There isn't any doubt that the people who tortured me targeted because of something I represent.  They admitted it.  Steven Langer wrote me a letter from Princeton that said, "I'm not sorry for anything I did only that it had to be you."   My father taught me to believe in humanism, the sort of thing you do.  The murderers are led by a band named King Crimson who propertize me, they have subjected me to terroristic reprisals for seeking to leave their cult and return to school.  Jeannie was attacked and raped by them for teaching me sign language, which the City of  Pittsburgh refused to do.  It's playing dumb to carry on as if this wasn't planned.  Shawn Brooks locked me out of a church when I pleaded as a child for help from an armed gang who came, kidnapped and tortured me, then they used my black co-workers at the school to sabotage my marriage plans.  Both the Teamsters who sabotaged me on the job when I tried to get married and the men who locked me out of a church were named Ralph and Shawn.   One of these parent-son teams was white, the other Black.

        Apparently you can follow something of the evidence that shows I was used as a "barometer" (their words) for a compulsory violence show put on by the authorities.  Granger Morgan actually introduced me to the woman in charge Martha Harty Schienes, who told me it was Alternative Conflict Resolution, and admitted it was a fetish of revenge.   James Child of Bowling Green called it Minimum Justified Violence psychology and Oliver Stone's dacoits called it Operation:  Medicine Man.  That is why the Federal Government does not care that the woman outside the World Trade Center with the stiletto whose gang ripper murdered Shannon Harps in Seattle so obviously is criminal.  These murderers were behind the AIDS attack, but King Crimson, who has a photograph of Gail Burstyn's lookalike on one of their covers, convinced the stupid queers in Seattle first that they could make money, and second that it was violence for them.  So the attackers behind AIDS had a real party putting on another show of violence:

        The reason I can help you is that I know.   There are a few stout souls, who loved John Kennedy, who have asked, who are the suspicious Black people involved?  The ones arrested, dressed up, alluded to and so on.   What they miss, and it would help them a lot if they didn't miss it, is the proper way to frame the question, being:  Who are the intellectual Black people involved in the assassination.   That's the point they don't get.   The thinking Black attaches who helped execute Kennedy.

        You can find them in the way that I was set up.  First, Nancy Moore, the mother who allowed her womb used to create me for this war crime, was a partner of the men who kidnapped and gassed me.  When they put me up to robbing her, to buy my life for twenty dollars, she pretended to not know what was going on.  I know that for a fact.   I would hide in the towel closet on the top shelf.   The man who traumatized with the greatest hatred was a Black boy named James.  I was so afraid of him that I wouldn't let anybody call me James.   The were setting up a claim of entitlement to my name.  When his partner, James Kasper, attacked me, he viciously knotted Charles Bronson arms around my head and sneered, "I'll squeeze your head so hard your nose will pop off."   

        This shows you something very important about the U.S. Government who gave me the social security number beginning 1984.  They donated me.  They want me to sign off on my rights and the Bill of Rights, the name of Kennedy, all decency.  Who is behind this thinking?  The Black attaches.   Black people have no use whatsoever for white morality.  They couldn't care less.  These vicious experimenters from vivisection at Pitt put a scorching, horrible neuroplastic head trauma in my facial nerve, the brain cavity itself, as a super-taser, to inflict endless suffering as they extruded page after page after page, burning my life.  Imagine if you could rob someone by stepping on their face, smooshing their head through a carrot slicer and squish out a multimillion dollar tome.  That is what the Pittsburgh NAACP have in mind.  They used me in bondage in absolute shock to a woman working for Mary Ellen Tunney (ton of money, get it?)

         The person who forced me to accept the name James was J.P. Morgan's grand-daughter Anne Mitchell.   Ted Rockefeller was at the Medical Library after we broke up telling me that people are like ants.   

         Why do you think the British have followed me in this twisted, craven, mutilationist way from cradle to grave?  Lennon wasn't even supposedly dead in 1969 when they earmarked me.   Peter Gabriel was working with Shawn Brooks and Ralph Proctor when they locked me out of the right to be married.  The reason is perfectly obvious, to drive me insane with the idea of wanting to help others when they were raping me and raping from within, allowing me no life, in what?  In a peepshow of victim zero.  Can't you see that?  They were pedophile cinema operators.  They demanded that they be allowed to take pictures.  They filmed the AIDS war game while calling it therapy.  They filed the rape of deaf Jeannie.  

         Organization?  It was the FBI, the Carnegie and Hollywood.   Semiotics was just a convenient Machiavellian technique for advertising that Hitler had been behind it from South America.