In describing our destinations into the anthropological guideposts in language left by those who consider the murder of our youngest President Masterpiece Theater we note the certainty of several facets in their putrid Hope Diamond of hate.   What the learner is discovering here is that American Higher Education did not just abandon and betray the AIDS generation but rather Higher Education plotted and participated in the crime of execution.   The attack was driven by a sociological formula from a Texas Schoolbook put together by Pentagon Disney.   It continues akimbo.

     What makes my evidence so relevant is that  the murderers claiming to be research investigating made no secret they were attacking someone they tortured and admit didn’t understand what was going on, on behalf of the truly guilty they justify this by Ono’s pervert death squad who are driven with hate and tyrannical greed, a word slowly being outlawed and ground out by sociological formulas, because only a suspicious person would question it.   The reason non-violence as a philosophy is punished by torture, murder and rape is because it is perceived to be a deadly killdozer containing the right to render historic truth dislocating the Death Before Dishonor maniacs.   The noisebox intruder of the backstab, capable of synthesized schizophrenia or brainwave sonar, a fascist revolution voiding the Bill of Rights, and making a sick mockery of Our Constitution, chronically brays that I am a tragedy, basing its observation of my condition on the deranged idea that Gail Burstyn’s attache Youssou N’dour is a hidden hand judge of the change.   Such that Honor and Tragedy work hand in glove should be obvious from anyone witnessing Aung San Suu Kyi’s disgrace over Rohingya and N’dour’s depravity in betrayal of the AIDS generation.  What did anyone expect with a Clowniac like Penis Gabriel?

    We know the murdering rabid used fluxus hypnography and lied pathetically to every last detail.   The evidence that emerges from the crime out of Jack Rubin’s Carousel Club in Dallas, Texas (Dulles dollars city) is that the Kennedy assassination was about sexual hegemony, and not just the pussyball war game operated out of the Dakota by Neva Corporation and Pentagon-Disney, but also the Postal Union corruption who are an organized branch of pedophiles enforcing human trafficking and following the victims for huntsman sport, engaging in innocent slay under the administrations preceding Jay Inslay in Washington.   It’s a good tactic because it cannot be prosecuted, hides in broad daylight among the half-baked notions of the press alongside the chance meetings of sundry incidents that give a spooky cast to things, like the proofessor Profe. Avello telling us to call him Avello-Castro a few days before Castro’s son killed himself in prison a crime he had absolutely nothing to do with, anymore than he is party to stalking by Lou Leto for Elizabeth Blumenfeld in the name of executing anyone who tries to intervene, sure to be used for a new round of imaginary hostilities.  The point is that truth hides in paranoid garb so effectively that the name brands like Donald Gruber and Ronnie Kasper while loud and clear cannot be effectively addressed because they are only coincidental, by gum.

      Stoval-Jagr, where Oswald once worked, is a centrality in Dallas and JFK because of the evidence that the upload of the Beatles after Love Field was part of the war developed by King Edward.  The Texas Schoolbook of many Arnie Sacnusums was found in a Yiddish neighborhood from Birkenau in Pittsburgh around the gassing tower called King Estate (heavenly) where the Pitman of Warrendale and New Castle ruled.  So the poetic riches of Kathy KE (King Edward) the key to the crime, as well as the exotic franchise of nipple and hair out of NEVA, are in advertisement and the meaning of Stoval-Jagr laid bare, they want to put us all in the oven and they will do it with a pun jab of the X-termination needle is what that means.

      The murderers from the coal hollow pit in the city where a Shooting Gallery can be found on the road to Hollowood Music at Kennedy Street towards Coroapolis included a Cervi, Sir V and cervix who poisoned me with the nerve agent Ono-Disney used to create false intelligence in a lynchzoidal operation of violent slander.   Judge not lest you be judged liberal aborter they creamed at their stinkbomb.   Cervi read me from the book, “Why Not Swop,” in a 4-4 eye for an eye plan that found Trump taking custody of my East West Circuit bride Midori Goto for mockery compense after the Jeannie rapists did comfort for the feminists at Lennon.   Meanwhile Sheen and Ono came in derfing ho for the Ark of Vengeance of Shiono using Bobby Kennedy’s name in Liverpool, Ohio to announce, “Why Not?” use the script exactly as written?

