The meaning of Trump is a signifier of an ideological change of state that began when FDR died prematurely.  JFK was maneuvered into office so that he could be assassinated in chair of this designation by the usurper lobby.   Prior to Trump, under FDR and his lasting influence, America based our conduct on the injunction of a friend of Mark Twain named Winston Churchill, “In Victory, Magnanimity.”  It was a sentiment explained at length by Southern Review’s editor Herbert Agar in a chapter called, “High Principles or None,” from the book, “A Time for Greatness,” in which he gives explanation for why the world expected America and Britain to prevail over Nazi Germany.  “A Time for Greatness,” was the slogan Kennedy chose for his successful Presidential run. The alternative view is that magnanimity is a sign of weakness to be exploited by backstabbers, and as brutal Donald Ostro would obsess concerning an advertisement from Lockheed, “In the end it is the missile that counts.”  That is the meaning of Trump, the crime of usurpation rendered domination.

    Now we are talking about an illegal system of government that sanctions and allows child mutilation as parochial divine law in the form of vivisection by police pedophiles in East Liberty District of Pittsburgh, wired to Hollywood systems for the AIDS attack by the scriptwriters in attendance to the deception representatives charged with taking over the emotional carnage of the victims.  Neva Pornographic evaluated the sociology of sex, Israel provided some starlets, the British sneered, leered and spat hate and stigma, and the Confederates in America chimed in, oh, you had sex, that makes me dislike you. Neva Corporation was scheduled on time card to become Neva Pharmaceuticals. Just as Love Camp 7 was released in Japan October 4, the 10-4 Mission Control prompt in the script, it concerned an attempt to infiltrate an extermination camp of sex slavery, the theme repeated on Mt. Desert Island, where, as predicted by Greg Karl, a scriptwriter, “the persona was subsumed into a larger structure dominated by the adversary,” as chain mail ball gags came brutalizing for the blood and thunder bestowed from above by Bush and Ringo Starr, a riot put on, exactly as planned, to give navigational adjustment to the victims rendered patient in highball to pharmacy chains, like you got it Rite about Aids.

       The brownshirts in gray did do this.   They saved the best for last after subjecting Jimmy Creary to “successive degradations of the X-motive,” and moved with the best to advocate for her special division, the Black confederates of the car show, such as the one They Call Him Mr. Biggs.

         They picked on me with the utmost hatred and weaselry for the expectations of conduct by administration of public schools or child abuse advocates.   Hollywood sociopathy was deployed in the name of African boot camps, sneering if you care so much why we’ll just give you a movie of your own to sell, let’s see if they care about you in return.  We saw what happened. As predicted by the old Apartheid ghouls who said, “If you try to help black people they will only turn on you,” the Black confederates used the U.S. Government for espionage threatening every single person I know or love for thrill kill if I violate the Marxist code of the CIA Pharmaceutical branch of Neva.  Aaron Dixon is perfectly described by Aaron Kerner who says, “a clinical sadist who is not a cold-blooded beast, but rather a character enamored with the instrument of reason, divorced of ethics or any sense of human sentimentality ~ a true sadist.” Moving in with Trump and Dixon, the Obamas leered that the highjinx had confirmed the superior parochial value of virginity, ignoring the subtle cues in such porn as Kawaii showing the theme of adoption of the war crime by Blacks for a little nookie, as though the answer to AIDS were a whore house sit in called, “black psychology," Repo Men for the moral poor from Death to Love Camp Island.

        Amnesty International was already part of the construct.   Gabriel put out signals for reports of torture so he could play them against secret blame.