Before the usual character assassinations begin in full toxic mode, let me briefly point out that I do not know a single person, friend or foe, who would not strongly prefer to see Leonard Peltier set free, not one.   The case against him isn’t strong enough to justify holding him and the enemy at the moment in our culture for me personally is symbolic abuse. I will not accuse Peltier of being wilfully involved in taking me hostage unless he specially indicates that he is, and even then, because of his circumstances, I will consider what he says subject to secret coercion.  Accordingly, none of this is about the Native American cults who find their solace in the politics of Seattle. It is however how such plans as The Jericho Project were created and are being used to cover up Seattle’s misconduct in the AIDS attack, and an effort by Obama and Olli Burstone to sweep it under the table with new age ultimatums.

      The reason I am writing this essay is because I would rather be sued than blackmailed.   However, the intelligent design is revealing, and although Administration, made up of many types united by the willingness to say they don’t believe something they know is true (the KnowNo circuit) will say I am putting the apple before the cart, the truth is perfectly clear that the blackmail exists to provoke identifying the assassins so that I can then be sued by them.  In this way, the politics of people like Elizabeth Warren are the joke.

       Women supposedly are part of the system of defense in Our Commonwealth.  I notice that several hold key decision-making positions in Congress and the Judiciary, some are police.   Despite this, they are incapable of providing defense, and unwilling. Take for example what happened to me.   They allowed Jewish neurologists to poison me with a nerve agent, child traffickers to kidnap and sell me in bondage and hostage, murderers to hold me for life on death row, film-black marketers to claim that my legacy is their creation as a myth serving a greater cause, a race one-two punch based on first letting the Ku Klux Klan torture a race traitor and then allowing the Black Panthers to set up race rage on a white liberal, slapping five with the KKK, selling all that as a symbolic settlement for aggrieved Native Americans and Asian Cult workers with eyes on totemic alliance with Hollywood.  

      Lying about me makes sense to Administration.   They lied about my injuries and how I was tortured.  Every so-called delinquency they point to were escape behaviors.  It is as though they are calling a child repeatedly raped a slut for doing what was demanded by traffickers at the point of a gun, and women are behind this, but so is Obama.   Obama will not allow the truth about their pretext, a letter to Leslie Katz, come to light because of what it really says about the set up, frame up, fraud and criminal insanity of Geffen Corporation and Olli Burstone.

       In other words all of this was symbolic revenge by assassins.  The one-two punch by KKK and Black Power was not the only one-two.  Those who released AIDS grabbed their war game and pursued it to entertain victims.   It would be possible to lie for the NAACP, and try to stall the defection of a whole class of Neoliberals, to say that Wilma Coon at CCAC was not trying to target and sabotage my right to marriage, career and children, that the underworld was working an attempt to prevent domestic abuse by targeting me in a neuroplasm they allowed the poison criminals to inflict.   There are market forces behind allowing such an assassination. My supposed fiance gave lynch drive to the sex drive by her plot to defect, and allowed Obama’s machine to orchestrate new blood in a campus feeding frenzy. What that meant as a message from Federal Administration to Pittsburgh Public Schools is that their youngest and most vulnerable children can be kidnapped, mutilated and used for Frankenstein experiments and anyone who protests can and will be shot dead.

     To imagine Lennon and Reagan partners they way the assassins presented, you would have to be able to imagine the Warden being on the side of the Attica State uprising and the hostages being taken in his interest to see murdered.   Yoko Ono had a song of solidarity with Attica State’s rioters.

      This isn’t about Peltier.  He plays the role that Nelson Mandela was released from playing.  He is a hostage to symbolic derby. I would not have that done to him.  He is to leave me alone. He will get nothing in return.