While I find it hard to believe the people who knew me in Pittsburgh like themselves for how they helped King Crimson work me over and leave me ruined and destroyed for Ronald Reagan, admittedly typical of the Clintons, I can imagine them laughing.  Reagan’s whole career as a freak totalitarian with bolts in his neck stumping for the Legion of Decency and Joe McCarthy shaped up so nicely with the AIDS attack that the acid rockers announced that just about proved they were God for only using him, he even got the pity vote.

     Life under the atom bomb was a sort of campy, unintentionally satirical situation.   The bomb collided with the home television and era of Production Code standards from frustrated Prohibitionists like the aforementioned Legion of Decency.   A critical tension arose that was very dramatic and yielded some complex cinema. For the young of the 1950’s conformity was death, which continued among most young people coming of age in the 1960’s.   Those who knew the powerful authoritarianism around them could not mistake the abuse, yet fear of being branded soft forced acceptance of submission and promotion of public relations in the form of idolizing images of power whether Elvis Presley or J. Edgar Hoover and the prescribed rebellions of a new type of entertainment took off in the rock profession.   The tension between reality and makeover appearances which was probably evident even before Serpico triggered the Knapp Commission investigation into police corruption, resulted in an unexpected resolution of the crisis by restoring acceptance through new corruption. The youth pushed awareness a little further, but redressed the situation by simply making less issue of the compromises with power.   Addiction became less the problem of redneck extremism in Southern jails, and more a media representation of the black urban ghetto. Corruption and acceptance came to a new understanding with one another. People who were tired of not getting ahead were told they could do so by victimizing the weak and helpless and this made many Blacks loyal to HitlerReagan.

      The Hitler nuns painting which was in my house where the garage was painted in 1966, “I love Sira Siran,” is a shrewd motif announcing the AIDS attack from Hollywood, but also it is a pun on Church/ill because the church of Hitler nuns is very strict.   Jesus just about forced one of them to have a child and donate it to special education by Holocaust Jewry. The prize was perfect, nice blond goy, cribbed at the Ruskin where the NAACP gloated with satisfaction and the plotting of hate. Vengeance, diverted, they reckoned, was still satisfaction.   His name was Nathan. He worked for the Israelies.

      Sacrificial Jimmuh defsukke was a production by King Edward’s holding company for which the Kennedy Assassination was a special lesson from the Texas Schoolbook authored by Pitt antidisestablishmentarianist figures like Adolf Grunbaum who grew to manhood in Cologne, Germany of the 1930’s.  The script called: “Gail Burstyn,” an Anglicanization of Geli Raubal, was a morphological play on words, too, a homophone. Israel found the phonemes Berlin and Chamber (as in gas chamber) in Neville Chamberlain, announcing Church-ill by way of Gail Carolyn Burstyn. She scribbled, “figure that one out,” to little Jimmuh.

      The lewd worked the seedy element with no less than a burning bush, a bush so red that after the tutoring allowed I grew a fire redbeard.   The Jews were panopticon so far as thinking it all through, and keeping watch on their item of Chaucherean instruction, perceptively reckoning that Hitler-made-into-Shakespeare would be worth more money to the United States than the U.S. Constitution Oliver North kept in his pocket anytime he wanted to compare it to what he suspended the Constitution in favor of promoting.  Together, they proceeded to create a casino shark situation at the University of Washington, easily the second most horrid offending institution after The White House.

       The irony was bewildering.  The host of collaborators, from Chuck Norris to Lenny Kravitz, began banging their loin shield railing, “NO,” when put in their place.  Amnesty International, the little darling of their crime, once you are forced to admit were clockwork to the frame up was certifiably a Seal of Approval from the American Psychiatric Association of Federal spies.  The AIDS attack was ingeniously organized as an act of self-defense psychiatry for profit by insider millionaires at the Playboy ranch. The victims would be given some medicinal tribute of mayhem, but be required to trade in their heirlooms for medicine real.  The eeriest joke was that the Beatles refused to sign autographs for anyone not HIV positive. They had to earn their occult status. The play was put on by the Truman Show faction behind films like Caligula who bet the farm they could convince the world that virginity proved rape.   

