Everytime I meet a person, I engage them as an individual.   If they allow me to be nice to them, I always am.  I show my appreciation by studying African History, Art, the legacy of slavery and the conscience of Martin Luther King.  At risk to myself, I speak up against racism and openly espouse non-violence.  What has happened however is that I learned the hard way that when the issue of black consciousness is raised with black people, the white is immediately the other.  It is a mind control mechanism, and we are never allowed to question it as black fascism.  Until Obama and Geffen justified Mt. Desert Island, a justification process that involved castrating me for leaving a girlfriend still a virgin, a strategic predator plan based on my rejection complex about her virginity, which they contracted on me about, a phobia from the Two Virgins indoctrination in the Texas Schoolbook they then used to frame as the blame for a crime I knew nothing about:  the vanishing of Lennon, I was unwilling to look honesty at what WQED and the NAACP had done.  Mr. Douglas laughed at me, "Fripp got you to pay him to do his farm work?"  He said of my anti-apartheid articles, "if you try to help black people they will only turn on you."  Dr. Proctor and his nephew at WQED and Pitt African Studies justified Mt. Desert Island as sacrificing a token white.   Their books glorify in battering white boys, knocking them out, they had a black co-worker prying and preying on my deafness to detonate the neuroplasm by taking my fiance away from me to humiliate me (she called the Secret Service and said I was plotting to kill Ted Kennedy!!!) and after two years of cancerous homelessness, I was castrated in medical violence.  Proctor then taught us about medical violence in the classroom while defending Watternmaker who gave me the nerve agent.  What this means in terms of your reasoning.  Is as follows:  YOU SAY ~ the usual standard line, do not lump all blacks together when in reality they made a CONSCIOUS DECISION AS A RACE to COVER FOR THE AIDS ATTACK.  it is no longer possible for me to look through a glass darkly at that fact.