The fulfillment of revenge by the Kennedy assassination was achieved quietly by the blackout in the AIDS onslaught.  For years defenders of Germany under Adolf Hitler had chided the United States right back throwing in our faces treatment of the American Indian, a diverse landscape of many tribes.  Black hatred was so fierce that they took up with Japanese guerillas and asked few questions about the murders of King and Kennedy. The fulfillment of script took final office with Donald Trump but Obama’s control of the legacy of the war operation was the root cause of the Axis victory in America.   Black people, faced with a plan created with the patience of a rock tumbler, answered in chorus with the jingo: Why we can’t wait, which Obama’s promotion jeered behind his back as immediate gratification. They knew something about which he couldn’t care less, which is that the deal he was making was an extermination mission.

       To accomplish so much and still have support of the Congress and the Press, The White House and Pentagon needed something very powerful:  the pull and machine persuasion of The Beatles which is a little mysterious given that their cause is the claim that Lennon was killed by those they advocated for; allowing the revenge attack by Japanese machinery to conquer the United States through the pornographic sociology of those who wrote the AIDS script.  Rather than answer this mystery, it might be better to show how it deepens into Crown victory, eased into practical political form by Foreign Secretary Rab Butler of Britain who was their diplomatic advisor to Lyndon Baines Johnson after Kennedy was done in by a namesake of Oswald Mosley. This was a little after my father Ryland, the radio room lieutenant from Bush’s ship in WW2 flew off to the Liverpool area to meet with Quarrymen who became the Beatles.  Our family crest originally was O’Quarry. Shortly afterward, I was attacked and gassed in place called Kings Estate by a gang called the Pitmans hired by holocaust survivors working at Pitt, the nickname of University of Pittsburgh. From the pit of hell came the AIDS plan, a practical exercise in holy war. That part isn’t mysterious at all.

        There were a lot of people scamming intelligence, it doesn’t mean anything to the current generation at all.   One of the more interesting examples from the Dear Wormwood operation of the Burstyn letters from Pittsburgh Catholic Clergy promoting the NAACP agreements, was the claim by Sir Paul McCartney’s Liars Club that Bill Clinton’s Central Catholic darling Gregory Karl’s paper called;  Structuralist Approach to Musical Analysis, which confesses to torture and false witness as an act of Hollywood social construction, was somehow adversarial despite its unprincipled adoption. My bank First Commonwealth of Pittsburgh recently sported an image with mesmers of Andrew Peckham and Bill Clinton on their advertisement.  Both men had special Black men for friends. The Peckhams dubbed their token for advancement: Ku Guy. Ku Guy’s mother saw in the Kennedy assassination only a chance for personal enrichment and had all of us kids bring her the 1964 half dollars which were worth more than the others. Obama is the other Ku Guy.

         Greg Karl plays off the Carnegie Mellon Jewish landscape theme of Martin Andelman’s war game designation of East West Circuit Road.  There they worked out Karl’s claim that Lennon was the Primary Opposing Pair and the idea of James and Midori as the Second Binary Opposition, closer to the heartland, or binary opposing pair.   Thos. Gordon of Harvard Social Anthropology and Martin Andelman had Midori’s lines all worked out from a skit in Don Quixote about the woman who defended herself from a mob after a suitor killed himself asking how was it her fault.   The Lennons tried to set up blaming me for the Houdini magical mystery act of Lennon for Reagan’s era and claimed that in unity with Reagan that this failure to save Lennon was a barrier of blood. They worked it out as a whore house sit-in victory for Obama by countering that a Louie Louie Adultery had allowed the Black man to call dibs.   Funny how the whole thing worked out as a cover story for the AIDS testing war game on Mt. Desert Island as Two Virgins Pussyball, a theme from Lennon’s dark legacy.

         You might wonder, with WQED advisors sneering things in defense of South African apartheid like, “if you try to help Black people they will only turn on you,” why my old school CCAC would condemn their own legacy to a double cross on behalf of those who murdered their own right to sexual freedom?  Providing comfort to those who taunted them as playing out their own untrustworthiness? But the answer is clear from whom the pornographic sociologist from India that they used to entrap in a Louie Louie worked with, Lee Gutkind, a name signifying, the good kind, the ones who will go along and stampede for profits over the AIDS attack by any means offered by Axis America.