Saul Astor was a police operations theorist who had ideas about society that are almost a stand up comedian’s representation of Karl Marx.   He was a conflict theorist who believed that everyone was stealing from everyone else and that law was the enforcement that normalized certain modes of theft to the benefit of those so empowered.    The JFK assassination was very arguably a demonstration project from this field of thinking. I have discussed the indexicality of Saul Astor before because Saul Brecher stole my grandfather’s coin collection, replacing it with a California Gold piece worth less that I suspected as fraud, which wasn’t because it wasn’t identical to the one in the book, a bit of phenomenology about all that, and because Charlie Aston was a family familiar who ran the rare book department of Pitt where the Texas Schoolbook emerged.    The technique of using name signifiers is established in the occult society who designed this war game, so we have Saul/Aston, about which, again, I mused, pointing to illustration complexities such as that Aston took me to Night of the Living Dead but instead of the promised Cabinet of Dr. Calgari being shown, too, a Charlie Chan film took second billing. It is a standard parochial union routine in Pittsburgh to replace what you want with what you are getting. The waitresses in the cult who did all this do it routinely.  It tends to be thought of in terms of control politics within the church hierarchy there, a form of loyalty and non-cooperation with the odd man out for whatever special reason.

         This essay are about how I came to suspect trickery in the death of John Lennon.  The investigation of this idea was punished without trial so it is an ugly story, but the other side of it (being told discreetly by Warhol Museum) in Pittsburgh where I am from is supposed to be accepted without full disclosure.  Transparency is not a consideration for British exercise of power in Pittsburgh. They are supported there, with grudge, by University administration.

       According to the text of their accounts the whole thing makes perfect sense.  They were led to a script about John Lennon’s murder which was kept secret to prevent panic and misuse by predators and this inspired acid rockers like Roger Waters, back when Peter Gabriel was writing to me constantly, to take the ideas as their muse in staging a dramatic appeal and demand for acceptance and support of the infected in the AIDS crisis, art for humanity, in which they exploited my hapless condition as a joke and amusement for recreational sadism to charm Lennon’s fans.  All of this of course was endorsed by Hillary Clinton as a common sense defense of the Reagan machine who were being exploited in what we can call the penny principle mystery.

      It only took a few minutes to write that with carpal tunnel syndrome, still less to read it, and the day may even come when the British allow some of their destructive methods to be disclosed as military poetry of a bygone era, but the goal of all of this was to navigate through the AIDS attack until it was behind us so that the Trump survivorship could sit back in Hollywood and laugh.

        But is all this actually impression management by the Geffen Corporation to hide a much more insidious truth about this battlefield for public ideas about what happened?  We know that the Beatlemaniacs were hardwired to make a joke of someone who exhibited unacceptable imbalance when subject to heartbreak and that this method was planned through a secret nerve agent the victim was poisoned with, so the planning team evidence pre-exists from the era before AIDS was known, and further a namesake for the leader of the AIDS victim movement called me to announce the murder of Lennon, if that really happened.  This star team situation is a control tower owned by the Lennon estate.

      I speak to very, very few people who even know anything about it and yet the violence by those who do clogs up every online chat board I visit.  There have been many murders and arsons. Strange oversight it seems is going on in our intensely police-oriented society. What gives? Is it ethical under the practice of the American way?   Or is America being targeted for abuse? The simple explanation is no, I am just being discreetly blamed by artists united for the death of John Lennon about which Reagan took being fingered very personally.  If it didn’t factually work that way, so what? Shooting Oswald saved a lot of trouble. This simple loop of cudda saved John Lennon, revenge was therefore justified, was sold as allowable to prevent AIDS meltdown.  For many, the buck stops there.

      Peter Gabriel drummed up all this with Ming Na Wen, yet the Lennon estate: 1.   Never raped Mark Chapman's wife as they attacked and raped my best friend 2. Refused to admit that at first I believed and defended Reagan 3. Faced with the fact that I didn't know about the letters, Patricia Fripp claimed that I was a Mark Chapman MANCHURIAN, subconsciously framing Reagan as a defense for their AIDS war game contraption and the rape of a girl who is legally a child. And they want this to go away as revenge hazing, made legitimate by their story line with no review whatsoever of the process and conclusions, much less their own contradictions and attempts to destroy both exculpatory evidence concerning me, and evidence about what they really pulled.   

         By the time Nixon acquired power, JFK was all but forgotten.  Bobby Kennedy and King were both lost during Nixon’s election campaign.   If they were (and I believe it is proven) creating a semiotic theater for rendition of their plan and introduced a key figure in the 70’s, this character now will be shown to have been Trump, who appeared in body language allusions in Network, Taxi Driver and by name in Do the Right Thing.   

        The Civil Rights Movement was not all ethically idealistic.  Some were just looking for their piece of the action. James Farmer of CORE went right into the Nixon Administration when asked, at a time when Colin Powell was in Vietnam, so the discovery that Spike Lee, always proud of appearing on broadcasts of Yankee baseball when Kissinger was in the stadium, too, is only one of many Black leaders eager to take their place alongside Saul Astor, Reagan, Hitler and other like them.   What is particularly chilling isn’t just the brazen lockdown on the very simple idea that Obama cut a deal about AIDS for power and that his team at Geffen used race for a diversion in the attack, seriously injuring me as a symbol trophy of the cult working African American saliva, but there is another facet involved showing that when Stone put out Platoon he used an actor meaningfully resembling Oliver North, which means that at the time of the sabotaged desert rescue that North was involved in that didn’t work out for Carter and when Foucault was meeting for preparation reasons with the Theocrats in Iran, Stone and Faucault were both positioning themselves for the operation management stages of symbolic destruction as a method of calming people’s nerves.  Further, there is something peculiar about the way that Burstyn and Yoko Ono worked together on a formula of revenge called Starting Over when Jimmy Carter was meeting with Begin of Israel.

       You have to look very seriously at the fact that the war game Two Virgins was after all Lennon’s idea all along, that Double Fantasy is highly suggestive, that the alibi written by Lennon’s estate for Mt. Desert Island where I proved AIDS manmade is covered by their weird claim to be able to produce spectator magic performances.   Further the attorneys who had me in D.C. the night before Reagan was shot supposedly, too, he came out and waved to me, are working with Disney and the FEMA covering for Mt. Desert Island as well. They were never expelled from Reagan’s team. One of them handed me a brochure reading, “There is no such thing as objective reality only what the jury believes.”  Just think, with Oliver Stone in the tent pissing out, what with his so called Wild Palms read on the Doors of Perception, what the Master of Hollywood could do if he went all the way with such a formulation.

      John Lennon always said he was a genius.  What if he was simply pacifying people to make a move as the generation’s Genghis Khan.  It sure looks that way when you consider the fact that they never arrested Gail Burstyn, partner of Yoko Ono.