   Film production by its nature is monopolistic.  Velvet Films was founded during the Velvet Revolution.   Many of the most respectable anti-Soviets in Czech Republic were anti-Marxist.   The issue of racism was high volume during those years and it drowned out the screams of the AIDS attack in which Hollywood shrewdly invested.   The leaders of the Velvet Revolution were partners of Reagan.   It is possible to be glad that a sympathetic view of Marxism has started to change our social understanding of progressive potential in the United States of America, but Karl Marx is not here to speak for himself and I cannot propose to speak for him.  I have to critique such films as Young Karl Marx and Black Panther in light of their purpose in Hollywood historiography.

    Kennedy and King were my leaders.  My personal faith and honor have always found their expression in these men and their placemark in the book of time.   I am of course aware that Dr. King and JFK were shy when it came to openly accepting that Karl Marx may have had something to offer and something to say.   This causes me considerable consternation, as it must many people who see this film.   Bakunin also has suffered  from intellectual defects in American  educational society, but it is also imiportant not to overlook that there are subtle and difficult problems at work in the intelligence system and cunning of our society that used Marx as a cover story for the murder of JFK and racism as a cover story for the murder of Martin Luther King.  Research does not bear out these  claims, although to be sure the psychotics of the racist right wing were openly involved and made sport of it, the beneficiaries have been monopolists in Black High Society and they have campaigned openly to monopolize information about what happened and prevent its publication and distribution.  This is the simple truth, andyone with research skills can learn this but only because  I dedicated 30 years  to making what happened knowable.

      The international cinema system was and is part of a preconstruction of a sort of Hitler-Stalin dimension who teamed up to waste the infidels, targets of stigma, and with a callous  laugh get the High Society queers in America behind the  Green  Party’s machine, who authored the crime.   So, you have to say yes and no to the slowly churning wheel of calculated progress rendered by a German-African cinema cartel in league with Hollywood who have lied through the whole  thing.

     Henry James, author of Portrait of a Lady is recorded for having uttered as his last words, “Here it is at last, the distinguished thing.”   Yet sudden death so haunts our media that many people live without provisions.   Suspicious of Hollywood, I am also angry at symbolism in our politics.  Sentimental, in a planetary wheel, there are times it cannot be helped, so coming up to our rendezvous with the 50th Anniversary of Martin Luther King’s Riverside Baptist Church speech, which is also the 49th Anniversary of his death and the speech John Lewis credits as his most important, leading to a split with the NAACP over his Vietnam denunciation and affirmation of who the movement sometimes referred to as “Uncle Ho,” (Ho Chi Minh), a man who spoke forcefully and humanely against America’s mistreatment of Black people, the mutiny was just beginning, and we needed Martin Luther King.  The symbolism cuts both ways, which may be the worst thing about it.

    We are faced, in this gloomy, but moralizing speech and its place in our history, with something like Sophie’s Choice, a film about the Holocaust that found a woman choosing between which of her two children, son or daughter, to send away to a concentration camp.   It is this sort of thing that has rendered so much of our country despicable and led to contemplation of death that is unseemly.  I personally can be faulted for being morose, since I have a painful head injury, heart problems, and am just coming in to my voice in poetry and learning.   I have both been told I would “die trying” to get help about what I bear witness to, and have wondered what signposts I could possibly sign out with here and now to help someone follow the Arnie Sacnusums.  Small as I am, we do, after all, live in a world tormented by the murder of Anna Politkovskaya, and tormentors whose thriller stalked their prey with the spitball, “I hope it’s enough.”   Having witnessed evidence that AIDS was a planned attack is not something everyone speaks forcefully about and “not something you hear everyday,” to quote CMU police (who suffered from the same headache over Matt Marcus (mark us) that I did.

