Progressive educators, adjunct Marxists, and garage rock leftists, to say nothing Black Lives Matter, a gangster cult modeled openly on the Israeli Defense Forces, are not going to turn up their noses at a multi-million dollar hustle and that is what went on during the AIDS attack.  The crime is devastating and yet designed to be laughable and eccentric. American culture has changed to the degree that violent crime is accepted as a cultural property of our society, democracy and cultural environment to such an extent that murder, torture and rape operations by the government itself directed experimentally against innocent people is seen as a new normal.   The cloak and dagger show of Britain’s control of American music by domination of the airwaves provided a jest in the AIDS attack of culturally planned violent recreation to entertain the victims. This pacification was secret explained in whispers as though it were radical rebellion. One of the lispers playing ghoul in a Seattle tribune known as The Stranger Newspaper online Forums crowed that the target culture was beaten before it began by the staged and phony production of John Lennon’s disappearing act, a case in mystery they deny as being trickery and therefore spinning the game as proof they were defeated before it began as an open surrender to the plan and those who managed the crime, justifying, they say, a cock and bull show production of gore and sadism, all of which they termed the Spirit Foundation of Lennon.   The joke gets juicy when you allow the idea of Lennon’s death being used to fulfill the plans of his killers because once he was dead after all the deal was closed, there is no further reason to question.

     The reich of staged and phony deceit is kept off record but I remember all of it.  For example, I recall that when Spirit Foundation property magnate Amanda Harcourt contacted me for Yoko Ono, who she failed to name, her claim was announced by the tonsiling, “The whole is greater than the sum of its parts,” which she followed with a bray brought to Allentown, PA with CIA maniac John Stockwell for Sir McCartney, hyena of high status, complaining of the population explosion, whining it never had to have happened, if only the ancient Greeks had been wiser, and so on.   Dripping with venoms and spin, he announced a collective consciousness that only he could read, a tabloid taliban, a shock control register about which Penis Gabriel was already singing in 1984 as they planned the heist of the script they wrote in the name of Lennon and his ideas for “Clean Up Time,” a killing, so to speak.

      One of the reasons grievance politics cannot be trusted is rendered obvious.   The black community covered for all of this, loading the case with lies about what was done to me.  Pittsburgh challenged medical science and civil law by declaring against the evidence and in favor of truly evil and rotten experimenters at Pitt like Wm. Wattenmaker that I had never been tortured.   On the job a black man accused me of ignoring him and when I said no I am deaf he exploded in fury claiming I was the white man trying to trump his grievance by playing a victim card, all while this consortium not only was attacking me in line with the Christian violence of Mark Chapman, now working with the Spirit Foundation, as though he wasn’t all along, in a neurological head injury they knew about, put there, and knew I didn’t, satanistically to cover for the pornographic organization’s war game about AIDS on Mt. Desert Island planned in advance by Reagan’s Disney team who had me in D.C. the day he claims he was shot, waving to me the night before.

       Fenton Bresler and Patricia Fripp, working for Scotland Yard, show the magnitude of the betrayal by the betrayers.  They sneered not only that I was to blame for Lennon’s death, to which end they used knock out gas on me as a child, leaving me shattered, but they did this to announce not only Lennon’s co-victimization with Reagan, but that they together were the spirit of brotherly love, always called Caspar, representing the superiority morality of Hitler in the murder of John Fitzgerald Kennedy which King Edward arranged as a peace gesture for the NAACP’s approval of the jest.  Now they want to fulfill a preconstruction of sociological restitution allowing AIDS to just happen as a casual reckoning in preparation for a greater good.

      None of which was planned, they bray, while grabbing the advance scripts for profiteer; and that doesn't even name:  The Nightmare Surprise.