There are many clear indications that Ringo Starr portrayed a collective vision of AIDS victims whimpering like Smitty on Lost in Space, oh, the pain, the pain, while he planned a vision of Corporate Power based on execution of the AIDS Plan for the AIDS Planners as a theme park of One Truth, One World, One Victim speaking for all.   By calling himself an ogre he hoped to add romantic whimsy to evils that are criminally insane.   One of the clues in Reagan’s publishing house gang crime against the United States intended to distort our people’s souls was in an early book about the Kennedy assassination which lists a dozen reasons for people to be interested and feel the loss but conspicuously leaves out love for him.   The British understood Martin Luther King as an idea, an object, there goes what speaks for me and that by killing him they could propertize those close to him as an elect group, a royal family and thereby prove that his dream was a lie.   Then they could use if for spin control, building a Mao-like monument with Lucas money in D.C.   What Lennon meant in throwing the bone he wrote of “Let it Be” to McCartney was that the victims were leaving the earth.  The poetry behind the doctrine created by Zappa, we alone speak for you, was a bone thrown to the victims.

        As a child, few in class were smarter than me, but one was Martha Thiemesen, that is pronounced time a son and is represented by the ticking hands marked “hint hint” in the letters of Gail Burstyn by British fascists.   The claim they were easy is a fallacy, even now our smarter lawyers cannot think their way through the puzzle, but it was in broad daylight.  Richard Arujo (a rouge oh) was for Richard Starkey (Gister, kissed her, gassed her) and his plot to announce by the U.S. Military “YOU ARE HERE” meaning your psychological description is a sacrifice locked out of church and given a virgin to pay you for service to the Beatles underworld, who rape retarded girls and kill innocent black people so that guilty black people can Wear Their Horns Proudly.   There were blacks involved in the murder of Martin Luther King.

       King was killed among sanitation workers.   The Beatles got their name from Hitler’s automotive service:  The Beetle.   They were in central planning.  The fact that Ming Na Wen of Pentagon Disney cased me for Michael Mullin before doing Mulan is an extension of Nancy Reagan’s power service from the day when Melvin Belli beamed down from Star Trek to protect Jack Ruby.   The Ultrahigh brain wave sonar proves the power of the elite to pull off such slick fake news, and the final call:  Just Like Starting Over is found in a lookalike of Gail Burstyn from an Ayn Rand film who specialized in mysterious disappearance and secret evacuations of the super elite who bribed black people into black fascism notoriously in Pittsburgh, where the planners use the Federal Government as crime lord.

        In the script sent to me when Ringo attacked me as a child I was designated the insignificant person.  The AIDS attack was about the important people.  That is why Smitty Corporate whimpered through a ripper hatter calling himself Ballard Pimp, “we were beaten before we began.”  The slaves weren’t allowed to try to get information, only fall in line with Zappa lies and doctrine.  On Mt. Desert Island where I proved the reality of the plan behind the AIDS attack, a pervert’s notion of equity before Allah where Midori Goto provided Trump the services that match the service her control tower extracted from me in bondage for a joke they played as the wisdom of the AIDS secret world package, clarifies the criminal insane purporting the Justice of Deadly Supremism.   The Zappas then wrote the alibi  for Zell, proven to have had prior knowledge of AIDS which cracked the case.  Ringo said no.   

     The presumption that the script contains elementary education was delivered as a mockery from a panel of dissertation artists paid by David Rockefeller and organized in Pennsylvania by Ralph Tive through PPG (Madame Sarah) and the African National Congress who accepted the plan, is a fallacy advocating for the truth, which is what Michael Burleigh called prescriptive violence.   King Crimson with their symbols of a boy in a paper bag with a gin slop slag (being gassed by the forces of Karsh car, shhh in Kings Estate) and it’s acknowledgement to D.T. on the heels of Dean Tierno’s murder in a case signed Palmer (as in K/Carl) - “James” certainly are not fit to judge.  They are weird liars using the mind as a tuning device for crafty seances of false witness strategy.   Ringo Starr, while laughing his ass off, started selling, oh I hate him, for the slogan of Gail Burstyn’s movie about which he was prior invested.   The excluded reality is that Ringo Starr already knew who I was when Gail Burstyn began writing me for Lennon’s One Truth Corporation Taliban.  It was phase one of the deafies.  Roe was a metonymic for Marilyn Monroe when the Beatles set up the murder of JFK to sell the superior weepies of Mick Jagger’s musicality.

       For all the hemorrhage of evil that comes out of murderers stalking Samizdat in the name of Fudgy Samitz for Seattle and NYC about THE WHITE!   Nobody fell panting to be taken into the arms of John Wayne and Adolf Hitler like Sherman Alexie, whose “Oh, Mr. Wayne” upstaged Maude’s by a mile.   They fell over each other at the Totem of Taboo where Martha Gellhorn was panting in the end ironically and coincidentally to be taken by Gen. Franco.  

      Ringo Starr is a lout.  His bleeding wounds are the fascist lie of crooked show business at its most loathsome.  Bowie liked to chime that his hero Adolf Hitler had staged a nation.  The foreign British insane asylum scripted ours.  The Criminal Syndicate executing a witness ARE the AIDS Planners. It is fulfillment of the deranged syphilis of Queen Elizabeth's X-termination war crime that they can reverse the blame through knock out gas. For them it's a jake, a gas. Until you understand how depraved and evil the insidious and deranged Ringo Starr really is as a Nazi pig you have no hope of a history. Your entire Library of Alexander and estate as a human race have been burned to the ground by these child raping libelers.