Ayn Rand's science fiction concentrated on doing dirty to the world's poor while staging the disappearance of what she called the prime movers.  In this image from one of the film's based on her work we see the Gail Burstyn architect, hands cupped over her ears in a symbolic manner that recurs in the semiotics of Japanese film-makers involved in the assassination of JFK, a reference to Hiroshima again, and the content of the script at this instant is the text of Lennon's last published song before he was whisked away:  It will be like Starting Over.

     Lennon conceived of the Two Virgins Pussyball operation clocked to the AIDS attack which is witnessed by social anthropology in Pittsburgh, Museum Mafia looting, andpsychiatric records.  A confederate of Gail Burstyn, named Leslie Katz, set up the stage management war operation with Robert Fripp of King Crimson.