     The promotion of killers would not be so successful in the U.S. if it wasn’t the invisible hand of political agenda hiding as random acts.  What began with the assassination of Kennedy became a method of media control of public skepticism, and AIDS was set up through a long disorientation by internal forces spreading drugs, beginning in the 1960s and earlier in the era of bikers.  With this era of Marlon Brando and songs like Leader of the Pack the social strategy of the insane gobblers in the attache of King Edward, like Chuck Watts of the Rolling Stones, was to use the villain icon to create closet identification in the assassination control society backed by the Hollywood of the 1960’s.  Woody Allen is one of the authors of the pun-laced poison script called: Gail Burstyn. The sublime car thief understudy of the British ruffian, or Teddy Boys crime lords who found and set up Lee Harvey Oswald for a role in the cartel of Oswald Mosley, which amounted at Carnegie Mellon during the 80’s to an off-off Broadway illegal cinema croaker, was mainstreamed by mechanics like Peter Gabriel as a Screwball Tragedy, playing it for heavy metal as though breaking out of a bad dream called the Rights of Man.   The promotion of crazy, uncaring, violent individuals was lewdly represented as spoiler’s idealism in favor of the Black vigilante, a weird, but effective alliance between Black Power and the Ku Klux Klan that took shape in Pittsburgh through Catholic Worker enterprises who stand in charge to this day. One of the strategies for Zero Tolerance authoritarianism in the United States was to ripper idealism that can’t help but be sensitive to the world around them. The Kennedy assassination for example, which was planned and executed by those who arranged his schedule was intended to show that idealism could only exist under a bubble top.

       Seattle is the sort of rave tragedy where you can find pretty and strung out 15 year old girls convinced of their duty to the sacred spirit of the Left, willing to and believing they should sacrifice themselves sexually to HIV by sucking off a middle aged hobo from the alcohol alley and Seattle contains the social fabric just lecherous enough to purr from the panther throne that such a sensibility is prime even demuring they don’t have to do that, you can suck a clean one for a while and get anointed.

        Apparently the psychotics of University of Washington are getting organizational support from Bob Dylan, and consider themselves a tribe.   Interestingly, Leslie Katz, who inspired all sorts of murder and arson, puked when I took her to Dylan, she hated him and seethed with anger and spite about the Jesus railroad he was proclaiming, very offended by his stupidities and mania, but here he comes some more, selling the moral high ground by accomplice in mass murder under her flag.  Gee, that’s higher. That tells you either that Bob Dylan is a shiftless and stupid ego-promoter who will do anything to anyone to keep his name in print, or one of those savage horrors playing good cop/bad cop to manipulate prey.

      I remember being brainwashed by the professional class in Pittsburgh who pay off the real sickos in the street.  While I was risking my neck challenging apartheid and confiding to penis Gabriel alerts about something I thought very wrongly he knew nothing about, the racists who really, really admired Robert Fripp cackled at me, “if you try to help Black people they will only turn on you.”   I said, “no,” only to discover that the NAACP were helping old South Africa in the AIDS attack onslaught premeditation and not only that they had accepted the deal of mauling me as a ragdoll in the twisted fantasy of giving it to a white. Vengeance diverted still vengeance be, master, they leered.

