Under claim of ambiguity concerning the misuse of my early college letter to fellow Governor’s School scholar Leslie Katz, voters in the United States are being denied by Britain the right to know about what they are really voting in Presidential elections, which is the truth about the AIDS attack.   The stranglehold was planned as a Regal prerogative to wrest jurisdiction from the United States under an elusive and academic claim to preferential jurisdiction, without the benefit of a vote on the matter under discussion. It will be shown that Reagan lured JFK into a trap, in a country where entrapment is illegal, and executed in a format that will be shown to have been described by the trap-makers as justice for a war criminal over Hiroshima, in a staged argument justifying the AIDS entrapment war game as exampling an American they claim, misusing the letter, deserves to die by AIDS.    To understand how they are getting away with it first requires establishing that this is what they are really doing, using the letter for a military foil of conscription into acceptance of the plot, which they tactfully call a plan. Further, in tragic elliptical reasoning, they claim any attempt to warn that fails to exonerate the guilty or even names them is treason.

       I am not alone in noticing that the Fourth Estate is dead in all but name.   The algorithms of search engines was planned, and newspaper have been gobbled up by Pentagon Disney.   There is a specific narrative that took place which wasn’t reported. We live with silence about Yemen but the silence was already there.   To get America back into business means revisiting some facts about the newspaper industry and the fall of their enemies in the days of the Axis.   JFK’s 1960 campaign slogan: A Time for Greatness was the title of an important work from the war by the editor of the Southern Review named Herbert Agar, in which Agar said that the high principles being evoked as a call to arms against Adolf Hitler, that horrible Disneyesque monster dictator, could not be shelved in victory.   The enemies of the free press showed that despite their claims to realism, their tables talks about the survival of the mighty, that there is a high correlation between abandonment of objective journalism and the slide to barbarism.

        The case is not based on a theoretical set of issues, however the foundation while fact is augmented by theoretical angling by the aggressor lobby who in turn created a functional deception as a groundwork of decoy foundation all their own.   This was very slippery. At first, in the AIDS attack, many people commented that it must be the Fundamentalist extremists doing something very Nazi, but the rug was pulled out from under this in a Papal magic trick, by claiming that Reagan didn’t know, that he was targeted, that it was only meant to look that ways.   In reality, from the text found at Pitt, we know that it was just exactly as it appeared, that the religious extremists in Britain have worked out an Imperial Formulary for Holy War based on the cold blooded, broad daylight claim that sexual immorality is the root of sin and evil and that this AIDS attack was justified divine punishment.  Even if they laugh up their sleeves playing that hand, it is the descriptive element of their plot. Suppressing this was a face saving gesture for recruiting. There is a percentage of people who will go along with evil if they are paid handsomely, but the number of people who will march in tune is much larger when the issue is one attended by a face-saving gesture.   Predictably, the trump in the case isn’t the truth, but rather who holds the keys to people’s belief and their loyalty. Claiming they shot Reagan and Lennon, while tying me into the webbing of both incidents, rendered the assassins invincible by the might of Pentagon Disney. Despite this, people can see exactly what happened and what has been done to wrong our National Heritage and legacy by this unfolding of a long planned stage managed operation by faces hidden behind faces, in a successive series of planned misrule and their Presidential representatives.

       While each of the facets of the case, Hitler-Reagan Semiotics, the creation of the Vietnam War as a smokescreen and gesture for reconciliation, the early warnings in the sexual surveillance of Martin Luther King and woo woos of the idiot J. Edgar Hoover outside the showers of JFK, are all very involved material, most conspicuously the symbolism in unreported and unresearched Japanese pink cinema, which I have tried to introduce through my blog online http://storychecksout.org the production team presents Yoko Ono as heiress of the mainstream of American cultural legacy by creating her as victimize widow who is using that power and status to help herself to the misrepresentations provided by Reagan’s machine and the powers of Trump, largely because Obama, an installation from David Geffen, is a Confederate act.   

      Lawyers and drama advisors put on a grand production evidence shows was planned and prepared while, like Mt. Desert Island, billed as an Emergency Response.  A planned Emergency Response? How interesting that it came from the FEMA with official names like Grr, Lick, Ow, Ski demarcating the growl of passion of the licked vagina of the question in desire of the virgin for the ow.   Two Virgins Pussyball, in other words, the name of a Beatles adjunct record, was the foundation of the war game and predated appearance of the virus. A woman named Dia called to tell me that Lennon supposed was dead. How interesting that this was three years before AIDS and that a woman by the obscure name of Dia came to lead the victims, posing in front of the World Trade Center menacingly with a stil/leto.  In other words, the leaders of the victims by macabre sleight of hand were the people who released the attack and this fact is perfectly clearly spelled out in the script found at Pitt.

       The plan was somewhat anthropomorphic.  It favored the Gods of the celebrity superstate and their fables of magic powers to read the hearts of victims.  They mounted a symbolic presentation of acts of mayhem and poison crime supposedly to feed the wounded spirits of the aggrieved by carnal acts of torture and rage.    This fed into a narrative that is very conspicuous for one that supposedly had no hidden hand.

        The Imperial Formulary is consistent enough.  They correlate the shooting of Martin Luther King to De De’s birthday on 4/4.  This alphanumeric encryption plays out in the taking of hostages with the help of suicide bomber and key intellectual theme writer Michel Foucault for 444 days which if read as four cubed comes to 64, the year of the usurpation.   This is AH or 18 years from 46 in a turnaround system. The AH identification (ID-hell) of A.Hidell used by Oswald and the recurrence of Dec. 7th on his secret service identifications should be read indexically to facts such as that Oswald was the name of the leader of the British Union of Fascists on whose book cover owned by Tacoma Community College Library is a blurb for work about Gen. Walker, who named Oswald in part of the trickery about JFK in Dallas.  Walker also led the segregationists who rioted at the desegregation of University of Mississippi, a fact that went mainstream, threatening JFK so violently that Bobby Kennedy locked him up. The Army got him out. He is known to have met with the circle protecting DeBeckwith, murderer of Medgar Evers.

         Having studied it very closely I am in a position to make comment that it may be significant that the only film in which John Wayne is killed is in a manner identical to the way JFK died, his head, as I recall, jerks backwards.   He is the leader in the only scene in which you get to see real “Japs.”

        Although I want to get to baseball tonight and have a lot of schoolwork, so I cannot go into all of the evidence showing that the Beatles and Yoko Ono were working with King Edward on the slaughterhouse of the AIDS kill, being the trump in the deck, I have a lot more material to share on the subjects.