Because of how insane, dark, and evil Sir Paul McCartney is, I believe it is important to have a reality check testimonial page so that when Adrian Belew, Aaron Dixon and Penis Gabriel start their stuff in defense and promotion of the felony hate criminal Midori Goto, there be something for human awareness against their despicable intensity and terror campaign. As a child, known as Jimmy Crary, I was in a terrified, battered state, biting my fingernails bloody in the Principal's Office at an Elementary School, pleading in tears for someone to walk me home, spending my days dreaming of pouring out my mother's liquor bottles, but I was afraid she would kill me. The murderers who kidnapped and tortured me found a traumatized, deaf child in the snow, hiding from them. King Crimson are depraved, evil, murdering militarists who set upon me in the pay of Gail Burstyn promoting the deranged idea that if a child wasn't a prodigy and living like Mad Max they are to blame for anything that happens to them. They are not just ill. They are terrible, terrible sadists, deranged beyond all mania. I was a prelingual, prepubescent child being held by theater pirates for the very outcome that has been allowed by the government. It is beyond any sort of humane comprehension. I deny wrongdoing. They are ripper hatters defending Hitlerian vivisection.