The Texas Schoolbook was found on a tip at Pitt, (a pun on the name of Officer Tippit, killed with Kennedy, obviously intended by the killers) it was military, part of the Federal Emergency Management Agency plan that Reagan and Weinberger put together for the AIDS attack, but Hollywood in style and profiteer; as long suspected it was identified as a Hollywood hardrock hitjob tracing to the old school grand epic specialists D.W. Griffith and Cecil B. DeMille, who Warren Commissioner Allen Dulles had put in charge of the CIA Radio Free Europe program,.  Dulles, a friend of Hitler, created a high noon in Dealey Plaza, semi-encrypted for Val...ley.   John Wayne was photographed with Lee Harvey Oswald; Charles Bronson namesake of the man who starred in The Mechanic,  had a hand held film machine in Dealey Plaza, Kurosawa was fascinated with the plan, while Reagan made The Killers.  Charles Bronson, the Mechanic, was famous for publicly taking a man’s wife away.  Anthony Quinn, working with Gregory Peck behind the scenes on the operation, later played Aristotle Onasis in a thematic portrayal from a cast of characters, advertised in function by LIFE Magazine in semiotics of the Oswald Diary issue.


     A burlesque was at work, and the Carousel Club of Jack Ruby promptly changed its name to The Big D.   Oswald (Oz walled) Mosley was the leader of the British Union of Fascists.  The Confederate States and their Golden Circle, akin in mysterian lore to Temple of the Golden Dawn, who bragged of Aleister Crowley and Sax Rohmer, had headquarters abroad in Liverpool.   Allen Dulles took the plan developed by Cecil Rhodes for re-conquest of the United States in the name of Duke Edward, formerly King, de-throned by Churchill, at whose name AIDS was aimed (church of the ill).  Nuremberg defendants asked for Edward to testify on their behalf.  If only they had smartphones, eyh?  Wudda held trump.


     Jack Ruby’s lawyer Melvin Belli also represented the Goering Estate, and while it seems too much that Ringo is the elliptic of Goering to defend my allegation that Ringo Starr covered for Mt. Desert Island to hide Britain’s hand in the AIDS attack, John Wayne starred as Ringo the Kid while this was being planned.  Belli also guest starred on Star Trek, a fact that could in fact explain the strange pair who seem to beam down in the background of the Oswald line-up historic footage, if you watch to the ending in the Dallas Police Department, which would directly tie into the Texas Schoolbook narrative about virgins, “to boldly go where no man has gone before” which haunted the Katz dialogue developed by Cyril Wecht, Paul McCartney and Neva pornographic corporation.   Goering cheated the hangman, an allusion to which, “chuke before I go to sleep” is in the script.


    Ruby was a pornographer who got word about Kennedy and Mon/Roe.  He and Henry/Wade set it up for Reagan.  Gen. Walker meanwhile framed Oswald.  He also led the race riot at University of Mississippi when James Meredith tried to take classes, and is now known to have met with those protecting the murderer of Medgar Evers.  The Texas Schoolbook directly ties him to the murder of Martin Luther King.  Lastly, the mysticism jazz about “Caspar” is the deal breaker.


   One must always asked why did men named Ronnie and Caspar attack me as a child?  Why did Yoko Ono alibi them for Neva pornography?  Why was Reagan’s Secret Service agent in D.C. when he claims he was shot named Unrue?  Why did his FEMA attorneys for Disney have me there?


    Although many see Hollywood and Disney Magic as providing innocent escape from political society, the language behind the set investigated for its meaning shows there is no escape behind the wizard’s curtain.  The control levers are very scientific and the intent is a motherlode of brainwash, heartwash (emotional manipulation) and mind control.  Nowhere in your dreams is off-limits to their invasion.   The AIDS attack in terms of US domestic politics was like a Hitler-Stalin pact between the radical Left of the Green Party and Reagan’s fascism.  The dichotomy that seemed to exist between Lennon and Reagan was pleasantly resolved by claiming they had the same attackers and that allowed a Loyalty Test to Reagan, who supported Lennon’s team as they lied for the truly guilty, and launched barrage after barrage of serial crime through the Green Party.  Moguls like Oliver Stone and Francis Ford Coppola weighed in as body snatchers, illustrated by the fact that the Pittsburgh Police ignored a script from an outpost directly from George Romero bragging of child mutilation and tossing the body up to be laughed at by the Pennsylvania Bar.  Molestation continued ever after Kyra Schon’s lover Mike Seate (Kyra is named in the script and Romero’s daughter) of Pittsburgh Tribune Review, implicated himself in the revenge attack committed in the name of Tupac Shakur, the murder of Alina Sheykhet.   This Palace dog team from British Labor shot both JFK and Dr. King, well how does that work as a race tit for tat, please?  Only in appearances.  It is known as Yojimbo warfare.  Surely you don’t expect psychopaths wearing their horns so proudly to admit was manufacture.


     Seattle’s museum mafia used my text to Peter Gabriel concerning a whisper campaign at WQED concerning a drama club put on by Romero’s team about my injuries leading to being a rejected lover, to create a diametrically opposite psychological profile from the truth that they used to launch soul and witch hunt super-trial to protect the assassin group, while creating a super-nerd webbing alleging that it was spiritual betrayal of the Magic Show Mafia.   They created this “persona” as they called it, or false profile of me and cultivated it with the terribly sadistic intimacy of attack prostitution provided by the Police and the NAACP for the NEVA Corporation’s child pornography black markets, including the wallet of transformer David Geffen, who published Penis Gabriel.  According to Sound Mental and Seattle Art Museum mafia, brutal gyrationists, at least their fringe at the time, I was occupied with virginity and they neglected to announce how it got in there, how I authentically responded, along with the nightmare nerve agent that allowed them subconscious post traumatic manipulation, as they terrorized and abused me.  They called my attempts to warn confirmation.  I had nothing even close to confidentiality rights.  It wasn’t a consideration for anybody.


       Fascist Ringo Starr built an iron curtain of silence as ringleader claiming that mass belief that John Lennon really died was sufficient to transfer blame, and to enthrall bloodthirsty enthusiasts of the celebrity superstate with their machine war entertainments.   What all this tells us about the assassination of John Kennedy is clear from the Presidencies of Obama and Trump as well as the nightmare exception of Ultrahigh, a shrewd experiment cancelling the objective.  JFK’s death was also an exception to prove their Rule, because he was.


      Charles Bronson not only had a namesake in Dea/..ley Plaza, he later announced the most twisted chronic objective of the Confederacy.  He walked into a party, approached a guest, and said, “I’m going to marry your wife,” which he succeeded in doing, an act of Hollywood fluxus dialogue intelligence services (HFDIS).