Even if you could imagine a world where police gave a shit about torture, murder and rape, and the church about innocent people being mutilated and used for slavery, which is ridiculous, they never will, progress in the world would still be obstructed by the violent dialectic of us vs. them that exists because of black racism. If you think speaking truth to power is difficult, try speaking truth to black people. The black racist war line was evoked to justify complete and total obstruction and blackout concerning the AIDS attack and this was planned by inside intelligence operatives among Black Nam veterans including Colin Powell. When the British violated and subdued James Crary as a sacrificial white child to use his name in a scapegoat program for their own war crime, they contracted Leslie Katz as a cover operation, while slandering their victim to hide the terrible kidnapping and pervert hostage taking that allowed prominent black professors of higher learning to state in class that it didn't make any difference and no one should care that they were involved in manufacture of smut films of a victim of brutal child mutilation held in bondage to an illegal military operation by trying to get help. The psychopaths in charge of the University of Pittsburgh never relented, inciting terrible acts like a ripper homicide in Seattle and deadly murder operations by hospital orderlies in the V.A. cult manipulated by Hollywood and Oliver Stone. Sad reading as all this is, police are genuinely amused by it, and deeply gratified by the British rock star intelligensia for pulling it off without a single word from any corner of concern or dissent.

Public attitudes about Japanese adult cinema, known as pornography, is central to the issue and the problem of the AIDS attack, because this is the direction that the crime emerged from and they were enlisted by HitlerReagan to solve the crime by measures of racial scapegoating. Meanwhile, the British were already in play on the field, trafficking the idea that the reason their war crime was public and acted out so openly is that it was tongue in cheek, found art, and not to be taken seriously for the evidence of premeditation. Spike Lee covered for HitlerReagan because he was offered a piece of the action. He got game was the war cry for black victory in two virgins pussyball over Midori Goto that Leslie Katz set up which so amused Dr. Proctor of WQED.

Jimmy Crary was naive. He couldn't conceive of a world where his private, unrequited heart break was part of a grand play about supply and demand in government sponsored human trafficking.

The criminal psychology of brutality at the University of Pittsburgh is spoken about openly by NEVA Corporation on line. They talk derisively of kidnapping victims being gassed and warming to the genital stroking until they begin denying their love for which they are punished as liars. Matt Marcus had talked to Midori Goto of Thornton School of Music about Leslie Katz' complaining which opened the door for Pitt News to install Matt/Thornton to put in office a tracking device as an advertisement about premeditation. The most powerful man in show business, John Lennon, preached that nothing is real. There was never anyone anywhere in America that Jimmy Crary could trust. His own mother gave birth to him as a deliverance to the war plan.

After they were finished with JFK, a Capital crime, Capitol Records changed to Apple Records for the distribution of the script by Gail Carolyn Burstyn, a homophone put together by the Queen's Intelligence system for the bondage of James at an early age. The James bond/age schema was adroitly clocked to the AIDS attack as a mythological construct by Black African leaders recruited by Hitler's old Jewish mistress from Hollywood Leni Reifenstahl. With the scam of a Louie Louie adultery set up by a Bible cult on campus, with the help of Lee Gutkind's protegee Alpana of India, Proctor of WQED and Tom Ammons, also of WQED, who hired the men who brutally kidnapped me in violent blindside attacks and tortured me as a child for his various projects, one of them was a garderner for MisterRogers, had the rumor of Matt Marcus, also of W-QE-D about Leslie Katz twisted into a demand for compense to the black master race in the topic of dibs on Midori. Midori then was invited by Clinton and Bush to reject me and play victim.

WQED then brought in the Sicilian violinist Lisa Miles as an operative paid to depredate on the terrible impacted head wound Neurobehavioral Research had impacted so they they could leave me screaming in seizures while raping my deaf advocate, which they also filmed. All of Lisa Miles' activities with me were secretly filmed by WQED and Pitt's black bullies, covering for Will Zell who ran a long premeditated AIDS operation on Mt. Desert Island. Lisa Miles' friend Jason Riback was the brother of a Federal Employee who showed me state secrets as a child, scaring me thereby, causing me to shudder whenever I heard Peter Gabriel's song, "only the king see the crown of the gods and he the usurper must die," because that is what they had in mind and Gabriel was in fact contracting Riback, who I reported, for this fiasco to cover for Zell, Gabriel obviously is a Caligula of recreational sadism.

The set up a brinkmanship play, escalating towards realization of what the letters were. I wanted truth and justice, they set on me with Rosa and began leaking information about my lovemaking to humiliate me as a social paradigm about how to use attack prostitution to punish a would be snitch. This amused them, as they propounded that the terrible head wound they inflicted contained memories of wanna maker her genre. Meanwhile, Wattenmaker advised them of the neuroplastic qualities of the head wound, about which only they knew, leaving me screaming, my eyes nearly separating, when I remembered in Iowa where I ran to get away from people being kidnapped in freezing weather and gassed as a 12 year old in Fulton School, a fact that the Beatles denied when pseudo-evaluating effects of fell ether on my judgement after serial beatings and calling me to blame, as sick and despicable an operation as giving smallpox blankets to Native Americans.

AIDS was big and long planned, they wouldn't have been able to get away with it using anything less than the Beatles and this war crime is what the Beatles were all about. There is a scene in The Killing Fields where a man is shot in the head for trying to bite an apple. This is the meaning of De De Mancine records, the Apple Records of Gail Burstyn.

The illegal homework dished out to a special decoy in trauma induced special sexual education was uploaded to justify escalation of parochial surveillance to the ultimate proof of God in their book, what they called last night on line the monk ray. Black enthusiasts creamed with hatred at the white symbol, yammering don't bite the apple of death. It was a special play by the ravenous Robert Fripp of King Crimson, who sneered that if sexual liberation isn't sexual betrayal then why is queerbait crying?

Embarrassed people are very dangerous. Claiming that the victims of AIDS have the right to molest someone they arbitrarily named as a substitute and scapegoat to stand in as a flesh and blood effigy allowed Larry Flynt to bond up with Gail Burstyn in mutual protection of the terrible and depraved degradation going on. Flynt comes from the pornographic industry who tell their children never bite the hand that feeds you, and stroke them with humanity after boiling them in spit of the pit, snarling never deny your love. Such purposefully depraved and vicious hostage by the ill is the most warped society that Ayn Rand gloaters have ever whipped up. The freedom of speech of others doesn't mean a damn to these confederates who blast rabies of libels and slurs at anyone they can get the slightest weapon of humiliation on, blackmailing them by the very idea of having to buy underwear. Shocked! Shocked! to discover that a post-traumatic hippy they castrated drowns his sorrows in JAV.

Cast as the ultimate recreational sadism, the Reagan's offered black nazis an alibi, that they were the ones being framed, not Jimmy Crary, after all Reagan can hurt you, Jimmy can't, so go to, before he thinks he's better than us.