The perfect crime would be to torture someone and then arrest them as a criminal when not realizing you were behind it they came to you trusting looking for help.   Let’s examine the situation in Tacoma surrounding me to see if it matches up with that description for the perfect crime. Tacoma Community College, it is to be remembered, is a Military-Friendly institution so if James MacRyland Crary is shown by the underworld Student Union to be military-unfriendly he could court being banned.   

      Military sociology in the 21st century must recognize the ideological overthrow of the Fourth Estate (newspapers) accomplished by President Reagan in the 80’s during the prelude to the AIDS attack.   His first ally in the adventure was a band called King Crimson using John Lennon’s name as a holy fixture for Reagan’s consuming obsessions. The hidden transcript of this regime was that the power to choose between a nation of laws (civilian rule) and Martial Law (personality cult) is entirely dependent upon the whim of The Chief Executive.  Although elected by the people, he had the option, he proved, of putting his role as Commander-in-Chief over all citizens as he ordered arbitrary, illegal homework testifying to outrageous crimes. His propaganda secured press complicity and switched the priority of the Second Amendment and First Amendment. This predilection was illustrated by his assassination of President Kennedy, proven by semiotic evaluation of his film titled, “The Killers,” in light of the script found in Pittsburgh, and the insults to liberalism he heaped upon the injuries he inflicted in his assumption of Warlord powers, which then was endorsed by acid rock, particularly the British, who fancy themselves Warlocks and Shamans.

       But wait, in order to address the soothsay of the riddlers we have to take as gospel what they are selling, that Lennon and Reagan were both the victims of the attack, that they were framed, and that therefore they had the right to stage management chair in how the curtain calls went.   This is the position David Geffen staked out through Warhol Museum for the claims by Yoko Ono to be representing the AIDS victims in the name of John Lennon’s prior set-up for clean up time called The Spirit Foundation. It gets twisted. In other words, a magnate forged their names, killed one of them, shot another in order to use me as Manchurian Jimmy the deluded in order to frame him, and while I was a traumatized hostage, evidence for which they disallow, I should have understood all that because it was easy, Joan Ba-ez.  Further, everyone knew that Ronnie and Caspar, the names of the men who tortured me in 1973, would be the names of the Warlords in office when AIDS arrived.

       These facts and postures, while disputed, are known due to the Federal Emergency Management Agency papers found at Pitt, the nickname for the University of Pittsburgh where I was stationed in Falk Medical Library in 1984.    The tragedy became insurmountable which is Seattle’s fault. They still have not gone to press about this criminal insanity, instead occupying the press room authority desks to position themselves as hustlers for capture of a claim on the rights to falsify for Hollywood, a food fight to write the next Warren Report.  The name on the papers is an Israeli from Bryn Mawr who Harris Wofford went ballistic and postal to cover for as a statement of the usual demented altruism towards Jews whenever they torture, kill, rape or brutalize innocent people. Her partner Leslie Katz, used to scream in the woods with all her friends and all her might, “We’re gonna rape, kill, pillage and burn, gonna rape, kill, pillage, burn and eat babies,” under the name of Liberal Religious Youth, whose Unitarian agent collected my art from the recovery program, routinely sabotaged by the attackers, under government continuation of the claim that I threatened Leslie Katz by not challenging her right to her virginity when she rubbed it in my face for six months every night.  This pornographic narrative was absolutely central to the script that Ono claims proves that Lennon’s killers were working his sacred will, a twist her agents at Carnegie Mellon cited as evidence that people are just weird. I would name Paul McCartney in this, he used agent signifiers among hirelings like Paul Knag, only his name is a contaminant and tends to turn away readers for its lackluster. Even the Reagans would rather stick with Lennon while they call on Paul.

         The Pennsylvania Veterans Administration appointed peers to keep tabs on me in Carnegie Mellon’s favorite game of masquerade for friends to get in good.  They watched my welfare as they amended the documents I produced or punished as they saw fit by organized malpractice, disciplining me with diabetes, and when particularly incensed targeting loved ones or nearby bystanders for brutal retaliation.  Again, this was all shouted down by the newspaper offices complicit.

