When you have to hide things because the reading public is slow, the work gets harder the more progress you make.    Mainstream, powerful media is in the hands of those who released the AIDS attack, but because they are hidden behind the claim by the Fourth Estate to be protecting us with News Reporters, they only have to posture as though they disbelieve the evidence they actively sought to destroy, while promoting a secret conviction by witch trial of the target, which bizarre, celebrity license empowers as their shadow government.   The assassin planner was sent to me as a child so the victims could be diverted into a Hollywood construct blaming someone who tried to defend them. The trump card, seduction as a child by a child prostitute working for the police state, I had thought in those days commonsense maturity would forbid such a blackmail ordeal. The police liked it as a lever however so much they think I need a special permit to practice the First Amendment in defense against atrocity.  

     If you only respect Americans who are dead, giving their lives for some cause you invent to kill them with, the objective can only be to kill America.  What specific qualities made me so precious to the assassins and how they proceeded not only tells you a lot about the AIDS attackers, but also about a much more important factor concerning Obama than his birth certificate when it comes to his real loyalties, and the loyalties of black culture, when it comes to foreign affairs.   There are two parallel threads of black command and control, one of which is the only new order on the streets who don’t consider the sidewalks public property. It is impossible to overlook that Richard Wright’s prediction of black fascism, a mirror of Germany’s misunderstood youth, has risen with the dark purpose and practices of political murder.  This machine of black organized crime is in fact the trump card in the AIDS attack, it was their involvement that served so well as a diversion ticket and issue, allowing the AIDS attack to get over by masquerading for race progress, and the blacks in command and control knew perfectly well they were doing it, it was part of the deal in the fall of apartheid.

        The fact that I was attacked blindside by the Ku Klux Klan and then this crime was advocated for by the Pittsburgh NAACP and Seattle Green Party illustrates the traitorous nature of the overthrow machine, because as Steven Langer put it, they “weren't sorry for anything” they “did only that it had to be” me.  Meaning, while they can claim that I don’t measure up to the particulars they selected me for, that’s besides the point. They chose me as a symbol of America. My family was here at Plymouth Meeting as pilgrims, and served honorably in every war including the Revolution. We never owned slaves. One was mustard gassed in France, another so close to Japan he was identified and targeted for revenge by fascist martial society after hostilities supposedly ended.  This allows us to see the parallel threads in black America. One, like Frederick Douglass, have always been proud of American cause and honor, fighting for what is right and fair between men, the other was willing to make allies with Japanese fascism in pursuit of personal gain and revenge. Men like Aaron Dixon will always be known for those louts in Seattle who brutally tortured a victim of serial child mutilation. They will never rise above that, and don’t think they don't know it.  Their politics are exclusively for show. They just want to sell their lies to and for Oliver Stone. They, and their outposts like the pseudo-newspaper The Stranger, are just putrid, petty yellow exterminators who made no attempt to warn or publish what they know perfectly well really happened. They have a contract with the assassins and their gifts are applauded: yellow journalism.

        Although the murderers teamed up with those who released AIDS and worked on it in advance, their weaponizing AIDS with respect to me was not the point.  They wanted to have a basis of comparison to have fun committing atrocity in other ways. The sadistic show-off dimension of Yoko Ono came out in child rape torture, castration, and the many methods of threatening me with HIV, like the slasher ripper murder in Seattle outside the clubhouse.   This is fetish murder from the UW elite. The degree to which people define themselves by what they don’t care about is a bottomless utopia for those who pretend to care. It gives them the knife of accusation to wield as a defense against identifying their war crimes.

       The practice of temporary liberalization in order to trigger a backlash was deeply impacted into the script of the 60’s by fly by night libertarians like Wm. F. Buckley who figured LSD should be for sale with rat poison in hardware stores.   Penis J. Sinfield of King Crimson was in the attending department of back blades. Together they created an enormity plan that allowed them to release AIDS, set me up as an example, taunting me to die on the basis of a John Lennon Honor Code, to depict the premeditation and preparation by torture as a lewd game and a prank.  Under the double deaf identity code, they announced that the double pretender was having fantasies that Pentagon Disney and Ming Na Wen were only catering to, but in your dreams will you gain recognition, imagine away, queerbait.

        John Stockwell of the CIA was an important missionary in tune with the assassin culture throughout the attack.   He used to talk about the way that the comparison that went around comparing the Contras to our Founding Fathers exposed what he called “our family traditions” for rape, and torture.  Since the murderers at the Pittsburgh NAACP see only reason for forgiveness when they hear that the honorary quarrymen among the Pitmans shit on tables in houses they broke into, but the white child who marched at the side of the Civil Rights Movement, who the Pitmans kidnapped and gassed, was inherently born the enemy by inherited cultural guilt, it was no trouble for them to overlook that the very nature of the verbalization King Crimson taken by Neva agents at CMU which King Crimson monstrously misrepresented and misused proved that Ryland (Chair of Philosophy of Education at PITT) had a deafened son who had been subjected to the horrible crime of child kidnapping, as did everything else, but the NAACP smelt the money ticket and sided with the Reagans, who announced that forgiving the shit on the table was patriotism.