I will use this note to continue exploring what is going on in the world around me in 2018.   The execution of JFK was not just his murder but the execution of the idea behind the United States of America and we are living in the victory of the assassins, how they changed everything about us and how it was planned.   To think properly about all this in light of what we now know it is important to confirm that Adolf Hitler was literally a Walt Disney villain. His voice was heard in the decision by groups like Schroeder Bank to finance his ascendancy, forgive his campaign debts and then, in return for World War Two, they gave him a Life Insurance Policy guaranteeing his escape into the final venture of their never lose committee.   To confirm this only requires study of Reagan semiotics and the circumstances surrounding how my father was killed and how I have been and am being used, notoriously by the NAACP.

       You can easily tap into the systematics of the cult who did this, study their subliminals and tip offs.   Some of the cast of characters have always been there in the shadows of the show, much as the anniversary of Pearl Harbor recurs in the dates on Oswald’s fake identification cards.

Walt Disney:  Appeared before HUAC back to back with Reagan.

Preston Sturges:   Modeled John McCrea on Howard Hughes.

Howard Hughes:  Owned Texas Theater where Oswald drew attention to War is Hell.

Yung:  Name of the Female Role in War is Hell and attendant when Ryland died.

Charles Lindbergh:  Aviator Howard Hughes envied, defended Hitler's Germany.

Hanna Reitsch:  German Aviator last seen with Hitler.

       Sturges' film:  Sullivan's Travels has a shrewd guidepost to the semiotics of the plan to facilitate Hitler's escape and re-incarnation by Dulles in Dallas.   The sign visibly reads "We Never Clos" If the last four letters had been visible it would be "We Never Lose". The pronunication shifts however from Cloe to Lou, making Clos into clues.  In the airplane sequence there is a watery specially animated fogged character by the window serving as a special agent symbol hotly engaged in passionate plotting. A post by the train yard with vagabonds reads:  LIMIT.

       The death of the protagonist is falsely reported.  He saves himself by confession, there is great laughter in church.

        The well dressed Black men, men of dignity in the church, testify to Henry Ford’s back up of Hitler’s plotting.  Ford made good with Black people, hiring them against trade unions. When Jesse Jackson stammered that even scabs are people (meaning non-union labor) he was shouted down by voices like Duvall, at Pittsburgh’s Community College, who saw nothing ironic in speaking of Chinese people as evil when saying that he, a Black man, knows that Bush started AIDS and supported him for it.   This is indicative of the culture in the NAACP and what they did to facilitate atrocity.

        Turn now to UW politics, sociology and various mainstream progressive ideas at the University of Washington in vogue in Social Sciences.   We will hear from them to no end ranting and raving about minority grievance, neoliberalism, treatment of women, making facial expressions as though gagging to communicate surveillance about porn.   It’s always cute when people responsible for atrocity position themselves successfully to criticize their victims. Rising to the occasion to address their stake out of higher learning and come to the truth is draining.   Our academics, where permanent contributions to education could once be counted on, are now an occupied zone of casino sharks.

     While I am aware that skilled artisans are at risk and cannot afford to be anything but selfish the assassination committee about whom we are both mutually aware of one another, misused their talents.   They threw their prestige into a game of fraud and identity crime saying that I have to die to reclaim my own name, and this was organized on campus, through the schools, allowing and promoting mutilationism.   Black leaders in other words are not fighting for a world that is fairer and better, they just want to be the Nazis on top with the power to harvest and kill those below, because believe me the horrible and rancorous subjection I lived with as a child certainly goes to show that a white child’s self esteem is every bit as affected by the ranting and raving of Black people in their throes of hatred.

       For the society to play, openly, a game of vivisection around a Venus Fly Trap concept of home invasion in serial sexual exploitation is extremely weird.  I have self-isolated. It was of course prisoner managed to lead to this outcome, a sex tour and punishment demonstration project by the English to illustrate the justice of releasing AIDS, a crime they punish an innocent person for while denying it ever took place, the final polish being chronically about the terrible humiliation they have inflicted.   The goal of the so-called Feminists at UW is not of course liberation, but further enslavement, an attempt to force me to marry my rapists.

       Someone in power has also been playing jinx with me.  We don, we don, dono, don’t know, donahue, don’t know who.   It began in 4th grade at Dilworth Elementary. Someone forgot their homework, we didn’t get candy, no one cared, and a raging ear ache had happened after a gang called the Guttersnipes came over to visit my sister.   I went to school without homework, sat in the back and as it got closer I started crying, sure enough a huge wail went up from the whole class and they beat the shit out of me for not getting candy, waiting for me after school.  Lived across the street from Dilworth but was asked to leave and forced to walk a mile to Fulton where far worse awaited me.

       So they kill people, rape them, and make it look like the will of anger and poor Jimmy should shush that, you know, grudge or whatever it is he carries.  Rhetorically it does work for them, to say that Jimmy was lured into a one night stand with an Indian woman so they git to invade the home, rape his loved one, release AIDS and victorious rule against the white in pussyball, using me to announce to the world the fairness of Gestapo in the name of Midori Goto, and if I weren’t such a lampoon of liberalism I would realize that casino sharks are what it is all about.   The rippers are on hand demanding what they claim is their fair share of anything they can steal from me. It’s clear the NAACP want me punished as a spy for reporting them about their role in covering for the AIDS attack.

       PITT’s good kind of Blacks, in high command, impersonated African wizards with their showcase of military settlances.   Another brand of sadist are the critics of neo-liberalism. I am reminded of a story by Joy Chant in which she says she sees the devil and is shocked because she never expected the devil to be beautiful.   The critics of neoliberalism want us to look beyond the margins into the real shadows, pick the scabs off our denial, as Tami Simon wrote, “as the patient clings to the last, thin, unbearable instant of agony in order to sharpen the savor of the pain’s surcease.”   Who but the holocaust Jews would already know how the victims feel? Who but that jinx maker don, don, dono, donahue, we don’t know who, puppeteering would denounce anyone who didn’t die for a cause they set up? If you think it was bad before maybe the effect of a chastening against sex will make it more smooth in the future.  The point is how they know just want to say as they lunge for your jugular vein, picking pockets for the Queen.

      These sharks of the New Order at UW are no better than jihadis.   When you look at the language gangs they ignore, like my being attacked and tortured as a child by men named Ronnie and Kasper, you find for example:  Karsh, which is like car, shhh, don’t tell you were in a stolen car, Jimmy, mommy will kill you. Karsh is also like Shark. These were King Crimson word games:  Stark Sharp glass eyed, Starkey Stark, Burstyn Strub. This auto-suggestion was used to destroy my hopes, talents and social mobility the cumulative effect of which was auto-suggestion on an impacted neuroplasm for the blink of an eyelash in terror reaction formation they could cheat by with the sleaziest of motives and claims.