The goals of this letter are:  1.  To Legalize discussion of the idea that AIDS was an attack from the beginning.  2.  To form initial argumentation presenting it as a crime against humanity.  3.  To show that its origins lie in the Nuremberg Trials.  4.  To show that the murder of JFK was an initial statement by the perpetrators.  5.  To gather some of the evidence that surfaces in the structure of the global plan.  6.  To authorize a summons for skilled language art to the rescue of our fourth estate and dignity as a people.   7.  The psychological methods put into place to grill the victims and sell them acceptance are very disturbing material.  I will not ignore the indications that Donald Trump is a representative of the insane appointed as holding Trump button in a Nuclear Katz (a reference made by name in the script I discovered to Leslie Katz, the agent of the war) game.  This double and loaded language is the sort of contraption this scheme has been.  Some of this paper will tell you things you do not yet know.  Federal Marshalls should be summoned to the rescue of global society.  My audience is really only those who feel as I do that it was a horrible crime, to show the loop method from Nuremberg, and to illustrate that making this all clear is within reach, despite the banging on of people lying to our faces.  I will try to give my readers a respite from answering the hostile and empty allegations made by the assassins who manuveured into position as accusers by staging discovery of their own script while I was still unaware of its significance in a house they had arranged to hold me in.
      It takes too much effort to belabor the obvious:  that the Israelis had a motive for revenge.  The British have been stubborn and wily creating (by Lennon's theater of war) a subterfuge and smokescreen allowing our government to stall (using Lennon's name to advance Leslie) while forcing us to understand and accept this eerie and sad new development, a killer disease weapon.  Media has been tailored to reach a terrifying pitch of presentation regarding the victims when we start questioning, and allows us to be sheltered in silence when we do not. 
      Evidence continues to arise that SWAPO was party to this as well as the Black church in Africa, particularly Desmond Tutu.  At first it seemed more haphazard tragedy that Dennis Brutus was in Pittsburgh for the staged and phony intercept, as well as the extrusion of soundtrack from the comatonic human recorder, however, the very name Tutu was put into play to illustrate the double identity method (two-timers with two faces, the pale white liberal hypocrit) in the language structure of the fluxus war power in question.  The use of RonaldRonald and CasparCaspar to torture me is referred to in the script as MarkMark, for the satanic mockingbird style of Mark Twain.  Nuremberg was looped by Nordenberg, and Woody Allen's film:  Play It Again, Sam was factually and unfunnily them doing it again, this time, they claim, a little more sensibly.  Today I learned that in 1983 Ann Tusa and John Tusa exquisitely timed publication of a book about Nuremberg.  It is only possible to duck the implications of the Tusa/Tusa (Tutu/USA) style of the Publishers Project who were prior organized to control what the term "spin doctor" appears to have been virtually invented to use for the media careerist behind the crime of total blackout.  An offer of Tea by the United States' token victim to the murderers as the price of not being murdered outright was the planned outcome.  James C. was commanded to give James K. tea for the KC union of English vice symbolic logic in a James Bond-age manipulation of klan sentiments and black poverty.
        The effort to link Mandela to Dr. King by spiritual familiarity in the race world by way of the Elders Project, a Secret Society culture contrived by England to ameloriate bad will in America that might have arisen were it acknowledged that Black Power were possibly even the military inventors of AIDS, is a ruse.  Black Power in the world is intended to be considered a gain by the AIDS attack, and the career of Barack Obama proves that this was successful.  He didn't just cut a deal, that is putting it politely.  He had people tortured, raped and murdered openly and in cold blood supporting Yoko Ono and Geffen Corporation.  Torture was normalized by the Civil Rights Movement under their special legendary acquirement of the Oval Office through symbolic installation.  Maybe some of you saw the sticker with Obama outside the library where he staged his marriage bed farce, reading:  "The Joke's on You."  It sure is, unless you find the AIDS attack as funny as he does.
       This was planned by the Church England and Graham Foundation a generation ago, which is why many of the gray mice, like me, have appropriate names given by their families.
       Tusa and Tusa advertise their book with Alan Dershowitz' comment, "It demythologizes both the heroes and the villains."  Anyone who follows how Leslie Katz operated in Pittsburgh knows how crucial the decision to take away the mystique of the USA even equate America with Nazi Germany by fomenting hysterical lies about me has been.  As the object lesson of the case (the script title:  I am the Walrus, meant Hitler's little boy), the little boy from the fleet who dropped the little boy bomb, it has been very interesting how much information tags to me and affords me a unique vantage point as a snitch.  There's almost nothing you can investigate about me that doesn't show the mechanisms of the assassins at work, down to the various groups of villagers who mobilize with great viciousness to single me out and make it appear my own doing.
       To read about Nuremberg and to learn that defendant Robert Ley repeatedly asked his friend Henry Ford for a job as he awaited trial, to learn that Ribbentrop repeatedly sought help from his old friend King Edward VIII, and to hear hokey explanations for both the fact and the meaning of the fact that Goering (whose matrimonial attorney represented Jack Ruby later) cheated the hangman, is to disguise also the meaning of the mnemonic devices of the automobile industry such as 4 X 4 (for Luke 16), Camry Le (which I will explain later) and the symbols in Lee Harvey Oswald's wallet of forged documents (AH, Dec. 7th, etc.)  While it is true that it is only human for Mandela to have cut a deal in a cage, it isn't in our national interest to subscribe to a deal with Hitler's power system that included the murder of JFK and the death of many of our people.  From all analysis, the British claim that they were justified in not warning the United States when they claim to have known in 1984 because it made sure that a lot of Americans died, and this was equity, in their view, since the virus was released in my name, by then at work, and bound to kill Africans.  Soon we will be lined up against Trump's wall.
