Copyright has the powerful potential to control The United States of America.  This banal truth was made obvious by the Warren Commission, as well as the blackout concerning the role of British powerhouses like The Beatles in the AIDS attack and they are not the ones who do not understand how much rides on their attorneys procuring slander.   The 60’s were all about assassination, we know that now, it wasn’t about progress, civil rights or liberation. It was about a secret text explaining everything, their way. The British Invasion by upload of the superwave of megastar glamrock that came immediately on the burial of JFK was a horrifying statement of absolutely contempt for The United States of America, our culture, our education, our hegemony, our future.   

     The strange origins of this hideous attack by ravenous supremacists to whom so many remain enthralled appears to have been sown during the Nuremberg Trials when Britain demanded bragging rights as leader of the Tribunal.   The Beatles, crowing about blowing someone forgetable’s mind out in a car, goodbye mind of America, they’ll do all the talking, spat that the English Army had won the war. Forget Lend-Lease. They targeted the best of the best:  James MacRyland Crary in a Hollywood on the inland sea plot to take me as a souvenir to hell in a revenge crime for the spirit of Hitler, courtesy his friend King Edward, Operation: Little Girl, the AIDS attack.

       This is part of what has come to light from the backstab by Lewis Lapham and New York City.    Sit down with me a moment while we chat about Obama. You know, it seems like a long time ago when the Beatles property attorney Amanda Harcourt, dropping names like Joni Mitchell in her slews about the whole being greater than the sum of its parts, arrived with Mer and Ehrlen laughing that Falk Medical Library of the FEMA division at Pitt had thrown away a Nutrition Center in favor of curative medicine, puckering up with mock irony that after all if people were prevented from getting sick we’d all be out of jobs, and that is exactly what the Pinkerton Queers with Britain were smelling, too, as they put out feelers to control the text, while letting the at risk die in the dark.

        When I tried to get help and investigate, Penis Gabriel trashed the evidence, tried to stomp out the truth and laughed, “that’s what you get for being a letch.”   The mind control element of the Beatles was to ripper attack the Peace Movement and upload drug slavery. Control by the underworld is the anthem of the Warhol Museum.   It’s what they laugh about most as they set up sex entrapment for mandatory testing on their special education Death Row.

      There's a lot you don't know about what these murderers have done, why John Wayne was photographed with Oswald, why Charles Bronson (the Mechanic) had a namesake in Dealey Plaza making films, why Melvin Belli, Goering's attorney from Star Trek beamed down to help Jack Ruby, and how Fox Media worked with Lucas in a cruel attack on my home, but you can trace the mockery of the dogma in such rock music can do no wrong worship of Yoko Ono's RAPE and Pussy Riot's claim to dignity in their bray of "humiliating a cop in the home," another example of gay ill bursting in at the instigation of a syphilitic Prince promising them an empty box of ashes capable of the ultimate buzz.