King Crimson is a lifelong Corrections Penal Harm experiment.   De De of NEVA took me prisoner to a man named Nicholas Dibarno whose attorney confederacy is still keeping me under watch and lock.  We know it was organized in Iowa because the Wilkinsburg Library run by a man from Iowa was card catalog indexed with the section CRA-CRIM in the early 70s.  It is demonstrated by school administration complicity to be a No Resistance Possible VOIDING of civil rights. This catastrophe remains unamended by the macabre Civil Rights Movement per se in signatory to King Crimson’s presentation, shown to be a function of the AIDS attack.   There is a Death Row attending any attempt to mention liability. Indexed to Holy War therefore we find groups for metalinguistic suspicion in the name Harkin (like harken). The society responsible functions as a seance society who do not recognize the difference between Adult Films and child hostage trafficking; nor allow that Pornography is a right and human trafficking a crime.  Unable to comprehend the method of such digest, the assassins of created a semi-occult franchise with African Church people behind them.

     The shocking and insane reasoning of the Beatles in using John Lennon’s death to promote a truly deranged crucifixion is:  

  1. They promoted drugs

  2. Therefore there is no such thing as child trafficking

  3. Therefore someone who knew nothing about the murder in advance

  4. Should be held responsible to profit those who wrote the script.

      And where does this reasoning originate?   From Lewis Lapham, one of whose best friends, Daniel Boorstin’s name is directly indexed to Gail Burstyn and the author of a book called, “Hidden History.”