        The frat boy Matt Marcus, strategically named, who is always invoked for justifying the grim reaper tattoo seduction fiasco on Mt. Desert Island where brutal pedophiles were allowed to use lure and entrap tactics from the style of the film: the Vanisher to lure me into the eye of the camera even further as a mark was working through WQED's establishment with the Reagan underground in Pittsburgh making noises about meaningless issues around my character which they used as a hysterical diversion and deadly threat for discussing them.  The law allows them any act of organized sexual aggression, including the rape of my deaf girlfriend, while saying that my attempts to investigation undercover, while allowing them to practice seduction, make me part of their team.  Sex spying in defence of those who are under attack by the AIDS confederacy is illegal, but not violent sexual violence and attack prostitution in advance of the crime.  That is a police service.   Marcus put this public policy to greatest effect in dragooning me into the camera for the spiteful derision of queers themselves, perfectly happy to help those who started AIDS, while being promised carrion.
        In other words, it isn't just that Blacks were involved in the sexual aggression and cover up, but that Dennis Brutus may have come here to set up the pussyball war game Tutu Virgins, with the help of Alpana at PITT that allowed the Black Catholic war criminals in Pittsburgh to seeth with menace over my sexual privacy, a hostile practice that not only allowed my black co-workers at CCAC Library in 1992 to ripper shred my marriage plans to hell with the help of a woman hired to masquerade and exploit my stupid idea that the rock musicians who were writing to me were honest, but which also allowed her, Rosa Monteleone (working with another strategically named agent "Evangelia Karmas"), to sabotage my investigation about Mt. Desert Island on behalf of child mutilationists who impacted a neuroplastic trauma into my head so that I would be in semi-coma when they planted the letters on me, and screaming in the streets when I found them years later trying to explain and comprehend them.
        The myth of hidden cyanide that cheats history of the truth, hides that "cheating the hangman" was really a toast about rescuing Hitler, and a secret of Totalitarian Hollywood media who morphed their mission of total media control, including the new advances in brainwave, that allow them to admit what they did through symbolic illustration in the cinema semiotics of Reagan Era Japanese film, who wrote the script and tortured me for him, in which they also dramatize, as my research proved, their hand in the Kennedy assassination, before they did it.  By appealing to local Black haters in labor with the wails of rejection by the great society women of Elizabeth Taylor, their ministry of information arrived as the concept of humiliating a white liberal deaf child hand-in-glove with the Japanese spoil of the script, Midori Goto, while parading the liberty of Mandela and Presidency of Obama as the great achievement all worth the X-termination.  They even call it "compensatory coding."
        All of which is easily proven.  The material evidence has taken twenty years to secure, but slowly it is becoming common knowledge.   All of their domestic rejection pre-recordings, built around hostile rendering of a neurotraumatized human guinea pig, were scheduled to advocate for home invasion by those who released AIDS who, with the style of cyber pornography online, are now positioned to claim it a duel of corruption by leering over casual masturbation they shouldn't be invasively monitoring by a man they mutilationed as a child and subject to chemical castration.  This is the Obama machine cat-calling, "Woo!  Woo!" at the shower curtain of someone they want to ripper slasher as they did Shannon Harps outside the clubhouse in Seattle as a warning where I went after the rape of my deaf girlfriend for refusing tea to the villains.
       Justin Vicari, prior to Mt. Desert Island, spoke in a co-authored essay with me about the nightmarish film, "Shoah" by Claude Lanzmann, about the construction of "an assembly line of death."  This is what Reagan and Pitt had in mind when they lured me to the grim reaper of death seduction and AIDS war game on Mt. Desert Island, to make abortion by the dirty liberal enslaved to pornography into such a metaphor.  Leslie Katz called it, "a metaphor for a metaphor for a meta 4 ). If you even so much as associate with people you had no idea what they were up to, British war enforcement will call you one of them.  They ignored such presences as an agent named Exler (pronounced X-slur) and such text as Greg Karl's, "the persona is subjected to successive degradations of the X-motive and then subsumed into a larger structure dominated by its adversary."  They had my art being confiscated by Carolyn Hale, a woman in Seattle with the middle name of Gail Carolyn Burstyn, who framed me when I was pre-pubescent and hadn't yet even had sex for rape as a child in a movie script written by Reagan's Japanese pornography lobby who kidnapped and tortured me, and Thomas Hale Gordon, her partner at Harvard (Burstyn went to Bryn Mawr) who the British claimed raped a friend of Polly Saltonstall at Harvard thus justifying their rape of my deaf advocate after her team lured me to Mt. Desert Island.  Burstyn had a roommate named Polly at Bryn Mawr.
         "Fancy putting Hitler on trial," yip the Tusas in their book about the planned trial.  Fancy is just a fancy word for Imagine.
         Ringo Starr, the ringmaster of this horror, has evoked the barbaric practices of ORGAN HARVESTING as a legalized practice of War Enforcement, taking as his due various things like my ears, for his imaginary belt, my stomach's efficiency, my loved one's virtue, while just making up any lie he wants, claiming that withholding HIV poison is her statement of MERCY at Mercy Hospital, where mandatory "volunteer" services, like tea for the assassins, is a big better do it.  They yammer that it is equity, by virtue of their flesh and blood straw man.  The white liberal bogey.
         This won't prove the case to you especially if you are a shrieking skeptical happy typical type of armchair realist, but if you don't have the rest of the material and want it, I'm available with the proof, but it is the truth, and I sincerely hope it alerts you a bit.  My goal is to secure a mentor at CCAC for Independent Study Parts II and III of my semiotic research, (part one of which was already accredited by CCAC) and maybe, just maybe, some assistance in the literary arts.  I'm not surprised if you don't care very much.  It is after all already a fait accompli.