In a country absolutely hated by its own leader it is impossible to ask of the citizens respect for the most noteworthy among them which is why we mourn the Kennedys and King rather than send them our cards and best wishes today.  Senator John DeCamp serving Nebraska for sixteen years evacuated 2,800 Vietnamese orphans among his acts of service and practiced law in Lincoln, Nebraska, a beautiful American town.   

   DeCamp opens his invisible book about the tragedy of organized child murder in Nebraska with an interview advising him to keep quiet because his life is in danger, comments made to him by the Director of Central Intelligence.  There is no question of credibility concerning the danger or the source of the advice.  Fifteen witnesses including a Senate investigator had been killed.   Accordingly, when testifying against murderers the first legitimate question that should be asked of the source is were or are you being held hostage?  If you gave assurances to the murderer was your life in danger?   Were you being held hostage and was your life in danger?  Or would you do as the English say, liar, hypocrite, you snitch, you promised them to lie for them and help us them get away! That is why there is witness protection.  The story opens with testimony about abuse being punished as a liar in unprecedented sentences and deadly rings of life-threatening assault, despite being protected speech harming no one beyond at worst someone’s reputation, blending into a new report about a campaign of intimidation by murder, destruction of rights, infamous and sadistic, mutilation brutality and ferocious military style confrontation of obviously severely wounded and helpless persons, in a climate intended to coerce any symbolic statement that can be twisted to change the meaning of what is taking place, down to the practice of impacting a brain injuring brutal neuroplasm by nerve agent demanding personality change or death.   It is being promoted as a dramatic headquarters in an ongoing story from a chapter writer of real world horrors.

      To start this article testifying to ripper mayhem from a source identifying themself as Amnesty International, I want to put into relief two categories that must be comprehended:   Priority Disclosure first and second that of Highly Toxic Postponement to feature the scurrilous and syphilitic mindset behind the ongoing lawyering of atrocity’s authors and refusal to represent a witness who has been severely mutilated.   The rabid in question will answer absolute certain proof of a hand behind the AIDS attack with squeals of abuse, hatred and accusation that you insulted one of them by a depreciative tone of voice that they have a guidebook of linguistic connotations in many societies that they claim allow them a surreal, foreign misconstruction permitting them to deny mass murder because of the mannerism in the way you belched from their stomach poison assault.  Such matters while very important to comprehending the vile skunk-like venom of the assassins, must be relegated to Highly Toxic Postponement in favor of Priority Disclosure, despite the maddening catering provided the rapists and knife rippers by the humanities at the school, fully advised of rape and torture.  Rape and torture, they tweet, does not give you the right to say something in a way that Clouseau the linguist can feign attaches a connotation.

        Was the queerbait locked in a house from the inside by men who brutally assaulted him blindside, held him in bondage, kidnapped him, gassed him, and organized wrestling him to the ground shrieking into his head, “You work like a fucking nigger!” while hiring stunt drivers to frame him as a reckless driver when he was the furious protesting passenger, leading him to dissociation from the neurological abuse of an impacted seizure syndrome by mass murderers covering for their crime by holistic campaigns of persona construction placing him places he wasn’t doing things he didn’t without him being aware because deaf in a circumstances of vicious and deadly sadistic mayhem, postering the school with a murdered late term fetus of his they home wreckered to contract for, raping deaf Jeannie?   So what?  He is the White!  That means they GIT to claim you stole a letter they sent to you by opening it.  The crime was written by The Beatles, of the Beatles and for The Beatles.

         The government refuses to allow me to have working hearing aids or in any way protest my rights.   It’s a sacrificialist experiment being allowed that began as inhuman vivisection and child mutilationism.   The NAACP claims it is justified because they would rather not allow truthful evaluation of the seedy behavior of Leslie Katz soliciting a letter to distort in their game.   The NAACP also say the holy war game is over the sacred black seed claim to the Pow Wow glory of Midori Goto’s the sacred Japanese symbol of HitlerRonin who was wronged by the same pale white suck white sissy hippy who they seeth should be blinded for asking for hearing aids his name was used to misappropriate money for be allowed to work, and fair treatment by automatic tellers.