      My Topeka grannie told me that if it hadn ‘t been for the happiness of all those 66 years she never would have been able to go through what she did with Ward after his stroke.   Buddies in the AIDS attack were shepherded by those who knew that love on fire was like horses towards a burning barn.  They wouldn’t let me intervene with consciousness from the Medical Library.   They were too sure of what their guru Lewis Lapham was calling, “violence processing” by “a cautionary tale.”   Martha Gellhorn, who rightly could not believe anyone would confront the world with nuclear barbarism, which she called the act of “insane pygmies,” addressed the question of AIDS with me in a private letter.  She, who saw the liberation of Dachau, was angry with me, not wanting to believe it.  She may have contributed to 911, a sleight of hand by the faction behind the crime, who were selling what was done to me as crisis response.

      From the strange alliance of the Pittsburgh Law, and notable Jewish fundamentalists, with the Nazism of Will Zell on Mt. Desert Island, we find the conspicuous Tami Simon and Will Zell doing what Simon called, “home deathing.”   How surreal to think that the killers went sympathetically to the front.   Yet in the refrain from her notebook where Simon wrote, “I the dreamer clinging yet to the dream as the patient clings to the last, excruciating instant of agony in order to sharpen the savor of the pain’s surcease,” we find the cruelty at work in so-called, “Operation Medicine Man,” the link between 911 and Mt. Desert Island.  They extruded the need for satisfaction from the victims while holding hands against the throttling of the neuroplasm, saying, “Ick ick,” tell us how that icky Creary makes you feel.

      So if we put on rubber gloves, against the rage of Alice Walker’s kiss my stump hazing to gang acceptance, “If you wash I’ll be offended,” as one spokesperson said, and pour out the urine pan, wash the filthy rumps, nurse the dying, and compose paeons of quilt, we still need to address being trained as schoolmasters of the Texas Schoolbook, and wonder why we went along with mass executions of the Kennedy kids.

      Black Lives Matter is volume control intense, just as Obama was during this terrifying illegal homework assignment.   Dr. Proctor, in voices from the firing line, who was in an NAACP chapter who grinded an axe against Veterans against the Vietnam War for a while, and who sided with the cover up about what was done to me by Ralph Brooks whose son Shawn locked me out of a church when an armed gang attacked me as a child and I wept for sanctuary to no avail, quotes Black Chief of Police as saying that drug dealer arrests won’t stop the traffic, that we need border controls.   Carter Smith, speaking of police understanding of gangs, note that Chicago gangs worked in city politics.   Study in Profe. Avello’s class about the Young Lords, reveals a willingness to be open minded toward Ho Chi Minh’s demeanor as a potential Confucius of the Non-Violent Movement, had he been allowed to meet with Dr. King.  (Marx corresponded with Lincoln).   Yet there is no obvious terminus between Antonio Gramsci and Spain to be found in Stanley Payne’s book on Franco and Hitler.   Why does that matter so much?

      We are seeing the British fascist tactic in planting diversional letters on me, and keeping them secret as a bond in the Civil Rights Movement towards a golden path beyond AIDS, planned and executed by those who sneered about a traitor of the heart while depicting rock music as so holy that the Civil Rights of a Russian cop were laughed at by Pussy Riot who extolled “Humiliation of a Cop in his Home.”   These issues of home invasion and scrutiny of the doubting mind need to be investigated in light of clear mind control neurology, seen in my facial nerve, by the insane pygmies in the Beatlemaniacs of CMU.  

     Rabelais was allowed by a Medieval Catholic Church who weren’t very in praise of folly as all that, perhaps because the jest of mocking the mockers was in the making.   What better way to investigate the devil than by its masquerade?


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