The American system of justice would make me rich if anyone told the truth about the AIDS attack, so the killers had the perfect device, hatred of America, to insure that the media and administration went along with the attack.   It worked. There were other devices, a real cluster bomb. This review will look at some of the mechanisms and game plan that are still underway, to define our culture. A whole generation of nobodies simply ignored the AIDS attack to get good grades, do military service, get ahead in their jobs and so on, while the Warhol syndicate behind the attack organized the victims for some mayhem, creating a new style of junkies, murderers who see their statements the way taggers do, as spray paint upon the walls of the mausoleum.   The Cities of Seattle and Pittsburgh stood aside while New York put me on Death Row to make sure that the outcome was never justice.

        To start investigating you need to see who was behind this case, what else they did, and how the evidence signifies their capability, as well as the power structure enforcing the code of silence.    I’m not a big fan of people who live by denial in service to the Axis power behind the extermination and assassination program seated in the U.S. Government and so I don’t usually address my work to someone like that, which is the average reader.  The people who are different mostly are in the loop, leaving just a few concerned readers who have some sense. When Allen Dulles checked out of the Warren Commission and surrendered their empty tome to the dusty shelves he laughed about the little box of scholars who would go through it, cry and complain, gnawing the truth like a bone he’d thrown them, while he and the other mighty went on to rule the world.   As time goes by the assassins grow old and enjoy their story being told, they yield some information and let the press mills fly, all of the heritage betrayed was swallowed up, as their genius gets copy and veneration for surreal attainment, an exquisite and purifying demonstration of raw power put to the quick. Like those who can do math and those who cannot do math, the world is divided between those who understand the raw and brutal truth of human predation and those who are laughed at while they cry.

      While many of those who vote or think about the world, especially those who bother to study the matter, realize that Bush is wrapped up in some veiled way with the mystery behind the Kennedy assassination, his klan, which includes Obama, hold the keys to attainment, recognition and secret paradise, so that those who earn points, like by military obedience, in the job hunt, look to them for approval and this is what is called the nature of reality.    Bush is from Yale, so his legacy is one of intelligence work, and the fingerprints of this high society are a school of thought, a semi-inclusive one, an aristocracy of talent, based on bona fides. Examples of their charter members are Jonas Salk, for his contribution, the book titled, “Survival of the Wisest,” and Victor Frankl, the holocaust survivor who dreamed up logo-therapy, which black power advocates transformed into their own idea of compensatory coding.  But the best book to begin study about this trauma to our names is by Colin Cross, copyright 1961, which made the shelves in 1963, called, “The Fascists of Britain.”

      Those who know the outlines of the Warren Commission know that Oswald was fingered by Gen. Edwin Walker under the rubes of the tall tale that Oswald shot at him.  Gen. Walker was a famous Texas who led the white uprising and race riot against the integration of University of Mississippi, which Kennedy dismantled using Federal troops.   Gen. Walker appears on the cover of the publication, “The Fascists of Britain,” which is about Oswald Mosley. So we see the germ of the method at work in the huge plantation behind the confiscation of government, down to the publishing houses at work on the project of an Axis redeemed.  For Gen. Walker, the idea of integration was going to come at the expense of liberals who believed that human rights and dignity were a birthright. They came to capture the flag in the name of achievement, and Barack Obama is one of those who most publicly aligned his name with the idea that JFK’s murder was a legitimate and satisfying form of Affirmative Action about which he would be the last to complain.

      A brief look at the lesser issue of torture and AIDS is sufficient to show this fact final.   The killers confiscated Jackie Kennedy, Charles Bronson, like Oswald Mosley, had a namesake on hand.  Bronson made his rep among machos for walking into a party and announcing to a husband he was going to marry his wife.  The theme was put into play for the proof of chauvinism behind the wife as special spoil in gladiators and to demonstrate that women scorn no man so much as a dead one.   Just as Kennedy’s demise was made palatable for Obama by hoisting him up into the aristocracy of power as part of Bush’s catering to social progress from above, Obama thought absolutely nothing of humiliating a deaf white victim of KKK insane demolition brutality by attack prostitute masquerading as a fiance drilling into the humiliation oil of a nerve injury experimentally impacted by his favorites the Israelis to cover for the AIDS attack war game.  Not as important as JFK, of course, but what Oliver Stone is trying to hide most.

         Taboo is conscriptive.  In an authoritarian society you do not question authority and if you are white you do not question Obama, the new age hero with a thousand faces.    It is Dulles Theater. Dealey Plaza even resembles the Greek Theater of Dionysus. Dulles may have even been photographed in Dealey Plaza in a picture of maximum suspiciousness in which Kennedy looks like he had just seen an unexpected phantom ghost as though in an Amusement Park funhouse.   The motorcade drove into the Great Disneyworld in the Sky as Disney himself opened Park No. 2 that day, Nov. 22, 1963.

        All of this, of course, was rendered impossible to expose by the media slipknot hoodwink claiming that the masterminds, Reagan and Lennon, were attacked too, and that the insignificant of the script was to blame.   Like the paranormal incidents that have been reported from Dr. King’s last days, the British Moorlocks have a brainbeam they invented from LSD telepathy. The superior power of traitors is perfectly clear from the crimes of Adrian Belew, which he calls zany.   Small men can do such terrible destruction. By using the weapon of entrapment and stigma to cover for the premeditation behind Mt. Desert Island, the murderers openly expose themselves, flashing history with the fact that they did the whole Disney crime of atrocity and laughing so what?  You all love it, don’t you?

       I have never hated anyone so much I would laugh at them being castrated (I am innocent of wrongdoing) and cannot imagine being married to someone like that, but the entire crime is laced openly with revenge symbols from the Japanese, who are notoriously vicious people at war, and the sexual history they created by torture was obviously neurobedient pedophile trauma hostage.  The idea that these horrid psychos are still circling me through Administration demanding performance is the real Nazi dark web.