      Which bring us to the Threak, the three possibilities of the don’t say Freak.    The presence of the Threak asks you to evaluate the criminal warlord who sneers that he is godhead itself, syphilizing that mutilation may be fair enough since accompanied by such touching acts of loyalty by the queerbait, as he wiggles that on his chair of worm his sacredity at lost was onswered by the Lord!  He truly avowed this implication.  He squeals that as he plucked his fiddle dee dee he began to weep for Lo! But that the angels of music announced the tones IN ADVANCE!  God was speaking directly to his Englishness!   Now there is a Threak.  Either 1., 2, or 3threak of this don’t say freak of event nature:  1.  He is a cold blooded liar purposefully deluding, the likeliest explanation, for his forked wormtongue lies without compunction and without relent.   2.  He was Octually visited by Goshen!  MYAWK.  WE BEYEEV MR. FRIPP!!!!  3.  A jake was played on him by the new age powers of Ultrahigh direct brain broadcasting his lisping allies have spoken about having in the press.   These are the Threak consideratios.  Pick and choose:  Vote.

       Now I have been sanctioned all day for using the adjective Jewish about people who use it to describe themselves.   I cannot deny that the boy who practiced putting me to sleep on the job when we were in Bethany seemed Jewish.  I cannot deny he reminded me closely of the visitor to our home who was with Fox agent Lucarelli (lucar-racul) who bud claimed in 1981 that he had just seen the rabid live and that his partner in crime Belew had sung “Moonchild”.  When I told Racul and his bud that it seemed unlikely Racul grabbed me viciously at the jugular vein.  I was terrified and shocked.  This also reminds me of the bat in my father’s bed before he died, but none dare call Racul an agency cryption for Dracula.

       As psychiatrists intensify hostility for reporting, the assassin division run circles around their prey, enjoying representations of Hitler’s Revenge as also the will of the Red Skin who enjoys the claim of Steal The Texas Schoolbook for Abby Hoffman and Jenny Rubin’s alliance with Disney, evoking the Alamo for hidden Kent State shootists on campus laying down the law of the V.A. Green Party, using the music of the brainwashers to bludgeon the deranged of Seattle into a mutant army campaigning in terror crime for the assassins themselves, because you said hehn, just hehn.

     AIDS is manifestly and obviously further adventures by the Kennedy assassins from Hollywood.   The foreign lisper sneers it a jake, and sees the greatest profundity that the jake is one that conveyances the justification for atrocity most sly, and the jake is on you who dared to question an alliance with self-disclosed white Nazi Zell on Mt. Desert Island with the Crown of Jewry remorseless, a virgin who quipped, so what if I was still a virgin, he still wanted some and that was ingracious to the ladle on his tongue, don’t say hehn, because the trained Medieval Chaucer division have political correctness all united between Skinheads for Farrakhan and Wright Brothers for Sufi the Boird.

     Turn lastly to their perilous foreign English slipknot, the tie that binds demanding loyalty to Iowan Cra-Crims operating in Duzzledorf, PA, justifying castration for protection of virginity and child rape for defending another child victim of torture, because the assassins, alone are mighty victim predators who hire killers because well, just being tart.   It occurs in the script and production headquarters of Pentagon-Disney that the truly innocent who knew nothing about a plan to make it look like Lennon was struck and Reagan was struck and Brady was struck, top sacredly did not strike James either, myuh.   He is deaf because he stuffed clay in his prick, announces the Grubers!    Break out the Schlick!    Therefore, by a decree greater than the Papacy, Ringo Starr shall have it that if they ripper slay a bystander for a girl whose virginity proves rape that proves the fifth element of love can never be questioned when Reagan didn’t know!  Hahahaha.  Story of the bird, for sale at Capitol Records, hallelujah to the end of America.  Britain wins!  Hahahaha.  Wins.  Hahahahaha.