        The Military sociologists of course are very good at what they do or so much would not have succeeded so well.  An observation they clearly worked out from long experience of torture pertains to desperate testimony. John Stockwell followed me, Warhol Museum coughed up a Kennedy curse on my house, and the V.A. produced agents snickering, we sure know you just want to have someone aware of this goings on.  The V.A. had other things going on at Pitt to make their stand from Warhol in the name of Lennon and Reagan against traitorous little Crary. Pitt had a particularly well placed suicide by a Vietnam War veteran that just gave endless Semper Fi to their vendetta against liberal betrayers. Dr. Ralph Proctor has continued to bang on about it into the 21st century defending Leslie Katz and the FEMA war crime on Mt. Desert Island in 1988.  Little Crary, ten years old, was to blame.

        It was recently posited by The Student Union put together at Carnegie Mellon by the Clintons and the ogre Ringo Starr for Reagan through the manipulations of the skillful estate attorney Amanda Harcourt appointed by Robert Fripp on behalf of the British Government when they hustlered the script to Yoko Ono by home invasion from Fox Media, where my enemy stepbrother works in conduit relations for George Romero, Pittsburgh Police and Rusted Root, in Operation:  Dream Come True for Hitler’s revenge. Harcourt is a feminist who called herself a Nazi-feminist, leaving a trail of attack prostitution into my bed from places like Hypatia Journal and Penis Gabriel’s Real Worlds; I said posited, it was recently posited by this online ripper faction that bikers don’t respect me. This is said to be a political liability grounded in Pittsburgh Catholic’s claim that no one would have ever done to me what was done to me as a child if I had just fought back, rather like university administration views that I brought my troubles on myself by flunking out of school as a deaf person in severe trauma identifiably non-conformist, and unpleasantly lucid concerning Reagan’s rampage style.   Summoning up a satisfying belch, Ringo Starr complains that biker nor administrator respect me. So, he has me, he laughs, fingering the ripper blade used on Shannon Harps with a gurgle. Let’s not withhold what bikers DO respect, don’t laugh, like blindside attacks on defenseless schoolchildren by armed mechanics from the KKK and F.B.I. in Pittsburgh.

         I grew up in a Jewish Holocaust survivor community and heard long and ugly from their next of kin, their grandchildren tutored in Israeli hate, addressing the child their hirelings called queerbait, full knowing what was incubating in the cellar.   Our culture used to ask rhetorically, “could it happen here?” They made clear their view that Americans have no internal consistency, as Dina Michels of Radcliffe and State College said, they will do it if the right people tell them to. It is like the film Ian Wattenmaker escorted me to, “The Incredible Two-Headed Transplant,” where the Reagan attachment raps at the naive child his twin, “Now I gotta teach this moron how to walk.”    

       There is not the slightest evidence on hand as yet that those charged to preserve and protect the American Public are in the slightest bit interested or capable of any remorse concerning the certain and conclusive material showing AIDS a holocaustal attack clocked to a war game and criminal agenda.   To the contrary, they used me, as a child of a Pitburgh Public School, to demonstrate their insouciance towards that very public safety. You will notice that the Government did not consult many of the people they claim to be speaking for, nor did they allow challenges, contrary opinion, or case review.  There were no rights accorded the accused. However, the military concept behind the outrage was conducted openly. Penis Gabriel and Ian Wattenmaker were more than compatible in their plotting. While Wattenmaker poisoned the interior psyche canals of the slave golem, Penis Gabriel announced a caustic plan to use the mind control machine in the name of what Anne Sexton, his favorite, called the Nana-Hex, a more honest Chris Fitzmartin called it extrusion.   They created screams for fun and navigated by logo rapine based on conscious symbols generated by the slave-trained poetic sooth. While Penis Gabriel acted like he was whistling in the dark, and crying out how he could sense the danger from the agony of the slave golem, he wormed the slow disclosures incubating towards final alibi. Where this left the public was very intriguing, told to play convinced they were witnessing a military lampoon, they engaged like subjects in a Stanley Milgram experiment, observed and recorded continuing to leer at prey even as it was revealed that the pornographic industry was behind the mass murder.    The crime was designed to boil down to the right to release AIDS through the drama school presentation of inhuman exampling of a golem stripped and run naked before spitball Germanics. Clearly it is not just about what Reagan was capable of, but also, and moreso, what a foreign English is capable of when given the cloak of Reagan as his protective armor.