Shannon Harps was murdered by a ripper in fulfillment of an Aum Cult style seance that was performed by New York Times media over a letter I wrote many years prior to Leslie Sanetta Katz.  The fantasy developed by Peter Gabriel about James Crary, who  I am, only not in his sense of the  term, was ghastly and macabre.  Between spells of mayhem, he cast his reputation to Amnesty International.  Never has there been a madman screaming more loudly, “stop me before I kill again!”  It was in an attempt  to save Shannon Harps that I allowed a militia orderly to command a deadly, unneeded medication upon me that is putting me to sleep.  It didn’t work, but my attempts  to protect her got me banned from Seattle Community College by Al Souma.

    I don’t know what to say about this crazy government.   They hate their own people.   

    What Lennon and Reagan did was the very definition of cunning.  I don’t think John Lennon was even really shot.   The whole set up traces to a Pentagon Disney ring.   Look at Mer and Ehrlen which combine to Merlin or, ahem Mer/Len.  They were together where the FEMA had me situated in a Medical Library for the AIDS attack in 1984.  It’s consistent with everything that comes out in my research, how it was all told in advance semiotics as a parallel symbol story that occurs simultaneously with the unrelated plot going in various HitlerReagan era films, particularly the Japanese ones.  The symbols are right there running alongside but unrelated to the plot of the film.  Intensely consistent, film after film.  Double Fantasy/Two Virgins/How He Won the  War.  They use doubles.

      They raised me, this town, not to be taken seriously when the time was ripe.  We have, those of us still clinging to dignity and  tearing our hair about what has befallen this sad society, been abandoned by blackout to dependence on an untrustworthy and  manipulated inference system aimed at our subconscious minds by Svengalis in New  York media and  publication.  It’s dismal, a bleary, tragic fact which squelches how outrageous it is.  Slashering  Shannon over the Katz kojiki was part of the dramaturge.  We’ve gotten so accustomed to politics as a coalition of lies it’s scary.

       The AIDS Swastika Girls Corporation who released the virus and then moved in by high fashion controls to confiscate the mindsets of the victims, leading by misrepresentation in a preference command lobby, convincing the victims to follow their poison piper lead, sent in the local units to the  clubhouse to preach, “Protect yourself from AIDS,” but that’s not the real game they have been playing.  Their REAL refrain has been, “if you wash we’ll be offended,” and “no one gets out of here alive.”  They see this as holy war and have written such caustic moebius as “I the dreamer clinging yet to the dream as the patient clings to the last thin unbearable instant of agony in order to sharpen the savor of the pain’s surcease.”  Their lust is to suck on pain and use it for their accusation in music tongue.  They came from African Isis through a pestilence center of plague frogs called Real Worlds.  They want you to die.  They want to suck the smells of  your blood and  splatter them on the cribs of the uncontaminated.

      They think it’s a jest.  “It’s some real Pittsburgh style torture tonight,” Frank Zappa laughed in sadistic thrall, and added, “but you all love it, don’t you?”

       Rape, they sneer, is worth a  fortune.

       The blood anthem of Peter Gabriel is impossible to quench.  He  will lie and steal and cheat and murder and rape and bomb and lust for hate to the last thin gurgle of his vomitbag British slandering soul.