On my job in Pittsburgh, Wilma Coon, a black woman, masquerading as my friend, wrote cold-blooded, prying, prurient notes to me, exploiting my deafness, about my fiancé Rosa, in order to give the insider laugh to Dr. Proctor and his nephew Harrison in Pitt Black Studies, targeting me to blackmail her, but she was also on their team.  The British had decided to make me pay the highest price for exposing that their alibi, penned by Peter Gabriel, and therefore treasure to the press, about Mt. Desert Island, is a fraud and a lie covering for its premeditated nature.

      But the gist of the crime goes way back to Fulton School massacre, and the serially degrading way that Pittsburgh has treated me with a laugh.  Everyone with any sense can see the  pattern, the way they seduced me with illegal prostitution as a child and then brutally deafened me as divine punishment, the cruel amusement this gave the blacks from Sugartop, and the way they held me hostage after brutally kidnapping and torturing me, mostly white Klansmen under retainer from the Neva Corporation, and of course, Gail Burstyn and her partner Jennifer Rubin are Jewish, so they just made up anything they wanted.

      Nancy Moore is another Wilma Coon, in position as birthing mother of the Union plan.  I was a hostage from birth to this crime.   Everything Federal loops back to her as executive pronouncer of civil fraud, making sure that those who inquire are given no end of whispers and grounds for contempt about me, who they deafened, and fed a nerve agent which their psychopathic investigators targeted while spreading slanders and assuring me, oh, we love you, man.

      No other man walks the streets to the tune of so many people looking at him thinking, how can we rob  that white, how can we trick, succor and violate "it" next?   That is the "green man" plan that was behind the AIDS attack.  If you have a convenient thing to hate, a cowhoove for the rabid to gnaw, they will never bite the hand that feeds them poison.

      All of this was proven and obvious on Mt. Desert Island.  The neuro-aggression which they created did not provide evidence of rape.  The only evidence was that Leslie Katz had taunted my tongue with her vagina and then leered at me when I left her virginity intact.  That is the only true story relating to the so-called walrus.

     The race scientists had wanted to see it.  For one thing, they were building an Ark of the American Way with Obama on top, and had long, happy experience with black dacoits, many of whom served them in Vietnam and against the ANC when they hired Zulus.  D.Douglas laughed openly about putting place in Proctor, "if you try to help blacks they will only turn on you."   They knew that if a white hostage came running crying and naked from the KKK the blacks would  step on their throat.  And with eyes on a Japanese prize of the death before dishonor type marketing Death AS the only way out of serial humiliation?    It's a hoot!   The school massacre came from the Administration!