The idea that you are either fooling or you are one of the fooled excludes the possibility of being one of the unfooled. When being facing having been fooled can be this expensive the desire not to accept being deceived is very strong. As someone who has tried for many years to warn people, I know that if you try to help some people they will only turn on you. Being unfooled can take courage. It will make you a target of the fooling and the fooled.

It's dangerous to be wrong about something small in a big context, because of the psychological truth that can be hidden in misrepresentation. Deception is often behind the mask of education. In our selfish society the faculty and administration of our educational and political establishments are not going to take seriously being found out for lying about the AIDS attack until they are fired and voted out, even put on trial, for doing so. At the risk of being called a liar, I want to recount something I thought I saw on TV, which admittedly I may not have, because pondering it has led me to very significant thoughts that I think, even if I didn't see what I thought I did, led me closer to the truth, if that makes sense. I turned on a made for TV movie starring an elderly Sidney Poitier in which he suddenly hits someone on the kisser and then puts up his hands placatingly and says, "It's okay to be angry." I know enough about drama school to recognize the experts in American intelligence programs. Leon Fougnies of Carnegie Mellon for example was a brilliant, multi-layered con artist who tipped you off that what was going on didn't happen in the way you were being led to believe, and his gang would research your head to get you to see it another way thinking you had seen through to the truth, when where you were being led was also baloney, and time would move on. This makes it easy to say, "No that's not what happened," to those who are right, leaving them frustrated if they believe in civics enough to think that the truth will out without a fight. Liars fight hard.

It would be nice if you didn't have to waste time and weaken your position by closing loopholes created by folds of deception that render this operation a lot like an origami bird. Such folds in deception take practice to understand. One such crime is the idea that good intentions were behind the Reagan and Lennon alliance which did hold sway, under the control tower of London, David Bowie and Elizabeth Taylor's California fetish salon, particularly dominating Seattle Queerdom and the New York Times, where Cameron Brown of the slasher ripper attack in Seattle works. His cult suppressed the cover of their underground newspaper representing Fripp and Colin Powell with the booger finger illustration reading, "You gonna eat that," but it showed the workings of the way in which the URN at Harborview (Unidentified Registered Nurse) exploited trauma to poison me, while they finished off the gesture with the ripper attack on Shannon Harps outside the clubhouse.

Minimizing the waste of time comes with the hope that the investment in undoing the folds of deception may leave us a piece of paper on which to communicate what really happened. The idea that Reagan and Lennon were really shot is held up as proof that they can do no wrong, and yet there were many who resisted Hitler who ended up killing Jews. It isn't sufficient that their estates claim they were victimized to justify their adoption of a criminally insane program of extermination warfare directed at their own people. Yet to realize that is just a beginning in snapping out of it, because the evidence is very serious that they were just pretending to have been attacked to make their position as leaders of the operation unassailable.

Who were these people saying that mandatory spread of the AIDS contagion was and is the only way to prove fraternity with the cause of humanity? How did they get away with promoting such a murderous hegemony? Why was anyone fooled? To what degree are people being kept in the dark, even by the victims and their families, to avoid admitting that deception was at work? Everytime someone was faced with HIV infection a terrible tragedy was inflicted on the human dimension. Taking other people with them because misery loves company was made into a social norm. This new normal allowed them to have company and reduced the despair by making it seem morally wrong of people to defend themselves, at least, if you knew it was an attack. Obviously, if it wasn't an attack, they laughed, then by all means, finish them off.

This created a forcing house situation between two case studies: James Farmer of CORE and the Jewish Special Detail who gassed Maximile Kolbe. The assassin group were perfectly aware of this. James Farmer of CORE was seeing off the Freedom Rides when a girl from CORE screamed with fright from the window, "You aren't coming with us?" and Farmer realized his duty. The Jewish Special Detail were the Jews who gassed other Jews in return for their own lives. Black psychologists at the University of Pittsburgh and their leader Cornell West, who have tainted all truth as white lies live in denial that just as Blacks helped in the Slave Trade they have been instrumental in the AIDS extermination.

Who was Reagan really? He hated people who mingled. He called to poison liberals with botulism. His claim to care about those he wanted to see spread AIDS was deceit. Rather than minimize the horror of all this, his English buddies and their cult in music, like Zappa, demanded an orgy. HAIR became HARE with a signal car(r)ot. Throughout it all, the Elizabeth Taylor/David Bowie sect justified torture and Confederacy with a Two Virgins Pussyball War Game enjoying the support of Muhammed Ali that was designed to attack and humiliate the idea of liberal marriage through home wrecker invasion contriving a nerve toxin as a question of character, while the Balrogs Ringo and Yoko took the poet by a brainwave to hell. Believing that the idea of liberal love was just the opposite, they decided to use the lie of love to lure a mass to their death and Paul McCartney was so egotistically inclined as to initial the victims, one size fits all, PM for Plague Mass.

Given that Oliver North's most important partner in Reagan's plan of Constitutional Overthrow is Barack Obama, it doesn't surprise that in the politics of King Crimson (from the house of King Edward VIII, Hitler's close friend) where a Federal Judge was shot dead in Seattle, that I am told to stay away from the courts. AIDS Nuremberg, after all, is about justice, not about executing the caprice from the judge and jury in Penis Gabriel's mudslinging, ripper hatter, facelying, populist head.