This letter is my take on what is obviously a plan to destroy The United States of America well underway.   My name is James MacRyland Crary.  My father Ryland Wesley was both a Naval Lieutenant and a Chair for Philosophy of Education at the University of Pittsburgh among many other distinctions.   His death under suspicious arrangements is notably mentioned as part of the die that was cast by Great Britain in a long vision crime against this society operating with the authority of a Black Mass.   The discovery that the name Churchill had been used as a pun and a sadistic signal flare of Hitlerian malice in the AIDS conspiracy to signify offering churchiness to the deathly ill should have stirred the giant potential of our former newspaper industry to work and the hard labor of building public awareness.  Instead, our Black leadership, itself absolutely without soul, summoned Obama with a doctrine of criminal suppression as a price of their participation in power.   Ask not what you can do for your country, ask how you can betray it?  Is that the new watchword in D.C.?

        Further reports of a brain-crushing resonator of direct brainwave vocal effects operated by London cranks who testified from NASA about the power to broadcast voices with no attempt at all to hide it by a deaf man upon whom there is no doubt serial childhood beatings and an Israeli nerve agent has been used for mind control ends, in a war game involving sexual sabotage, while Carnegie Mellon promoted a doctrine of psychotic liberation to controllers at Warhol Museum and Mellon Bank of a script they authored about the murder of Martin Luther King should also have sounded a warning that a death knell is upon us.   

       Although these letters are written with conviction to only a few people, admittedly so many as I can reach, in the name of public summons, some of these people, who have chosen to support that occulting of our most determined enemies in order to empower their overthrow are people with access to newspapers, meaning they could print this letter if they so chose as they and worldwide magazines have printed many of my letters.   Recognition that we are dealing with empowerment of persons convincingly and in totality without soul and offering them dominion is a bruising realization.  My goal in this note isn’t to argue with syphilitics in their rampage.  My goal is to note that America produced someone capable morally of telling what happened against the brainbeam dictators and the syphilis of their Hollywood doctrine.

         I find it very sad that this was allowed to happen.   Slowly I have found the power to understand a little of why and how.   For example, we know that the assassins who organized the afflicted after releasing AIDS sold their consciousness racket to the victims and proclaimed that the reason our professionals at school did not have any reason not to shrug it off and are under no obligation to speak out is because the case was mishandled by me.  These professionals who maliciously claim prior discovery of the text, which in reality they authored, also still deny the text while calling me to blame in ruses like mishandling.   The text was very clear:  it said “you blotted your copybook.”   Peculiar to adopt this, but not so peculiar, meaning predictable.   The text of the Texas Schoolbook was written by men and artists who shot JFK, washed the evidence, paraded their scrambling of the evidence, announced lie after lie, shot a patsy publicly in cold blood on national television and then used the High Court to proclaim Hollywood dominion.   This is what they mean when they say calling for help is mishandling the evidence.

       Look at another soul-less tract they campaign:  they ask rhetorically, “how old am I?” when garbling their cyber-invasion concerning home observation of pornography under the strictures of their trafficking war game and quarantine.  Not how old were you when you were attacked blindside by police ghouls armed with lead pipes and hot cars?   That would spoil the crime for the soul-less individuals, among them The King Family inheritors, who have announced a counter-Poor People’s Campaign intended to make our schools into predatory, vicious casino sharks havens.   After I endangered myself contesting the racists who killed my father by denouncing Pitt’s involvement with Apartheid, the Pittsburgh NAACP took up the whip to punish me with men who proclaimed to me in malice, “If you try to help Black people they will only turn on you,” attacking me through home invasion, targeting my loved ones, and making sure to wipe their boots on my face by forcing me to turn in assignments to their grimacing malice, full-knowing that they were justifying vivisection in the name of race sorcery.   

        Yoko Ono finances all sorts of ripper mayhem, many innocent family brought to tears, and the soul-less ones cannot and will not even try to descry her reasoning.    For example, she chants that without John Lennon the AIDS generation was already defeated, and yet the namesake of the leader of her group, Diamonda Galas, another woman named Dia from the New York Voodoo Museum and Swid-Powell called me to announce that Lennon had flown the cage years before AIDS was known when I was living with Obama’s Army Command at Temple University.   Despite this intelligence, and the photograph of her gang holding a stiletto in front of the World Trade Center before they crashed it, and the intelligence that Penis Gabriel spread the word to Isis confederates of London before they allowed a note of music to vibrate our airwaves, our soul-less media have announced in craven confederacy that United We Stand meaning no less than dictatorial support of those who attacked us on 911 in the name of the AIDS victims who they factually poisoned and then herded up to mislead.  The Mellons sneer that I am to blame about Lennon even if it is fake, because The King Family love King’s killers and their money more.   Such paragons of credulity they are, trusting the money and calling their deed objective ruling.

       Aaron Zitner once explained to me with a story by Kafka and comments from Greg Karl that I was going to perform for them.   These ghouls from The State of Pennsylvania were announcing a doctrine known as Fairy in a Cage.  Even though it was fake, I am still to blame that Lennon flew the cage in the eyes of his enslavers that he hated so much he used the name of Ayn Rand to slaughter them wholesale by the church illness trade.   This is the Church of the Soul-less.  What sort of church would announce publicly that it is better for millions to die unwarned so that Yoko Ono can crawl in greed on high?   What sort of church would poster the school with the photos of a late term abortion they contracted for from a deaf man who was being used in horror serial piecemeal acts of carnage and devastating child abuse in view of a whole school, indecently kidnapped and then horrendously humiliated?   To promote the trickery of organized police pedophiles?  A church of the ill indeed.

         The gibbering psychotics in London saw AIDS as a strip tease for their mockery and protest as a pole dance to make them laugh.  They were “unconcerned and unaffected” by their own admission and cooed that “the whole is greater than the sum of its parts,” while complaining the money was theirs and that there never should have even been a population explosion allowed.

        The Beatles were like Nietzsche, a gang with syphilis beloved to the New Order.