The assassination of John Kennedy was a shot in the dark aimed at the romance of American war victory. Due to evidence and experience others do not have, my work can form an accurate picture. Denial is the service of the criminals. Until now my testimony has been intended to make possible for Rhodes scholars to follow up if I am killed. Although I am severely injured, I can still work so I am doing the work of ten men for others, to ease the transition back to certified reality from our present era of Pentagon Disney.


This material should allow anyone making discovery to square off about it under their own reconnaissance. Any life you save will be just as grateful whether celebrity of complete unknown.


Two caveats: due to aggravated accomplice one traditional ally of human progress in the United States has voided their credibility: the NAACP and Civil Rights Movement. The American ghetto intelligensia was tricked and cannot face the music. They listened to South Africa’s apartheid regime and black mythologists, bringing the American ghetto under a command of disturbed doctrines: Cornellian Ghetto Fascism; Skeptical Ghetto Fascism, Syphilized Ghetto Fascism, Civilized Ghetto Fascism, Super-Military Ghetto Fascism and the usual stigma towards Free Speech called Snitchocracy Ghetto Fascism.


No matter how hard you work for the welfare of Our Commonwealth, you will be met with scorn and dismissal if you are white. The joyless truth is they will lie to your face no matter what you do. Wisdom means accepted the burden of protecting them while refusing their council. They are too busy plying their nickel and dime dirty little secrets to bother about the extension of a fraud from London calling Mt. Desert Island an Experience Park into the Experience Park burning of privacy in their so-called art statement: schizophrenic like me.


Oliver Stone didn’t say everything he knew because of his Jewish heritage. He has placed his bets on deception in poison command. This was no time for loyalty oaths to Israel. Our mistake has been believing our hopes are best invested in the institutions that killed JFK rather than those still loyal to the truth. The bad dream ends with facing the dark reality. Until then we don’t even know when those who appear to strike back are merely faking. I always wish this last point were easier to explain. When you put your trust in the wrong agency it gives them an advantage, and when they are greedy hyenas of spite like Brian Eno there is nothing you can do to wear them out. The attackers masqueraded as our friends and shrewdly picked out more targets among us. The only art work that comes close to providing a lens into what British dacoits like Robert Fripp did is Yojimbo. Fakes and stand-ins were also a part of Kurosawa’s other films. What we have here was studied and planned by men acquainted with the 47 (DG) Ronin and incomprehensible to those who aren’t. As an intellectual leader Kennedy’s destruction silenced the minds of our finest. We began self-gnawing with assurances hiding deceit for when there is no courage what could pride be but deceit?


Over the years blind faith has surrendered to informed suspicion. The Kennedy assassination researchers are a dogged bunch. The men and women who know most however seldom allow conversation to drift in the direction where it matters most: discovery of Hitler in Argentina. Simply put, knowing that Hitler was effectively evacuated and hidden is necessary to grasp Nov. 22, 1963. There is hostility and enforced dishonor directed at me that is worse than the believers of Oswald direct at me from those who research this act. The conspiratorial research crowd are advocates for the true killers covering from that end. Oswald is just a party line for know nothings.


Among the most revealing of the post-Axis films was ODESSA FILE with Jon Voight. Not only did it play up the occult idea of an abominable secret, its semiotic tip of their hat to what the secret really was occurs in the film. The opening credits roll during a radio broadcast heard in Germany during the rain. Kennedy’s death is being announced as the name Oswald morphs on the screen into Ronald. With singular attention to detail the opening minutes tell tale. Despite Odessa File, Day of the Condor, Diva and others containing the affirmation of Hollywood propaganda plan, simple semiotics are ignored and no one seems able to arrive at a proper evaluation of the agenda hidden in plain view. Behind it are those who claimed I was the driver at Kelly School: Ming Na Wen, Pentagon Disney and the Pittsburgh NAACP.


As Ronald Reagan’s little boy, called insignificant, and the ego-slaughtering purposes of black folk riding me like no tomorrow, his ends have had no obstruction. American politics operated on me. Finding the story means addressing a double fantasy.