Flipp of Abbey Roads tends to be overly mysterian, dragging along all and sundry.   Posing early in his career for a modernist, he morphed into a transdracula type from the way out fringe of Islamofascism.   Protector’d by Mickey Obama, his school massacre incitement is regarded as African therapy against the bogeymonster.   The premeditation of the AIDS attack is perfectly obvious from the mindset in the phenomenology of non-violence as eternal pain, an idea rooted in American Military Theology which can be gleaned from War for the World by Thos. Lane.   They stood on the mercy line forgiving their own victims, allowing the blessedmost a little primal scream therapy if they embraced themselves as pisschrists

        Insults are used as a Turkish manner of dueling between rivals establishing their cred and audience laughter is the determining sanction, like vying rams.   Accordingly, the spirit world was occupied by the prior script of Malediction, a pose adopted publicly by Dia, psychological operation planned by the assassins, maligned woman wearing her horns proudly.   We find the name John Currant (cure rant) in the Hinckley day entourage, trading the queerbait two Hitler stamps for a Lincoln twenty as though to say, you too want this swop.   Calling their plan openly as cowhooves lest offering the gnaw lest the dog bite, they argued that as the paradigm of the pacification in the game of chicken days of Everett Koop.

      Dark plans come to fruition by long sleeps.   The agent name Hank Van Sickle worked with Ruth Hammer on the hammer and sickle of the death row mysterian tryst on Mt. Desert Island after Rip Van Winkle awakes from the neuroplastic slumber finger snap of Wattenmaker, wake up, time to die.   The Warhol Museum lives naked in a land far beyond the Emperor’s new clothes, where the child raping magic of Yoko Ono could shave her armpit hairs and sell the putrescence in the sink for flowers.