Letter to the St. Louis Post Dispatch Current Affairs forums of a newspaper where my grandfather worked.

Dear Friends,
     As you may have heard this past week saw a man of 25 years standing in the cartoon division of the Pittsburgh Post Gazette get fired for refusing to lighten up about Trump.   This is not to take up overly for a staff person at the Post Gazette.  I saw how they accepted the darkness at noon when Pentagon dispatch services ended the wire dispatch and overshadowed Associated Press, which already was currying favors.   His predecessor Tim Menes was given alexytemic, pre-seizure cartoon attempting with great difficulty to convey how I was tortured and held hostage.  In attempting to put in a word on my own behalf the sort of regulars who have stomped out and wiped their feet on press services have mooned me from the offices where my grandfather was a distinguished copy editor.   

     I want to say something about the way we have become controlled by cartoons of the mind, one of the brain salad surgeries by Pentagon Disney and an entertainment lobby dominated by foes of our basic dignities, terrifying hate criminals like Oliver Stone.   I see what was done to me, of course, as though who know my work understand, for an extermination gesture.

      A word on my own behalf before being shot down again by the Saint Louises.   My school, and the people of Pittsburgh, the murder cartel that Peter Gabriel built with character assassins at Pitt and the NAACP did not have to humiliate me and severely harm me by deviant, personal sexual attacks that made campus into a target area in a war zone campaign by accusers covering for real mayhem.  They could have said politely to me, those working with Rusted Root and the girl they tricked me into believing could love me, "we are sorry James Crary, we have learned that you were given a nerve agent.  It is not that we despise you or wish any harm on you, but we have learned that it affects your balance and ability to take proper care and management."  I would have said thank you for telling me and worked on physical and mental health therapy trying to get control of the raging, hideous and impacted injury.

       They never had any intent of anything even remotely honest, however.  They were in a rampage of hostility aggravate by gargantuan dreams of profiteer being egged on by truly sick foreign sadism.

Try to understand that I am a human being and my grandfather was your peer.  I came to you for understanding, not yellow journalism, mudslinging and the insults that characterize your new manner of rule by cartoon.

Mac Crary

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