A power alignment was managed by the women of Peter Gabriel throughout the 1980's with the help of the City of Seattle, it's Queer elite working with Elton John, and the Chase Bank followers of Elizabeth Taylor, that allowed Reagan to create a status quo about the AIDS attack by punishing me as an innocent sacrifice, while keeping things ill-defined enough that Obama could laugh in Kansas about vague rumors of AIDS being manmade with white clerics who allowed that. The key to this arrangement with my family is the idea that my testimony is schizophrenic and that Mt. Desert Island was pulled over jealousy rejected by the California beach boys and their protegees in Rusted Root. This allowed Major League Sports to break my door down, poison me in the stomach, shoot Tupac Shakur as a ward against saying something wrong about women, and finally chemically castrate me as Yoko Ono's revenge for what they claim is the death of John Lennon, and this is accepted by government, police are disallowed, and is considered the good fight by fans of King Crimson. They used the symbol: case closed in stalking gang sign language from Queen Elizabeth and Prince Charles.

My work as a writer isn't really an attempt to challenge them, because the victims already sided with them. It is an attempt to keep the truth in existence, although it will be filed among delusions allowed to be expressed because of America's free speech laws, held in contempt by British dandies and our Israeli friends. Attempts to warn and the right to know laws were converted by petty gossip and counter allegation from Paul McCartney, who they call Sir, but privately ask us to call his underling Robert Fripp "sire". By this method, they combatted the les majeste and treason of intellectuals with the institutional glamor of a blackout over a war game and high estate spoils craft, converting attempts to warn in a long drawn out by Pentagon Disney for storytelling rights by making defense of the authors of the script, the Texas Schoolbook signed Gail Caroline Burstyn, into a scramble for storyteller's copyright, maintaining the grip of the assassin group over everything down to the petty estate of family, grabbing my paintings not for their value, which they could inflate and stick in the garbage, but as a symbol against recognizing my rights and dignity.

Police are not going to come until the assassins can make some sort of trumped up case about me based on attacks against my personal dignity. The stalemate rides out by compulsory and illegal demands for slave labors. The bottom line is that people believe that Lennon was killed so that the curse of Lennon licenses the insane cruelty of blaming me and using me for their disease control and anger management war station, both denying AIDS was an attack, while snickering that it was all my doing. It is very good to know at least that these facts are on file and the evidence for them in good order, but I will rehearse a few of them today.

Nothing the Beatles have ever said has explained their lying about the head wounds inflicted by violence, the terroristic kidnapping, Reagan's advocacy for the Pitmans, who were known to break into homes and defecate on the tables, Celine Dion's characterization of the worst of them as "poor Gary" and the rape of a mentally retarded deaf girl with epilepsy, the primary good works of Seattle authorities and Elizabeth Taylor in the truth of the hidden history. Nothing ever will, because the Beatles were lying all along. The women of Peter Gabriel, the sort of Harpies you at least can credit in their enthusiasm for the dung of the Pitmans for dinner, toss out various stories about seven foot tall black men dragging a hundred pound adolescent victim of torture with bulbar syndrome around by the foot, for example, as proof that terror in a hostage proves guilt. Black men stroke their chins, credulous and amused, because black dignity is voided by the smell of anyone's money. Again, though they deny it, the principle of my rights being voided is the goal of the crime and the legacy of the Queer accomplices.

Elton John guttersnipes that if I was neuro-aggressive about Leslie Katz, they should be allowed to use Rapid Eye Movement interrogation on an impacted neuroplasm as sadistic glamor while threatening HIV injection if they found cause for defiant trespass or fumbling behavior in consensual sex. They never did, so chemical castration was a compromise and to seal all questions of justice in the matter they ripper murdered Shannon Harps. Their new crew of women at Emerald House include Danielle, who insisted we paint to the therapy of Peter Gabriel's touring partners, Television, while she abandoned all clubhouse rules of safety, bringing in toxic paints, scattering staples all over the lunch room. Danielle (Syrinx) was the name of the dance partner in my Governors School presentation, so Jay Inslee's desperate and craven interest in the case is likely demonstrated hostile and aggressive by affiliation with various symbols of former administrations.

The artists of Warhol engaged in a game of counter-allegation and shadow think while operating as looters. They used the appropriate term: MAX for their holding company, which was the name used by those who laundered money for the Germans when processing loot stolen from concentration camp victims. They said they were suing me to the MAX and had the gold caps cut from my teeth in Iowa, after Elizabeth Taylor came to the Deaf Services to meet with the women of Greg Karl and Gail Burstyn, to set up the rape of deaf Jeannie as a symbol that destruction would follow attempts to warn. Taylor worked with Amanda Harcourt who contacted me in 1984 with the words, "the whole is greater than the sum of its parts," while setting up an alibi for Zell on Mt. Desert Island through WQED based on the lies being told about me by Leslie Sanetta Katz, whose package holds domain over the gangs on the streets of Pittsburgh and Seattle.

