key, out to make a killing for the coffers of Mercy Bank and guess who just dropped a Gruber Rand into the Salvation Army kettle?  Why it’s a Krugerand of gold my love, lucky day for the Jesus despot pot.

       It is futile to discuss Hip Hop and Rap without discussing MK-Ultra and equally futile to ascribe the tragedy to racism, because the root of it is militarism that is as inclusive as Barack Obama.  Blacks are willing to overlook that AIDS was an attack since they got Mr. President, but you may not use my name.   It is forbidden.  So sorry.

         The voices call me humiliated and the saddest case ever.  Jimmy Creary’s restraint with Leslie Katz and trust in Robert Fripp got him castrated.  That’s the biggest laugh that Taylor Allderdice High School ever had.   Looked at as a struggle for journalistic freedom, the sort of problem Anna Politkovskaya faced before being gunned down, it can be a little surprising to hear it called humiliation.   Kennedy and King, I suppose, were humiliated.  The Kennedy Curse is humiliating.   Anna was cruelly gunned down, but to say it would be better to be a New York Times media pervert on the side of the Beatles and their mongering lies to people with HIV is a little bit awry.  I’m sure if Hitler had won, many Roman Catholics today would be preaching to their flock about the saintliness of the Gestapo.  They might even, for practical reasons, be announcing the conversion to the Nazi Standard of the good Black Catholics who know who the real enemy is, those pale, soul-less whites in their demonic Ivy Towers.  Pittsburgh Catholic knew just how to flip Jesse Jackson’s lid for the showboat of the Penis Gabriel, the new Jesse James.  The Ku Klux Klan contracted a race adultery, myuh, myuh, MYAWK!   That means the Black man GITS to get even.

          Two Virgins pussyball over Midori Goto was clocked to the AIDS attack.  It was not found art.  It was misattribution by the true authors.   They even erected a church with the auction house name of Bidwell at the symbol of Midori’s birthday, 1025, on Liverpool Street for the rise of the respect enforcers and their pedophile show.   It makes the whole NAACP halfway house look like a bad lampoon of Lord of the Flies.   

      Respect is a prison gang sentiment.  Blacks in Arizona are furiously in favor of the Trump anti-immigration wall.   Dennis Brutus was brought to Pitt where Alpana, Abira and Gail Burstyn were all at work for NEVA Corporation’s war game for the specific purpose of making a mockery of White Liberalism and campus dignities.   The New Confederacy was all planned out with Black insiders at the FEMA muttering that the witchcraft out of Africa was a sacred antidote where the crow flies.   Nelson Mandela’s brood at the Elders Projekt cared no more about warning the at risk than Daw Aung San gives a hoot about the stateless Rohingya.  Let Bangladesh deal with their caca, laughed the media perverts at the New York Times.

        I’m sure Penis Gabriel calls getting Mississippi Reagan pigs to whoop up black New York banditos against a white out-of-towner for giving Dennis Brutus lip is something the British call an ethnic strategy, as they culturally compense Dougie with Jeannie raping, but there’s still something a little off about Cornell West’s insistence on biological groping in the age of micro-aggression that is just too patently answered by the chemical castration of the white marked man.   

      Pittsburgh Catholic and the Graham Foundation, operating out of the V.A. had the Green Party all in place to move forward with the Lord’s work by confiscation.  Who is the queerbait alluding to became the military scientology.   Oh, is he suggesting that a black chaplain got a white nazi to shoot up a Texas church?  Is he suggesting that rocketman Elton found a loser to blast away at Vegas Chuck Daniels’ fans over Tupac?   Well-luh, media perverts will just hafta see about that.

        The black-on-black dilemma of organized crime has always had a missionary position from the Orwellian condition of the trapped that yammers, go do it to the white instead, but it is still no less being a tool of African mockery.   Chaos is the import that led to the rise of Trump.  These powers are expert.   In answer to the fact that richest one percent can solve many of the world’s health and toxic fume crisis, the Pitmans and black culture mobilized the idea of a white souvenir in the AIDS attack to advance the Gospell.    The sacrifice, they mutter, evinces the dubious mindset of an intellectual.   Imagine how they will cream when we git heem.

       In castigating the conspiracy to destroy black boys, Dr. Ralph Proctor never notes that the gleam he describes in the eyes of his pal Nate when knocking out whites with his fists was the word chosen by Adolf Hitler to describe the nature of the superman.