Percolating outloud because contemplating the dominant band or bandwidth jointly illustrates the misfortune of insight concerning Michel Foucault with the binary fact that misunderstanding or avoidance behavior concerning language practice can easily be misrepresented and has been misrepresented, for schizophrenia, logistically in tandem with cerebral explosives of a neurological agent impacted with violent crime.  There is something shady, bewildering and taunting about Foucault that resembles the parochial mind of Greg Karl in the Foucaultian text known as the hidden but historic Texas Schoolbook that requires knowing the social history of Leonard Nimoy and MisterRogers in a holocaust survivor neighborhood where I went deaf, to excavate the background in the Vienna Circle to Foucault’s disappearance into the Ayatollah’s Iran with the rise of Reagan before suicide bombing his text into permanent mosaic academically. Sean Strub did the same for the esoteric circle.   This presents anticipation of a time-span needed for mastery in the school offices that provided critical delay and the attending denials.  It is possible to disempower his tactical social critique by amending notions like “voluntary consent” for what he is really designating, which is Uninformed “Voluntary” Consent.   Acceptance of his wow gives this inscrutable grimace to a machine magic elite playing keepaway with mind fashions.