     To understand the New Jersey turnpike cult behind school massacres for King Crimson and Elton John in their alliance with Oliver North, you would have to get in deep to the season Caribou was released and Stylegate East was open during the Presidency of Gerald Ford, but the overarching point of this crooked crowd comes from how they orgiastically promote gang violence, specifically targeting the multiply injured and profoundly disabled, by the way, in a union switch and signal campaign to mislead and create havoc by misleading.   A good example is how Tupac Shakur was used for the murder of Alina Skeykhet by Black Lives Matter, not least because it was in fact Obama and Elizabeth Taylor who set up the cover operation for the AIDS war crime at my college. Shakur was martyred on the altar of Howard Stern’s free speech shock jock defense of those who released AIDS, claiming that cold blooded and full knowing accomplice was top sacredly tongue in cheek. Zappa had it all planned. He wowwed his maniacs that he could make it illegal to blink at someone ugly by saying he was ugly, too and it was illegal to blink at him.  In reality, Zappa had a tyrannical mystique that made him a biker mama favorite. He wasn’t ugly, but he was a cold-blooded flake from hell with nothing but lies to offer. Tupac was killed only to make life dangerous for anyone getting closer to the truth than the syphilis of the idea that Blacks were innocent of this case.

        This leads to fidelity not only to celebrities but the agents working their desk.  It seems umpardonable that I was confused about Penis Gabriel, but he did turn me on to his works and I got comments like, “I love you man” from his inside circles betters.  Apparently they really do thank me for playing the fool so they got over so terribly completely. The truth doesn’t matter to anyone because some shithead celebrity with AIDS said play the game, fuck the rights of the innocent, fuck protecting the public, fuck the duty, much less the right to warn, fuck the public safety issue of promoting the assassins, but most of all fuck the infected so there are more and the tribe has nowhere left to turn but its bad martyrs.  The new Honors Code both promotes as its mandate feckless and disgraceful so-called free speech AND punishes it, too because governed by the unsayable truth that UW's own holy sex traffickers were part of the Extermination plan. It isn’t made untrue by being paradoxical and the glory of it is the paradox was so saleable that the hoodwinked Queers in Seattle cheered their own killers. Can you get better than that? They got the Civil Rights Movement of old to murder a young white woman, don’t laugh.  To call it pathetic is charitable.

     Now the University of Washington made sure that even if a woman could love me again, not just because of the horrible crime of castration, but also the way the faculty insiders have set up a hit on the children in the family of anyone who helps me, a guarantee from the most powerful people in Washington, they have made clear that love also guarantees a short life of total martyrdom, and UW did this without trial, without due process, without evidence and for the psychopath Yoko Ono as though she was God.  They took the crime and were far more interested in using it for political purposes of a truly despicable sort than stopping it, making it sound tongue in cheek. Fact is this crime did not go the way these murderers are claiming. They were in on it all along. What exactly does, “we can do anything,” really mean to Donald Trump? Hollywood isn’t government by the people for the people. It's manipulation of our public trust to benefit casino sharks.

       Even if gangs like Rosa Clemente’s and Dr. Ralph Proctor’s spew that sacrificialism is not an attack on civilization it is a rearguard defense of the Black man it is still an attack on civilization and therefore an attack on Black people.  The reason these stupid gangs that include the King Family and the NAACP cannot own up to this is not because their Honor Society left them hoodwinked by Leslie Katz, their partner, it is not exclusively because they licky chopped at the whorehouse sit-in designed in spite and malice by Midori Goto’s tribune-review and Asian sociologists who hate the United States.  It was far more that the churchlies were in on it, that people like Wilma Coon at my school could only turn on someone white who trusted them, laughing when blackmailing me with Rosa, “somebody is going to control her.” You just don’t know what you are missing in American Education. This is not the place to go into everything there is to go into about Black Fascism and their delusional motives, but beckoned by Yoko Ono’s criminal extremism and license to do vicious hate crime with absolute contempt for legal standards, the museum mafia of Proctor’s gang evidently enthralled over the occult manuscript and the riches of glorious doom to be had by access to the back of the bogeywhite, while providing the soothsay of African gobblers stirring the brine of Fu Manchu.   

     It took Israel to pull of an extermination in broad daylight.  The German approach went into the history books. By contrast, the Israelis had the victims themselves lying through their teeth to each other.  They were even approved by the world’s Muslims who aren’t about to be misled by satan doing a liberal booty call.