This essay is to explain that without understanding how Reagan’s Hollywood put the hit on JFK in the lead up to the AIDS attack (Operation:  Church--ILL) you cannot fathom how it operated nor put together the indexicalities of the evidence system King Edward’s loyalists arranged. We were betrayed, some of the JFK researchers are killers laying in wait to betray again anyone who comes too close to the truth, and what is more not one of the sincere researchers has ever imagined how evil the killers are, and what we are up against, so they are at a disadvantage, which weakens their ability to interpret and explain.   

     Everywhere I go the vibe I get is the same, so I have the additional headache of explaining why my work can be cross-referenced and confirmed while no one seeming to be willing to acknowledge me for my hard work.   All the same I will demonstrate that I am right by showing you the meaning of some evidence you have been overlooking that has been staring you in the face since the day this happened. I can certainly see why no one wants to admit it, but it is still your duty.   The art of war in this crime is medieval. It has been in the making a very long time. For a riddle and a prank to be so consumingly destroying is amazing.

       America as a people have fallen into disuse and oblivion because there is just no place in our sociology for what has really happened.   We have thought ourselves out of the picture and made ourselves irrelevant. We cannot man up therefore we do not measure up and the world has heard.   As if that already were not too much to bear, the impossible to believe that we were betrayed by Harpers and New York Times, under the pusillanimous woman’s columnist Lewis H. Lapham is a grim tide, because Harpers is the only magazine in the country almost as old here as my family name.

      The hidden government of King Edward put on a supra-Shakespearean play, plotted all out in advance, with actors and actresses given their roles and lines and uploaded along the way.   The trick was to make it look reactionary, a response to events as they arose, a series of civil emergencies. The cackle was announced as a holy cackle. The elegance of learning and false assurance came dressed in the Emperor’s new clothes, naked of attire, and Midas of touch.   The outcome sanctimonious assurance that greed was good and nothing had ever taken place. Anyone who disagrees has a station master ready to task them. The barbarism is considered good and clean all nicely finished up to make way for the young and healthy. Predicting resentment, they infected a few as therapy, then they called reporting weaponized plague paranoid delusion.

       How perfect, a virtual sport.

       Learning the programs and indexicalities is part of the hard work required to remedy the historical aspect.   If you believe the earth is doomed, perhaps you may still also believe in the fabric of truth that binds us to the hereafter.   Either way, nothing is gained from lying to ourselves. But here are a few examples operating in cold blood. The Oswald Diary edition of LIFE Magazine in 1964 has an article claiming that Mark Twain’s work was written by Longfellow.   This is curious indeed in light of the fact that if you were to pose a prior assassination against the darkness of historic memory and ask about Huey Long, who is this Longfellow? You would be directed to a Warren Report written by Robert Penn Warren, whose story about the Kingfish is meaningless in terms of representing Long for who he really was, but deeply creepy in showing the hijack of legend.   The surreal moment at Dolph’s in the film from 1949 where a hole in the back of a civilian turns drenched from black and white sweat right where Kennedy was hit is hard to accept, but the semiotics of the problem predate the end of the war. 

      My father Ryland used to have a quip, “Let’s not and say we did.”   Where he picked it up or why he invented it we will never know, but this much is certain, that droll idea takes on a life of its own when you map the play.   

       Mark Twain is also relevant for using sarcasm a lot.  People who study sarcasm make bring up gallows humor, but the real horror of sarcasm is in the black depths of dungeons, where people who are tortured for being Christians or atheists, what have you, spitting out their teeth in the crypt of yammering revolted by the soul of those in power spit the last crud of their hold on sanity hoping to fend off the demonic abyss of human hatred which the murderers pour into their hearts as vile slime, then leering, “I love you man.”  The shattering of the mind is a science.

       When the Christian fundamentalists announced to AIDS culture we know you are not evil most of them collapsed into the arms of forgiveness panting, bless you Mr. Wayne.   Penis Gabriel is widely known to be less of a man than his peers in rock which is why he invents things, he called it being butch back when he was tinkerbell. Most people still believe that hearing vicious voices blown down inside your soul is the tragedy of the disease of schizophrenia over the thinking mind.   Told that Yoko Ono was given the power to do it to me they call it art. There is no advocate to defend the annihilation of human autonomy as criminally insane. The insider acidheads of Lennon mania consider it punishment for double crossing Reagan, and the key word: double, is printed in cold blood. The depravity of Ringo Starr’s deranged mind, all gummed up in Larry Flynt’s monstrous pathology and the hustlers from Laurel Canyon, selling malediction as therapy cannot be named for tyrannical catastrophe, because it was too carefully thought out in the plan.   The assassination of JFK was very Nietzschean.

               The AIDS attack has been a windfall for perverts.   If you think that is a callous, or overly strong, hysterical reaction maybe you just don’t know what happened.   The artists in the perpetrator community weaponized the infection and absolutely lived in thrall at seeing the victims writhe.  Nothing satisfied them more. They used it for their repast, for their sadism chic, for fantasy world actions, for arsons, for rape, torture and ripper murder, from out of the Warhol Museum in Pittsburgh, exploiting old lines of underworld social control like the Catholic despots in Pittsburgh who control the food fight of street poverty.   It was extremely demented and profoundly evil. They even attacked me for spectacle traffic on the job and leered at me, through the union, “it’s because we love you, man.” They murdered my father, poisoned me bitterly, and subjected me to mutilationism, serial vivisection, terror crime. They like doing it. It is a thrill kill for them.

     It is horrible how dishonorable the administration of the United States has become.  If you’ve ever studied the Bohemian Grove add the name of Robert Fripp of King Crimson to those who suck the horn of alien dog protein in worship at the stolen carcass of DeGrell, Belgian savant of Church and Hitler, or whatever else they do for charm school.