About the time British Hollywood released Reagan’s last film, “The Killers,” meaning January of 1964, their publishing house loyalists also released the first issue of Humanist Magazine, featuring Kennedy, prior to the issue of the Half Dollar, bi/sected in image by an oblique stroke.  Since that time we have learned a good deal about how this was cleverly put together in the cause of those who resented and scorned defeat of the Axis, posturing with a laugh to masquerade as victim, oh, dear boys, fighting over little ole me, style. The poisoners from Israel work on O’Hara Street, as in Scarlet O’Hara, promoting fiddle dee dee, Midori Goto, Queen Sex of the Beatles, in whose honor the script names with an oblique stroke as “Go/to.”   The purpose of this essay is to show how we know Mick Jagger worked with King Edward in this hit on America [indexed to Dr. Rosemary Jagus of O’Hara; companion of Thos. Hodge, next door neighbor to Sharon Samuels, whose mother Judge Friedman introduced me to Gail Carolyn Burstyn, attache of Penis Gabriel, Bryn Mawr graduate who penned the script for the U.S. Government. Hodge you may recall, ever the Pittsburgh loyalist, sicked his dog Yuri on my father’s cashmere coat after dad died mysteriously (we don kno hue) Indexed to Wattenmaker’s dog Tito].   It will also help you to understand Adrian Belew of the rock band King Quisling, for the furious, cowardly, murder-loving traitor to the United States of America that he is in hidden history. How magnanimous of a super-dacoit like Sir McCartney (Sir V.) to ramble that we are all to blame for this when in reality he is.

     In the obvious sense that British acid rock was a military strategy to steer the students protesting Edward’s Vichy fiasco in Vietnam towards divine punishment in the 80’s with the AIDS assault, the covenant profited by the lack of interest in the symbolism they lampooned by Kennedy’s murder throughout the career of Sgt. Pepper’s womanly backknife club band.   With the image of Rosemary, a little girl in Dealey Plaza and the bloody racing glove of The Killers, with the garland of roses reading, “Welcome the Ruling Stones,” the rabid announced capture of the buttons of war while setting upon little Jimmy outside the Brooks church by Buttons McCormick, leaving America with a choice between Mick or Mick. King Edward called his Shakespearean offer to allow America to live in on Sir V-tude by the name of Offer Kespeare, forgiveness to Hitler, the Friendly Ghost of Lennon, alias Walrus is Paul.   Having executed this plan from Duquesne, let us turn briefly to their parochial phenomenologist Paul Cola/izzo.

       Paul Cola/izzo instructed on what he called the double arithmetic of the nation state to explain for example why the British think Yemen is caca.   He enjoyed an existentialist story of a man who made up where his comrades were as a respite from torture and accidently gave them away very much. He also loved Dali’s diary, describing sodomizing his cancerous father on his deathbed in the wounds.   This sort of thing he called encounter with the great minds. He is the only Pittsburgh inhabitant I have ever met who did not seem to know that if you are born there you are legally entitled to be there, because he once asked me what I thought I was doing in my own city, where it was impossible to sleep on the church steps closest to my childhood home because of red ants.    The British Brexit from the human race in evidence is clear example of the Double Arithmetic and fantasy of peace that went around for those marked to die, embalmed forever in loveslavery to Operation Medicine Man of Hollywood, where Tears cleared by the FDA are available and sold.

        The oblique stroke occurs in the script as a prophecy of domination.  Keith Richards and John Lennon were hardly strangers. Richards used to quip in the British wey about All You Need is Love, let’s see you get food with it, or something.   Lennon would muse on this lesson and together they arrived at representation of the King Edwards Table Talk about love and acceptance at Kings Heavenly Estate, the Door of Perception that magnanimously leads to the gas chamber.

        Oliver Stone contributed as a representative of the gentlemen who killed JFK by wishing to shew in what manner it was conceived for the public weal.   The Watergate plumbers likewise were Nixon’s sociologists. There’s nothing wrong in using a victim of torture for mental health research involved serial poison, ripper murder and rape.   This is axiomatic and requires no proof. Mick/ey Mouse has settled affairs with the imposter Oswald the Rabbit by virtue of trute about duh carrot carousel, see.

      In the struggle over proximity rights to the conqueror, having the NYPD Blue falling over each for autographs from those behind Nein Eleven, Mick offered up high volume recreation in the form of Rosine Monteleone as part of Donald Trump’s Secret Umpire bias campaign.

      In the end wouldn’t you really rather have Charles Bronson than whimpering in the arms of your own defeat?   JFK couldn’t even defend himself, much less a lady like n’you.