Dear Friends,

      I know it is a little irrational and feeds concerns about my mental health, but after being blindside attacked as a child, driven into homelessness for two years when I tried to get help from stalking by the same gang, and presently across the street from the knife attack on the beautiful Shannon Harps on a pretty day in Seattle, outside the clubhouse, and reporting something horribly fiendish in which several murders and terrifying arsons took place, I sometimes post my essays prematurely out the irrational dread of not getting it done because of unexpected intervention of a bellicose variety, so this is, by that point, just the introduction to my next essay, The SuperFly Trap.  I hope this finds you well, patient and caring.  As usual, if you would like to read the rest, I invite you to where it should be up by Sunday.


     One look at me and no one in their right mind would ever trust Aaron Dixon, Green Party leader for Seattle or Catholic Worker, typified by Vince Eirene in Pittsburgh, both of whom so-called grassroots leaders, one leader and one pedophile, laid claim to my name and reputation for their own ends long before I knew they were there and despite being black himself, as the aptly named Dixon is, he teamstered up with klansmen who brutally tortured me for defending people like Dixon, all while those klukkers spat at me, “if you try to help black people they will only turn on you.”  Despite his all but whitewalled green machine take on queerbait, and the horrifying personal injuries he guns to win by, its perfectly clear from those commentaries who the real object lesson is for the KKK.  Watch the black man operate upon the white, and learn.

      King Edward created a branch of linguistic anthropology, language structures, buried in plain sight for the working of the X-termination double fantasy doublecross brokered by Reagan and the other Kennedy killers, who led him into the guillotine, filmed it as performance art, and made it the sale of a Texas Schoolbook lesson in which I was contracted for as a birth child, into liberal humanism, as a runt of the litter.   A person grows up expectant from nurture by those he admires and judges disappointment accordingly.

      Black leadership and black organization, nearly all of whom are now confederate in the AIDS attack, intimidate accurate journalism by shrieking about white insincerity and they’ve inventively created a vacuous new issue called microaggression of which there is no list and on which reading over your shoulder, grabbing your girlfriend, making a mockery of deafness and brain trauma are not listed period, nor anything else.  Analyzing their reading between the lines is considered overthinking.   A micro-aggression is just a blank, it has no explanation, only function, no tutorial to guide you by.  Not classified for example is the laughter of a black girl walking a rottweiler without a leash when it cornered me and I cied out in bloodcurdling alarm, “He’s frightening me!” It was a laughter of rapist gless, triumph and satisfaction down into her belly that she fed dessert by a snort.  This was not a mental injury commissioned on her part because of historic grievance, she owes me nothing, not even the civility of the sidewalk, and we are expected demanded to turn our children over to them as teachers in public schools or Spiek Lee will burn down our pizza shows in partnership with Italian child pronographers and that is the turtyh we come by learning of the script by Ringo Starr and Gail Burstyn for their SAfrican National Congress beneficiaries and the Elders of Yoko Ono’s Boko Harem.

         Making a linear narrative of post-doctoral indexicalities commissioned by Allen Dulles and King Edward through the Ford Foundation and other black-friendly branches of the monetary aristocracy we call government takes work and the public relations spelled out aren’t pretty, but there are some details not yet available for study held off while I developed text concerning historic context and fought off medical murderers.

       The fascists in Britain are behind the Truman Show we are all being forced to live, what a South African writer called Moxyland.   In her novel leftists are organized as the underground for blows against the corporate empire who turn out to be behind the recruiting and really just using them.   Explaining this to kids of AIDS also takes work.  They resist an idea that would break a normal man’s heart, finding out that they were just being used by their own killers causes emotional damage, but the really evil side are gangs like Community Colleges who curry for approval from the assassin control tower in charge of their grades.  They want points, not freedom to understand.   Ringo Starr has escalation dominance.  One cannot think their way out of the paper bag that is his name.  So dacoits like the aptly named Dixon have it easy.  There aren’t any exceptions.  If evil genius means creating a totalitarian rout then the British and Yoko Ono are evil geniuses.  Seattle Central Community are so stupid it is next to impossible to complete a sentence about them.  You just freeze up.  They are more resentful of seeing someone get ahead of them than of mass murderers, but where does this play on the psychology of human stupidity come from seeing how Dixon, for all that, still finds suckers?

     In front of black witnesses while the details of neuro-hypnosis regarding their starlet LSK (Les Katz) were coming out in the press room manipulator staff holding companies who designed the affair for tabloid digest by the grapevine technique in the AIDS attack, a lilith like white girl whose sheer dirty garments screamed Appalachian hillbilly got on the bus at the stop where Les Katz would wait outside MisterRoger’s church everyday, the famous crossroads of the Burstyn map.  Pennsylvania rurals harbor old Gestapo.  It comes out when one dies in the rustics.   One of them was really jowled.  He was there.  She was carrying a huge, sharp-pointed miner’s pick and sat down across me, nodded, touched the point with her finger, ‘esp’ing get the point?  It was a Spacek moment.  The black witness said whoosh.

      There was a lot of talk in 1986 oh this plague was the doing of the Jesus people.  Zappa took charge and by a twist they executed support for the killers by playing they found a script that made it the humanist to blame.  It was in fact the Jesus people, with whom the Laurel Canyon crowd teamed right up, playing the black victim card as a front for the sale.  Nobody’s ever lied to history through media that way before or elected a big shot on the platform of fake news.