If there are no objections, I would like to explain some of the issues that put me deeply on the track of semiotics in Reagan's Axis era work in Hollywood with the men who invented the use of the burning cross for the KKK (Raoul Walsh), while being in the majority, at first, shrugging off the photo of John Wayne with Oswald (I don't anymore). For one thing, his depiction of Midwest recruits mocked us F-Troop style, as though respect for the Armed Forces of the United States was very low for him. He also regarded the women as loose, in a derogatory way. This pattern with him was obvious in politics when he kept banging on about respect for the Office of the Presidency, while sniping moronically at Jimmy Carter as though he were kitchen help. Reagan's alibi faction always said well he is too dumb for all this cunning you put on him, but I think he was doing that as a way of calling us dumb. Look at Dangerous Journey. There is a scene reminescent of the Scarecrow in the Wizard of Oz AFTER he receives a diploma, the gift of a brain. The Nazi commander who has him in custody, treating him very nicely, asks him about the unusual abilities of the American aircraft motors, and Reagan immediately goes into a very highly technical almost hip hop rap explaining the whole thing to him and smiles, as the Nazi commander strokes his beard, pretending he understood. In this film there are cues: Reagan looks into Goering's train car and quips, "Goering's car, that's almost good enough for me!" Goering was second in command. The subtext unstated message then is only Hitler is good enough for Reagan. Recall this has a moment going into a doorway marked RRTHRUS with the US over a swastika. I stopped the film in the fade dissolve and invisible to the viewer but as a signature from the Imperial Wizard is Reagan next to the swastika under the US and a ghost image of Hitler is with him. I'll show you when I have a chance. Fluxus is a very important strategic element of these semiotics, but nowhere is it more obvious than in the Killers, the film he made as they set up JFK and then jumped into politics after JFK was done in and the film released.

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