Do-able Fantasy (from Oliver Stone's Untold History of Jimmy Creary)

A Mac Crary Editorial

June 20, 2017


By now a few of us are aware that America is dealing with a crafty super-prime aggressor lobby hellbent on deception and mayhem where subterfuge is a huge problem. Friendships are impossible. One of the nastier surprises was that Black South Africa was party to the AIDS attack and the wheel of violence that began turning in Dealey Plaza on the brink of 1964 when the last Reagan film (The Killers) was released for historic ridicule of American perceptiveness.

We have to take with a grain of salt the idea the aggressors are rational. They have never tried to hide their malice and pyromania behind their acid rock gaslighting routines. They seem to be war-gaming in order to generate avengements. If acceptance will help, obviously it should be carefully internalized, but usually with types like England the words cease fire is a trick. Greg Karl, a leader of the American militia behind the AIDS attack wrote a poem young (World of Ash) which expressed his father Richard’s view that destruction of the earth itself was just a wound of the flesh and that we should move stridently towards this apocalypse in a brilliant, spiritually enlightened way, so that we transcend into Jesus by the manner of the final firestorm, and it is no secret that Clinton and Queen Elizabeth both hid him under the storyline that their gang in Prog Rock were only fooling around. Some of them may not plan the end of the world, but ruthless and merciless we already know the foreign McCartney, who makes a hobby of demonstrating how the mighty shrug off the pains of the unknown.

John Lennon, star of film (How I Won the War) always called himself a genius. We are asked to suspend disbelief that these super-prime shareholders of the upper one percent with the superpower of Pentagon Disney as their personal security system, can do anything, to quote Trump, except what they did. Lennon staged his own death as a foil against a counter-apocalypse move developing among AIDS victims who might otherwise be determined to take everyone else with them; and this led to studio brinkmanship actions by those who judged the survivors fit for duty only as their slaves. The disrespect for law evidenced by England is so pronounced our society is reeling under multiple and endless blows. Very few of us suspected Hitler’s revenge from Argentina, but today’s delivery of news about how much ruling Nazi power was found there this summer belies the fable of his disappearance being his demise, all of which is shown again in The Film Project I did for my school.

The search for another way than law which was bully promoted under Reagan has yielded results we would be better to call consequences. It is not trivial that they planned all of it as a lesson for the bereaved. Theseconsequences have not been a happy ending. Do we persist in madness simply to show consistency as a doctrine knowingly founded in error?

Dear Prince William: I am writing to you on the off-chance you are a sincere human being to underscore the danger in your classmates’ holding me responsible for an outrage in which I am guiltless and knew nothing – that you will be returned the favor.

In creating an atmosphere regarding how it works of not really blaming people for despising me you encourage injustice informally. I trust you realize I oppose such wrongful blame.

Yet in looking back on this letter now, I also see very clearly the tragedy of how Peter Gabriel’s wiles have put you on your own Death Row, which is to allow the brutal players, street thuggies, to ransom us by the jingos of their cowboy rock fetish, or Hip Hop sexual demands. It’s unexciting to live in a society who have abandon law, created symbolic scapegoats as the new order, clamping down on the right to publish editorials, preferring to use what they have exclusive access toto22 through their county cults of blackmail for unscrupulous, corrupt, prison gang civics. John Lennon staged his own death as the day the earth stood still, offering us clean up time and our last chance to follow the rules laid down long ago by the Church of England.

This isn’t to say that the women playing as wronged were sincere. Elizabeth Banwell used to chuckle it up about she willfully embarrassed ex-lovers if they got on her bad side. It’s an art for foreign McCartney to just pimp and smear to get their way. Clearly the nuclear dimension is Biblical, but the foils and lies are petty and vain. Logic isn’t McCartney’s strong point.

Some countries understand things very differently than we do, yet continue to rip us off. For example, there’s a Death Penalty for wanting to audition for King Crimson when your ex-girlfriend is still a virgin after intimate dating over several years. This violates sacred feminism in their song (Ladies of the Road) under Amnesty International slasher and castration guidelines. Being put to death by London is gruesome, spooky, painful and intended to humiliate friend and foe alike.

It was heavily promoted that I went my own way against convention and proved myself a fool when, in reality, the street control prison gang civics of Our Commonwealth purposefully deafened me, lied about torture, cut me off ruthlessly from convention, made abortion mandatory as a Honors society for lesbian sharks to consider stay of execution by, while driving me into the prepared klieglight of a New York media mafia war game. Even Manny Sanguillen loves Yoko Ono’s money and lies more than he loved Roberto.


You murdered a spirit of trust

just to see it die

gonna make that a lesson.


You kicked a baby in the face

just to see it cry

gonna make that a lesson.


The lesson is all about you

John Lesson.


You called my love for America

a traitor’s heart

gonna make that a lesson, John Lesson.


The theme of turning to the media for rescue was all prepped in advance for the crime. The film (Serpico) and its headlines of DEDE from the script are as planned as how I was also shot in the face, and then Serpico brought in to defeat my attempts to get help. It’s an ugly story, he won’t tell it, ever, I’m sure. Robert Fripp’s circling of Pittsburgh was an attempt to lure out a plausible thread for the stealing of their narrative under the planned drama club readings of Gabrielle Marsden, which they called, “Justified Theft,” with a den of thieves pronouncing doom on my opening a letter for public evidence that was addressed and sent to me by the Federal Post Office who rippered Shannon Harps to prove they would never do that.

My writing is unique for identifying AIDS as an attack but then the killers told me so quite openly. The English have engaged in profound defamation and character assassination leading to profound injury and likely wrongful death outcome by insane and terrifying mistreatment. It is criminally insane to frame a victim of torture as guilty in their stead, but, as usual, it is by killing the innocent they prove that innocence is guilty, not them.

I don’t like Peter Gabriel.