The gangs on the streets, led by Rusted Root, claimed that I suffered from jealousy and was never tortured. The drummer for Salt Chunk Mary viciously barked, "were you using drugs?" when I tried to explain there was a nerve agent in my shattered facial nerve, and this method of slander by the assassin group to cover for Mt. Desert Island was popularized by the victims as well, in protection of those who released the AIDS attack as is easy to prove.

The fact that a nerve agent was used, that they knew it, knew I did not know and attacked me in the impacted injury again and again to cover for hostage, torture, brutality and sexual trafficking, including the black market culture of pedophile war films of me as a hostage, all was allowed and part of a holding company now transferring assets into the Japanese Pornographic system who authored the script about the murder of King. All of the surviving families, King and Roberto Clemente foremost among them, used support for what is being done to me as an alibi to justify partnership with the killers of their legends. The money is good.

Ruthless slander and putrid manufacture have currency in the street and formed a food fight of terrible sadism and disregard for the rights of others, but they have nothing to do with the truth. All I am doing is lobbying for the survival of the truth. There is far, far, far too much trickery in all of it to completely dismiss the details that lead to an understanding about Pentagon-Disney. John Lennon was used as a critical function in Oliver North's plan to suspend the U.S. Constitution and the Bill of Rights was voided by the women of Peter Gabriel in the road to NASA's diabolical ultrahigh instrument. Alan Rauchenkranz of Seattle's open mic bully scene, conveyed to me that Lennon once said, "the Beatles were the biggest bastards of all," a self-assessment that might explain his burping in people's faces, but while the cigars at the bank were laughing, I might suggest who they mean by compare with: Hitler, Goebbels, Meyer Lasky. That's pretty big bastardom.

Sexual liberation was immediate bondage. The chattel empire came with drugs and ropes after the murders of Kennedy and King and have burned many people alive, while a study of sullen prudery, jimmer jammer by the effete about getting sex up the spine for Jesus and so on holds swish, I mean sway. From the burning oil fields of the Perfect Storm, to Infinite Jest, the cabal of Akrim Midani and George Bush enjoyed the shrieks of the unrequited queerbait golem who they derided as a navigator of the mayhem. What if we behaved like you, laughed the women of Peter Gabriel as they blew the assassins. The safety net of whistleblowers in media agreed with them in NYC and power banged on by. The grinding wheel of death seed triumphed by trampling on a little flower child. In Paul's borough the lesbos' contempt led to Reagan's victory (POULSBO Rv).

As a symbol that they are fighting the good fight, NEVA Corporation, in partnership with Queen Elizabeth, turned the new emblem from a C in a Star of David to a Crown. The suspension of the Constitution was pulled off in favor of British pimpery. Trying to discuss this with the American public lilts instantly into the moronic. They'd rather have sex than rights, they squeal, as though the two things are mutually exclusive.

The war criminals aren't defending sexual liberty or anything that could be construed as rights. I've found their involvement in 911 advertised by Yoko Ono as a slap in the face against the dignity of the United States in their JAV. We are supposed to love them as they make clear their sexual weaponry. Anything Beatles is worth money, so the battle royal of their Houdini and Morandini, Gellomini, Tive, DeMohrenschildt, Child, Roth and Rothschild klan in Rockefeller strategy all tied to Leslie Katz and Rosa Monteleone for the Ark of Obama was designed as a whore house sit in and tribute paying calling to a brother of mandatory miscegenation, offering willing on a dare by Midori Goto in return for the pleasure of seeing America's brains bashed out and the children sold into penury. Both Kennedy and King had black killers, too. The ranks of Reagan were full of black Attillas willing to do anything for the brass.

Full of tricks, AIDS is just one of their rules. It isn't a matter of rights being for those who play by the rules, but a right specially for those with enough money and influence, enough invisibility, to play by their rules. The gizmo of the war and its entertainment fake news media establishment was aimed at our national estate, with Elizabeth Taylor's role in the murder of JFK, a shot in the dark, arriving late as a souvenir from the good life. Full of tricks, from Riback's nuclear secrets to the carrot tape made for TV, what they called principle was manufacture of pretext for serial and slaughtering assault on the innocent, led by storylines so impacted with deceit and syphilis that all the women of Peter Gabriel could summon was the claim it was collective psychology, playing up big to remedy the feelings of sexual inferiority that tender fascists so love.